Mega Man: The Wily Wars 2 (Programmer Needed!!)
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RE: Mega Man: The Wily Wars 2 (Programmer Needed!!)
Oh wow, these Robot Master Sprites are pretty useful..!!
I may very well just use them if you're okay with that. I mean, eventually I'd go over them and further upgrade any of the images if needed to further refine them (some of them look a little NES like just recolored), but it would be a nice base set to get something in the game sooner.

I'm working on making a feature rich Game Editor for Wily Wars (more than just a Level Editor), and as well an Expansion + Upgrade hack of Wily Wars to include all games from 1 - 10, plus MM&B, instead of just 1 - 3.
The Editor is in early stages (it will load the level data and display it, but that's all so far), and I'm redoing the Core of it currently, as I've learned a ton more about Programming with great systematic design.

Hopefully I won't run out of data and have to split the game into two parts, as the Genesis allows for a Game to be up to 4MB, but there is 4MB reserved for the Sega CD, and another 4MB reserved for the 32X as well, and it might be possible to use them with just the Genesis by itself; I need to research this more.
I also eventually plan to make a 32X port of it.
As well I will make multiple characters playable, such as Protoman (so far I have reserved a Byte in RAM for a Character ID and when set to 0x01 it loads his Gfx and Palette instead of Megaman's), Bass, and also Roll playable (and maybe for laughs + fun X and Zero and a few other characters as bonus unlockables).
I've also very much upgraded Megaman's Gfx (I still have some Frames to implement for him, but mostly all there, and others to refine the body of though), and Protoman's (I didn't use the shitty recolored NES version that's in Wily Wars, I actually made my own).

I haven't had much time to spend on this project in a long while, so it's taking me a considerable amount of time to get much done (lots of RL stuff to do, and very much on-going), but it will be done someday~ I will never cancel it.
So far I've decided to call the game 'Megaman the Wily Wars - Mega Edition'.

I have a Facebook page where you can actually download what I've done on the Game so far (no games after MM3 added yet), and with a Game Genie code you can play as Protoman (graphical swap at the moment, no shield yet), plus the Game Editor (Mega Robot Laboratory).
I've made many little game mechanic tweaks, and some graphical changes as well (not all totally finished).

I won't put the link here because I just have the full ROM there on the page (although you have to look down the page a little, it doesn't totally jump out at you) instead of a Patch (I find patches annoying to deal with after a while lol).
But it's just called Megaman the Wily Wars Hacking, so you can go Google search it if you want.

If even mentioning my page for the obvious reason isn't allowed here, someone please let me know and I'll remove that part of my comment.

I'll post a few screenshots soon...
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