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Another sprite comic? Woohoo...
Yeah, these are comics made by me out of boredom. It can be a Classic comic, an X comic, or a Zero comic.
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Omega Zero
Wait, what!?
I'm not sure. The jokes don't really land for me.
This might seem strange to say about a comic, but comedy is largely about timing. In comics your panels are your timing. In a very literal sense. Not only do we get a sense of time from moving from one sequence to the next but the literal length of your panel has an impact on how your audience perceives time in your comic. Even the gutter, the space between panels, has this effect as well.

You should check out Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art. It's very informative but also very entertaining. Even if this is something you do to kill time I think it's still worth reading.

A few other things I think are worth mentioning is that you really could use a background. Minimalist backgrounds can certainly be effective but I think it needs to be done with the intent to draw emphasis to the other content. So if you've got a really strong visual, action, joke, etc you might want to go that route. But for starting out, it would probably make your comic more palatable.

On your Omega Zero comic, there needs to be more contrast between the characters' words. At first I couldn't tell that it was Omega talking in the middle panel. I get that the color comes from each character's armour, but maybe one could have a white outline on the text and the other have a black outline. It would also help if there were more panels to build up anticipation.
Spreading the blue disease...
Thanks for the advice. I actually did have trouble telling if Omega or Zero was talking too, but I will try better in the future.

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