Mega Man Infinity
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Well, here we go. This is something that I initially posted in the ideas thread, though have since managed to make some progress with it. Mega Man Infinity is basically a web comic adaptation of the "Rockman Infinity" series by Ukege. For those unfamiliar with it, Rockman Infinity is a series of boss-rush styled games created using the MUGEN engine. All of the bosses themselves are actually characters from different series (though all share the distinction of having been made/converted to the MUGEN engine in some way). The main goal of "Mega Man Infinity" is to create a more detailed depiction of the series in some way, as there was quite a bit of unique material in the original games that could have been extended upon (this goes beyond the simple fact that every boss is from a different game of some kind). This includes showing depictions of the stages for each boss, something the original games obviously lacked. There is also more emphasis on certain story elements as well, which will slowly be revealed through-out the course of the series.

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A good portion of the sprite work involved with this project (primarily those for the bosses) was created by Ukege and the rest of the Rockman Infinity MUGEN team. To note, I have reached out to Ukege in an attempt to obtain permission for usage of his sprites (though as of yet, there hasn't been a response). Currently I'm going off the open credit system that Ukege has demonstrated/used in his own works, albeit his was mainly in regards to music. Here, it's essentially the same by putting an emphasis on who the actual creator of these sprites are. With that being said however, should Ukege make a statement for me to cease with this project, I'm under pretty much every obligation to do so.
...Rock Howard and Jin Fu-Ha?
Odd, I am intrigued to say the least, so I'll keep an eye on this.
New Panels (5/5/15):
Page 14: Back on Track
Page 15: Reasonable Conclusions
New Panels (5/10/15):
Page 16: Second Thoughts
Page 17: Ambushed
New Panel (5/12/15):
Page 18: Help From Above
New Panel (5/18/15):
Page 19: Takeoff
New Panel (5/24/15):
Page 20: Exchanging Info
New Panel (5/31/15):
Page 21: Observation Skills
New Panel (6/6/15):
Page 22: Figure of Speech
New Panel (6/20/15):
Page 23: Look Before You Leap
New Panel (6/27/15):
Page 24: Forward, Down, Down-Forward, A
New Panel (7/13/15):
Page 25: Retreat

Phew, it's been a while since I updated this. I apologize for the lack of content in a while, but there's been a lot that has kept me from working on my various projects (which also extends to and explains my lack of uploads to YouTube as of late, for anyone who also follows that). I'd rather not disclose the full details at this point, but overall, it's a situation I'll probably still be working out over the course of the next few weeks. This doesn't mean that this little comic project is cancelled, but rather just put on the back-burner for a little while. I'll still try to work on it, though getting out new pages won't be as frequent until after I deal with things on my own end.

For now though, I'm grateful for everyone who has checked out and followed this silly little romp of a comic project I have going on. If there's one thing I can promise you, things will get way more interesting (and way more bizarre) as this goes on.
New Panel (7/19/15):
Page 26: Faulty Structure

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