Cut's Corner!
Cut Man doing interviews again? It's been so long....

Time Man
Oil Man
Metal Man Reshredded

Don't get used to it :|
You probably thought he had died from last week to now, but Cut Man's a persistent fellow! And this week, he's defying death by....Hosting a dating show? It's confusing but this weekly update will clear it up.

Rough World of Business
Love is in the Air
The Heart's Ego
Depending on how much inspiration you take from Ariga's Megaman, you could have Freeze Man either rooting for Ice Man on the show or being jealous of Roll have a shot at getting with Ice Man.
Just a fun little reference.
Spreading the blue disease...
Heh, it's certainly an entertaining suggestion, and I do like a lot of Ariga's works. I wasn't able to fit in a Freeze Man cameo, but whenever I get to the Mega Man 7 robots or really any future Ice Man appearances, it'll be the first thing on my mind, I promise.

Now, what do we go onto next when the dating episode is over? Well, only the obvious and least fortunate for Cut Man, we're going into the next season!

Happily Ever After
No Law or Order
Under Construction
And today Cut Man hits 99 pages! That's usually the milestone of a comic that people celebrate, right?!

Needle Man
The 100-Mile Stare
Victory in Predictability

With all that being said, for anybody who's read Cut's Corner, what do you think of the series so far? The good? The bad? The ugly? Is there anything I should improve on or keep the same? I'm really interested in knowing if only because I want to make sure that I'm trying and putting an effort to improve the comic going on into the next 100 pages and probably beyond. But in any case, thanks for reading the comic if you can and I hope future pages are just as or more enjoyable to read!
Maybe keep the Robot Masters in-character like what their data profiles say?
Maybe Cut can help some RMs in their daily problems?
Maybe Cut can have original RM enemies?
For now, let Cut interview all RMs from MM4 to MM10.
I kind of disagree, I like the more alternative character interpretations you're giving. As long as they're consistent, which they have been, I think it allows you to pull off more jokes by playing with the audience's expectations. It also gives you more control over the tone of the world you're building.

It seems like interviewing all the characters from 4-10 could get a little monotonous. At least if it's done in a row.
It's definitely a good idea to break away from the interviewing every now and again and play with some other reality TV tropes.

You could possibly do some interesting stuff with a documentary type story. My mind jumps to covering the Super Adventure Rockman storyline and doing some gags at the end involving Cut and Ra Moon or Ra Thor.

I'd love to see characters from the more obscure games in general. Especially the DOS games.

Overall you've done a great job with the comic. My only complaint is the dating game saga but you obviously know that it was too short. Although I have an idea on how to salvage that if you're interested.
Spreading the blue disease...
Thanks for the reception, guys! It's been great with helping me reevaluate the approach I want to take with the comic. Oh, and Cyanosis, I'd love to hear what you've got to salvage the dating arc!

Nonetheless, a bit of a late update, but an update nonetheless.

100 Pages of Nonsense!
101 Pages of Nonsense!
Magnet Man
Reflected Friends
He's at it again.

I'm Him, He's Me
Gemini Man
Ow, Not the Face
>Got only one Robot Master interviewed this entire week
That.....counts as progress?

Jaws of Death
It's Hard Evidence
Hard Man
In this pay-per-view event, Cut Man, the ever-cherished host of Cut's Corner, meets his counterpart in this week's update! Check it out here! Because I don't have a clue where you'd find it elsewhere!

Two's Company
You Spin Me Round and Round
Top Man
And on this week's installments, Cut Man does some soul-searching and finally figures out the meaning of his life.

Just kidding, he does some more stupid stuff and calls it a week.
Gotta Move Fast
Sparked A War
The Hunt Begins
And this time around, Cut Man decides to go do more of the thing that he's been doing in order for the thing. Will he do the thing?......I couldn't tell ya.

Snake Man
It's Electric!
Spark Man
Well, it's been....About a month or two? But after an extended wait, your friendly neighborhood scissorhead is back. Feel free to take a read.

Fight or Flee
Sewer Surfing
Oh, He's the Ninja
Shadow Man
Refreshing Faces
No, Not the Monologue
Any Last Words?
And then Cut Man showed up the week after as well.

Incredible Detective Prowess
Negotiation Situation
Me, Myself, and I
Cut Man's in trouble regarding his opposition. What does he do to counteract this? Well, I mean, you could always just find out in the newspapers, but I'll link this here anyway....

Effective Strategies
He Needs a Hero
To Fight Again
Hmmmm I need to really attempt that "constant updating" thing sometime.

Castle Cut Man
You've Got a Friend in Me
A Little Bit Slower
Your Fly's Down
Paperthin Defenses
Talk Out Your Problems
It's Raining
I know I've been joking about my inconsistent updates, but wow....This one's a little overdue. In any case, sorry about the issues, and hopefully you can enjoy me continuing to butcher Doc Robot's character.

Advantage Cut Man
Untied Loose Ends
Cage Match, Cut vs Doc
Variety and Experience
[url=]One Final Countdown
Can You Hear Me Now?
Don't Judge That Book
Violence is Sometimes the Answer
Wily Family Reunion
Where the Road Ends
Shadow Man's Day Off
Contrived Cameos
News or Just Exposition?
Okay, it'll be fair to admit that this week was a short one, for both updates and actual page length. It's been a busy week, but hopefully next week I'll have something more?

Murphy's Law

Also, here's a bit of an announcement in regards for Cut's Corner. For reasons that don't necessarily mean anything too much, I've figured that Cut's Corner has been a bit contained in perspective, so I want to try getting more gags "outside", in the actual world of Cut's Corner and not just Wily Castle/Basic room/whateverelse. Of course, with the idea of bringing in more public places, I need actual people to put in those places to show up in the background. Essentially, what I'm asking for is that if you, yes you, happen to have any 8-bit Classic-styled Mega Man Robot Masters laying around anywhere, why not sneak it in a background portion of a Cut's Corner panel? I should clarify that this doesn't really mean your characters will have any starring roles or interaction from the main cast, but sometimes having a blatant cameo can be fun! Maybe!

If it's something that interests you, please feel free to send your sprites through personal messaging, and of course you'll be credited for showing up if that's what you so desire. This is something that I couldn't possibly imagine would have any cons towards you, because you know it probably doesn't and if it does, it shouldn't. If there's any notes that you'd like to send as well (Ex: This character doesn't like water, so don't have him in a beach), then allow that to accompany your sprite in the personal message! And I should mention that if there's anything in my explanation that doesn't make sense, because I kinda worded this horribly, please go ahead and ask and I'll do my best to answer. I thank you for reading this, and with any luck I'll have enough readers to at least get one thing sent in! Big Grin
And it turns out this week wasn't any better for updates, unfortunately...Sorry, folks, I really don't have an excuse besides poor scheduling in general. But, in any case, here was the only page this week.

Paint with all the Colors

And as mentioned on the last post, I'm still taking submissions for background characters and will continue to take them until I don't. As aforementioned, while it's quite literally just sending in stuff for background characters, you'll be credited for the usage accordingly. Simply PM it through, and thanks for reading.

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