Cut's Corner!
And continuing on the trend of updating one page and not alerting people of updates in the first page, here's me continuing on the trend of only updating one page and not alerting and updating this page.

Preemptive Hoorahs
Mega Cut Man
And as Cut Man continues on his path, it's about time he finally explores more television gimmicks than just interviewing people! And on the last two weeks, Cut Man decided to explore the world of Baseball! Luckily, I know not a lot of things about Baseball, which....isn'treallyagoodthing.

The Major Leagues
Who's on First?
And on these pages of Cut's Corner, we get to see a poorly-sprited celebrity cameo. Exactly the type of quality you'd expect at this point, of course, so at least I'm consistent.

The Planet Captain, Wood Man
Way of the Scissor
Big Business
May not be a Smart Man
First off, seeing as the Sprite's Inc Awards has just passed, thanks to everyone that nominated and voted for Cut's Corner! I was genuinely a little surprised, but I'm glad to see that my sub-par writing can at least entertain some people! Boo-hoo jokes aside however, I am serious in saying that first statement; it was really quite fun to be in the running as Dissonance and Bass Comic Adventures and I hope Cut's Corner can do the same next year! Big Grin

Getting to the actual point here, here's the latest batch of comics! Not as Cut Man-centric as usual, interestingly enough, but maybe that's not a bad thing.
Plan 9 from Light Labs
Big Minds, Big Talk
My papa always told me that when Cut's Corner manages to release two pages on a single week, an angel gets its wings. And when Cut's Corner gets its own Wiki page on the Inc Wiki, then that means hell probably froze over and Christmas is coming. But if Cut's Corner manages to butcher characterization of a well-written Archie character for the sake of humor, then all of that stuff gets reset and doesn't matter.

Clash of Two Superpowers! Who Can Boast Longer?!
The Right to Remain Ecstatic

Oh, and of course, Merry Christmas folks! Big Grin
Cut Man's taken up many roles, but on today's page he takes up another one.

Police Academy
It's been....a little while, but Cut Man's out on the job. I'll let these pages explain next, of course.

On the Prowl
Lesson in Trickery
No City for Old Men
I could probably give out an introduction, a little quirky line or two. Or I could just link things and allow you to read Cut's Corner all the quicker. Less work on both our parts with the latter, eh?

Mega City Burning
Silence of the Deluxe
The Cut Connection
How low can Cut Man go in this metaphorical game of Limbo? That's what these pages seek to find out today.

Backroom Dealings
The Hunt for Primary Colors
It's All On Sale
Only Award
Why Cut Man? Why not Cut Man?

And the Winner Is
Can't Go For That

That's about all I've got to say about that.
A little bit later than normal, but here's the continuation of this mini-arc! Featuring a guy who probably shouldn't be alive but he is!

The Ballad is Cast
Killer and Cutter
Up, Down, Bass Around
And here's the next cavalcade of pages I've been late on posting as per the norm

Fish Fight Fu
Crush From Above
Power Position
Public Problems
Shady Exposition
History Repeats
Cut Man's endeavor goes as smooth as always, and definitely better than he planned it. Which isn't saying much seeing as how he has no plan.

The Replacement
Press Forward
The Edumacation System
Against his fearsome opponent, the Mega Man Killer Punk, Cut Man's got to use every bit of wit he can muster in order to stand a chance. However, Punk himself isn't as straightforward as expected...

Rolling Around
Putting Up and Rolling Out
Old Dog, New Tricks
A man of scissors has no time for pacing. He must speed through every opponent he can in order to save his day.

Coming to Theaters 20XX

Mind for Two Please
Don't You Forget About Me
Rematch of the Week
Updates have and for the following week be a little inconsistent, but here's how Cut Man's battle with Ballade has been going.

Crazy Destroyer
Rushed In
Missing Your 200th Anniversary
Versatile Snipping
Being the strongest usually means you're not really the safest

Exploding's All Over
Those celebrity outbursts are always just so entertaining to watch, but with Cut Man it's less comical and more just a little pathetic. Still funnier than any jokes he has, though

Reconsidering Options
A Stanza's Ending
The red guy running with scissors has some preparation to do before he starts getting into more trouble

Guessing in Circles
Conviction Street
Alright the red guy's prepared enough it's time to put him into more trouble make us proud snip dude

The Capo Code
Search and Snip

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