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CYOA (Single main character)
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Large Roleplay (Users get individual characters)
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Don't do it, you won't complete it.
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FTL.txt - Yet ANOTHER Forum Game From Nomz.
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Information  FTL.txt - Yet ANOTHER Forum Game From Nomz.
It's good to be back. I'm gonna lodge myself back into the site by launching another forum game, this time an FTL-based one. I'm torn between a CYOA, with one character and everyone gives inputs, or a widescale roleplay where users can lead their own ship and crew, interacting with other users or staged characters in their own little universe. So, if you'd like to, vote and/or leave feedback on what I should/shouldn't do. And this time- I'll try to actually complete it. Try. Maybe. Anyways, happy voting!~

A side-note to mods- Doom.txt is officially discontinued, so do with it what you will.
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RE: FTL.txt - Yet ANOTHER Forum Game From Nomz.
I wouldn't mind doing either since FTL is awesome.

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