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RE: CrimCram CocaCola
I've made some progress with "Random RM sprites"

[Image: dd2d857361.png]

First off, part 5 and 6 merged together as a Birthday gift for Snowman, featuring his OCs Pyro Man, Polar Man, Plasma Man, Rocket Man, Sound Man and Clay Man (along with less colourful versions)

[Image: 2418e510ec.png]

Next, the food themed entry featuring Churn Man by MegaPhantaze with a few touch-ups from me, Tropic Woman who is also from Snowman (which makes the full 8) and Harvest Man from DollWoman.

[Image: 98c243965e.png]

Then there's something with catgirls. :3 Cinder Woman from imbisibol, Arcane Woman from Exaflux and Luck Woman from SheepPun (I almost wrote Sheep Man instead of SheepPun and SheepPen a while later)

[Image: 5a42393020.png]

And finally, the one with bugs. Arachnid Woman from NoukamouTheGreat, Insect Woman also from SheepPun and Bug Man from HikkHyric.


[Image: 18fbf4f218.png]

Reworked third generation! Also renamed Glaive Woman to Sharp Woman since it sounded too similiar too Grave.

Also poll just in case someone changed his mind since the previous post:

[Image: 9e38c2b551.png]

And jsut Chase Woman because that is a jump.

[Image: 85a72618d0.png]

Firn Man's Firn Adapter (Defense, Attack and Mobile), I almost forgot about that.

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RE: CrimCram CocaCola
It's pretty cool reading through this thread and seeing how much you've improved with each post. Keep up the good work.
30-03-2017, 03:57 PM
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RE: CrimCram CocaCola
Lots of new stuff since I was there last time.

MM7 style practice:

[Image: d476e321e6.png]

Combust Man ('nuff said)

[Image: eca144e1a0.png]

First batch of requests in said style (can't get myself to work on the second yet)
Featuring Grim Woman from GeminiManga, Wilder Woman from NoukamouTheGreat and Token Woman from Karakato himself

[Image: 2c8ae4a945.png]

Didn't like how Grim Woman came on the first picture, so I redid her sprite with a better pose. Remind me to actually make her hand have knuckles on the top instead if I forget in a while.

A group that seems out of place:

[Image: 14c972f3d6.png]

I call them "The Enforcers", not sure on their names right now.

Back to the 8-bit classic:

[Image: d213953b05.png]

Reverse Man's mugshot progression.

[Image: 1a69b870fe.png]

First and latest sprite of Dr. Dusk. Yes, I in fact had a doctor OC with Dusk as their last name and I won't let you take it away from me, because actually I did this concept earlier.
(was that a bit salty?)

[Image: bc9f34770b.png]

Redesigns of robot masters my friend Matolog did few years ago.
On the first row we have: Mine Man, Shine Man, Micro Man and Volcano Man
On the second we have: Jungle Man, Bulb Man, Fridge Man and Scrap Man
And Dr. Tomato himself on the far right.

Personal Concerns about this one picture:
Mine Man and Scrap Man are both tall guys with clefted chins and one hand, should I keep them both the way they are?
Jungle Man's head leaves might look a bit silly.
Fridge is quite similiar to Cold Man. Or maybe not that similiar as I make him to be? Is he distinct enough?

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