Mega Man: The Wily Wars 2 (Programmer Needed!!)
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RE: Mega Man: The Wily Wars 2 (Programmer Needed!!)
I really hope this doesn't end up dead or forgotten like the Master System remake of MM2 (yes, there exists such a beast, albeit in pre-alpha stages with only the title screen, password, character select and 8 stage maps done), as I'm dying to play a decent version of Megaman 5 where regular enemies no longer have invincibility frames (buster shots vs. Power Muscler, sigh). In fact, even a Wily Wars 1 remake would be awesome for that reason alone, as the poor firing rate plus enemy invincibility made it even worse (I have had to hit a Peterchy 5 times to destroy it before, even though it only has 3HP, same goes for the Lightning Lords in Air Man's stage).

If the sound samples/waveforms can be ripped or recorded from the original Wily Wars it should be easy to remake the tunes (I have some experience with MOD trackers, notably FT2, Impulse Tracker and Modplug/OpenMPT, but I can't make music for crap, I'm far better at editing). Going from 3 waveforms on the NES to Mega Drive style will be a big jump however, although most of the time it's just a case of putting in chords using the remaining FM or even the square wave channels. I believe there are a number of MIDI remakes of the Megaman tunes out there too, but I have no idea how faithful they are to the original tunes, or whether they are simply remixes. Likewise, the tunes in the arcade Power Battle/Power Fighters also has remixes (the tunes were also used in the Rockman Complete Works series on PSX, and probably Anniversary Collection as well, but since I can't play that due to being in the PAL region where it wasn't released, I have no idea).

On a side note, I kind of wish someone would go over the original Wily Wars tunes to fix the bad notes (e.g. parts of Bomb Man's theme, the main Megaman 2 title screen tune starting in minor instead of major) and portions that were seemingly played by ear rather than note for note (e.g. Bubble Man's theme, Quick Man's theme, the MM2 "Robot Master selected" tune, and a good number of bass lines being completely wrong). Clearly they put more effort into some songs over others, mostly those from Megaman 3 (although the Wily map theme was cut short and made into a loop, as was the Proto Man ending theme).

Edit: I hope Proto Man can grow a bit taller in this remake. He's still needed in all 3 games. Smile
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