Cut's Corner!
Cut Man go and do your best, if you don't you'll get no rest, though right now things look bad, at least it's humorous to see you mad, go go go Cuuuut Maa-aaan~

Reminiscent Introduction
Everybody's Kung Fu Fighting
I've been on vacation for the past month so you'll have to pardon my absence, but I'm planning to get back into the regular stream of pumping these things out again!

Go Out with a Bang
Blasted by the Man in the Mirror
Setting the Bar High
Toy's Story
Go Go Genesis
Monkeying Around
The usual update, as per the usual.

Gotta Impress the Boss
Bad Touch
Rumble in the Jungle
Aerial Advantage
Heartbreaking Turn
It's nice to have a good opinion about yourself, but on these set of pages Cut Man's run into someone who's only able to trust himself. Literally.

This Time It's Personal
Moral Ground
Giving Away Our Position
Understanding Companion
This Little Piggy
Best Friends Forever and Never
Where are they now? Cut Man's given up his life of glamour and fame in order to serve a backseat role in a soap opera. Not really an improvement but never has Cut's Man life once improved

Adapting to the Situation
Supercede the Competition
Getting A Way
Keeping it PG
A Monologue Loner
Sorry's the Hardest Word
Automated Apologies
Party party party it's all one big party and we're the partiers

What's Really Right-ot?
Home Safe Home
No Favors Asked
Good Times, Come On
The Guest List
I Wear My Sunglasses Inside
The Esteemed Socialites
For those of you who still lurk the forums

Brotherly Envy
Friendship Beyond Business
Power of the Dollar
Tell You 'Bout My Best Friend
Glad to see Inc's back up for the New Years!

Party Games
It Takes Gusto
Legacies at Odd
Put It On the Record
Fatherly Talk

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