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[Fan Game] Mega Man SD
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RE: Mega Man SD
(14-07-2017 04:05 PM)Threxx Wrote:  
(14-07-2017 01:15 AM)barberbarberjoe Wrote:  Pretty good so far, though I hope you guys have a consistent graphical presentation, that is important for a Mega Man game.

Regardless, will look forward to the boss fight.

Can I ask for more elaboration on what you mean by "consistent graphical presentation"?

The entire game is using an altered art style that is derived from our altered player sprite. If this is what you mean then yes, we are focusing on having a consistent presentation.

That's good, though I mostly meant overall level and tileset graphic design.
15-07-2017 03:47 PM
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RE: Mega Man SD
(15-07-2017 03:47 PM)barberbarberjoe Wrote:  That's good, though I mostly meant overall level and tileset graphic design.

Our Art Director has taken it upon himself to create all the tilesets himself in order to maintain consistency, so this has been accounted for.

(15-07-2017 01:48 AM)M. Jacquelinae Wrote:  Why does it take you eighteen screens into the level and a "putting it all together" yoku block segment before you get to the main gimmick? Hell, why does the level even need yoku blocks? I'm worried you're running into Rock Force territory, where the (non-fortress) levels have so many gimmicks with so little of their design space mined that it feels wasteful. There is a place for this sort of thing, of course, but I feel the need to ask: Are all eight RM stages going to be this cerebral, or are the others more run-and-gun?

Whoops, didn't see this post before due to the thread going over to the 3rd page...

The stage only has two gimmicks - the Yoku Blocks and the light switches. If one were to look at most Mega Man stages, they generally have 1 to 2 key gimmicks that define the stage. We're planning to design Mega Man SD with a similar intention.

We're also planning to make the stages slightly longer than the average Mega Man stage (average Robot Master stage length is 25 screens, our stages are planned to average somewhere around 30 - 32), simply because games have gotten longer since the NES days and we feel our project should follow suit. As a correction, Switch Man's stage is only 15 screens long before reaching the first instance of the switches, and it occurs immediately after the midpoint checkpoint, so I'm not sure where this criticism arises from. Not all of the stages will be as "puzzle" or "gimmick" heavy as this one - but you can certainly expect that stages will be designed around gimmicks.

To provide a tl;dr answer to the question I bolded in your post, no.

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16-07-2017 12:39 AM
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