Maverick Hunter Zero - Sprite Development Thread
A Project for MUGEN fighting engine.

Zero from MMX series, Sprites By me.

I'm recruiting ppl, if you want to join sprite team let me know.

[Image: colorw.png]
[Image: FullNewatk.gif]
[Image: Vhangermaster-3.gif]
[Image: Hammeron-5.gif]
[Image: Vhanger.gif]
[Image: Pallete.png]
I'm not interested in helping(as I have too much shit to do as it is), but I do want to say that it's looking good. I'm digging the Harpuia weapon on him. And Black Zero's hair/yellow accents are more ashen, light greyish-tan, not his usual blonde.

EDIT: Also, when the hammer disappears, the part that's over his waist area fades to blue with the rest of the hammer-wouldn't it be showing his body underneath the blue, like Colonel in X4's sword effect?
[Image: Weak.gif]

Attack updated
First Saber slash, I'm guessing?

It looks really good-the hair in particular flows very nicely. I'm not so sure about those dark highlights on it, though, at least not as they are now. He's got that whole big mass of bright yellow and then all of a sudden there's really dark ends. I might just be nitpicking, but IMO it clashes.

Looking forward to the entire animation.
[Image: weakfinal-2.gif]

This attack sprite animation is now done! MM - 1upMM - 1upMM - 1upMM - 1up

@Lamba Bamda I will fix the hair later ty Smile

[Image: x1armor.png]

Sprites for Megaman X project (Empawk's project)
I really like zero's sprites and the megaman X first armor sprite.
Ciel / MegaManGamer123 :

[Image: tumblr_m7r4c9u66J1r3rkxfo1_r3_500_zps1b593393.gif]

Wow, that slash looks really nice. I'm digging the First Armor and and the second Falcon Armor.
[Image: gateum.png]
Gate - MMX6

Done this just for fun : )
Well, everything looks awesome so far. With Zero's alternate color pallettes, you need one for Nightmare Zero's colors and one for Omega's. No Zero color pallette is complete without those.
X looks kinda fuzzy :/
[Image: zeromega2.png]

Megaman Zero
Is that a trace of the official SNK Zero, or did you just use his pose as a reference? Either way, it's damn good.
It's a what do I say, "enhancement" of his SNK sprite
[Image: introandvictorypose_zps4a787a94.gif][Image: y2UAeAf.png]
[Image: weakfinal-8.gif]

Stance update...
Gate's left foot looks a little too pointy and his left leg looks a little too short. I also think Zero's legs should move a bit more during his double purple saber slash attack. The animation seems a little bit awkward to me with how static the legs are for so much of the animation.

Other than those critiques, which are somewhat minor, I cannot find any flaws in your sprites. The animations are smooth, the shape and forms of the characters are near perfect, and everything comes together beautifully. On second thought, you probably don't even have to change that one animation I thought was a bit awkward. I look forward to seeing more of your sprites. Keep up the good work!
The hair placement seems really odd for some reason maybe it should be placed behind him?
[Image: introandvictorypose_zps4a787a94.gif][Image: y2UAeAf.png]
On the human sense the hair goes behind the head...
(12-06-2012, 12:13 PM)RamzaNeko Wrote: [Image: weakfinal-8.gif]

Stance update...
The problem with this sprite is that the hair remains as one solid chunk of... something. Realistically speaking, the hair should flow and bob along with the movement of the body. Apart from that, this is a great concept, looking forward to seeing more of it Smile
Dreamless dorm
Ticking clock
I walk away
from the soundless room
[Image: cvs.png]
Another shading I'm busy with work and I'm workin on Zero codes, but I found some time to make this today Smile
Still not done btw
I think I dig this more than the other one. Maybe it's the lack of black outlines, but I really like it.

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