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Project - Unime | Revolutionizing Anime
UnimeTV - Revolutionizing The Way You Interact Anime

[Image: Unime-Final_zpsced89aa9.gif]

Hello everyone,

Im fairly new to this forum but I've stumbled across the community here for a very inspiring & intriguing reason. To recruit a top notch team that can help me bring to the anime fans and lovers across the globe something they've never seen before. Anime is great as is and very popular but personally to me it doesn't have the "elasticity" that i know it can have. Living in the Unite States anime isn't as big as it can be because of its lake of advertisement and presence on TV. You can't go outside and talk to your next door neighbor 90% of the time about it because they just wouldn't know what it is. But what if Anime could be as connective as Facebook & Twitter....?

Our greatest feature we plan on providing is "Uni-Sync" a web based function which connects people around the globe to a virtual world where they can create they're own sprite called a "Umie". Which can equip clothing that can be traded to other Umie's. This Umie can chat, form groups/clans, voice chat, create houses, share posters ( Artwork created by user ), Invite other Umie's to their house, Customize the appearance outside and inside they're house, BUY|SELL|TRADE|AUCTION Functions, Add/Delete/Favorite Friends, Make Custom profile including things like "Favorite Anime Genre|Country|Name; Etc". There are so many more features to be added to this short list but this is just a glimpse of what we'll have to offer. We also plan on going mobile making this available on Android and iOS. UnimeTV & Uni-Sync have the potential to be ground breaking an revolutional to the anime world.

What is UnimeTV?

UnimeTV is a new way to converse and interact with other anime lovers around the world as you watch the latest anime. Watch dubbed & subbed anime along with the latest manga releases. Chat with friends and other members in our custom chat room which lets you talk with other based on what anime your watching, the genre, or just your own custom group room. We have tons more to offer but thats just a little glimpse of what UnimeTV is.

UnimeTV Beta Website Photo's

The photos below are just a beta version of the site. The final release will probably look different with tons more features available.

We already have a professional website developer/designer working on the main site.

[Image: ScreenShot2014-12-17at31452AM.png]

[Image: ScreenShot2014-12-17at31509AM1.png]

[Image: ScreenShot2014-12-17at31534AM.png]
Short Disclaimer / Brief Paned Off Description
UnimeTV is still in development, we plan to roll out our website into full release before the end of January. This is a professionally organized project with one of our major goals being becoming a legal streaming site for anime. Of course it will take a bit of time to achieve that goal but there is no need to rush the progression of project. We use the term project very lightly only to show that we are still in the developmental stage.

Unlike other anime sites available on the net. UnimeTV isn't just for making money through ads as most have seen most anime streaming sites are poorly managed and community uncared for. Why have the privilege of pulling peoples interests if not to give them the most unique and fun experience you can provide. None the less UnimeTV promises a frequent updates to its site and features not available anywhere else.

Payments depend on the role you play in the project. All payouts are personally discussed upon you being hired. It can be a salary based position or a hourly position. Some work might not be a paid position but does weird rewards based on the work that is done.

What are you looking for?

[center]Currently we're looking for dedicated and long term staff. The following list shows what we are currently looking for and also explains a short glimpse of the tasks they're be given. Note : All Positions are given forum moderating positions or hire on our forums. Here are the positions
  •  [/*]
  • Spriter - Creating Umi's Appearance, Creation of NPC's Appearance
  • Mapper - Create beautiful and descriptive maps as well as weather affects [ Rain, Snow, Sunny ]
  • Concept Artist - Can create artwork for the NPC's available in-game as well as Umi's
  • Website Developer - Able to create the back end work for Uni-Sync
  • Music | Sound Composer - Create the music for each map as well as sounds for actions and functions in Uni-Sync
  • Scripter - Knowledge of Java, C++, etc inorder to code in the functions of Uni-Sync
Positions Available
Openings in positions can change depending on workload and the growing size of our community. Check in frequently to check for new openings.

  • Spriter [3 Spots Open]
  • Mapper [3 Spots Open]
  • Concept Artist [2 Spots Open]
  • Website Developer [2 Spots Open]
  • Music | Sound Composer [2 Spots Open]
  • Scripter [3 Spots Open]
How To Apply

To apply for a position certain qualifications must be meet please read the qualifications below before reading on how to apply. This is to avoid you being rejected instantly. These qualifications also all apply positions that were listed in the " What are we looking for? " section of this thread. Please click the spoiler below to view the qualifications.

  • Must have at least 2 or more month of Team experience. This means you've worked with a previously team for at least 2 months.
  • Must be on the computer at least 5 hours a day and able to chat via Skype on Mobile App.
  • Ability to be level headed and unbiased when faced with angry or unstratified members.
  • At least 1 year of experience in the position you've applied for.
Application Format

All applications must be sent to me via Private Message here on the forums.

[align=left]What position are you applying for?:

Do you have any experience with the position your applying for? If yes, please put any proof or past work here. :

How long are you on the computer daily?:


Timezone: ( Ex. -5 GMT Eastern Time )

Have you watched Anime before?:

Skype Contact:

Are you able to Voice Chat on Skype?:

How many other projects have you worked?: ( Give estimate if you don't know the exact number )
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RE: Project - Unime | Revolutionizing Anime
uhh this isn't really a game and it seems kinda dodgy

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Here's my TWITTER
17-12-2014, 10:09 PM
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RE: Project - Unime | Revolutionizing Anime
this is the shit I came here for i love anime

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Youtube/Twitter/Tumblr/Devlog thing maybe
20-12-2014, 09:56 AM
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RE: Project - Unime | Revolutionizing Anime

Quote:Game making in 6 steps:
1: Get assets and program
2: Smash the two together until stuff happens
3: Beat your face into your keyboard when stuff breaks/doesn't want to work
4: Continue beating your face into your keyboard until you've smashed the right code
5: Rejoice that it works and move on to the next thing
6: Go back to Step 2 and repeat
20-12-2014, 10:39 PM
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RE: Project - Unime | Revolutionizing Anime
Yay! More cringe-y Anime stuff. Just what the internet needs.

And what does this have to do with "Original IP Games"? It doesn't seem like a 'Game' to me... More like a really fancy forum with some pseudo-gameplay and sprite art.

And something like this idea exists, and has existed for a while. It's called Gaia Online.
17-02-2015, 07:24 PM
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