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RE: Zedicon's sprites
I hope it's not disturbing that I've been looking forward to this post so much every day when I check the new posts on the forums I silently pray that one of them is yours.

And boy howdy was it worth it. These are all really brilliantly done!! They all catch the Mega Man 7 feel really well. My personal favourites would have to be Break Man, Magnet Man, Needle Man, Dust Man, Skull Man and Toad Man. That's not to say the others aren't freaking fantastic, just that those ones caught my eyes the most. Top Man very nearly almost made it.

And now, something I've been dying to get back to: the critique! Lots of new content, here, so lots for me to dig my teeth into. With that said, here's my thoughts on your new work.

Though I will note real quick that there is something that's been bugging me about a good chunk of your sprites that I'll touch upon first and foremost.

The Palette
Yeah, this has kind of been bugging me for a while, but with these sprites it makes it particularly apparent. I hate to sound like a broken record, here, but in my opinion, there are some contrast issues in the pallete when it comes to the blues, reds and greys you use.
Red: Since red is a fairly minor issue that needs just a tiny little fix, I'll put this up first.
[Image: 41520418c5ed4b479883780decd4ef4a.png]
The red you use has a really nice base and shade contrast, though (from my computer screen at least), you highlight blends far too well with the base shade. I'd suggest just brightening it a tad to make it pup out a little more.
Blue: On the opposite side of the spectrum, the blue highlight seems to pop out a little too much.
[Image: 54f96e691ff24bf49993d493a68233df.png]
Look at the highlight for the blue against the highlight for cyan. It's glaring out. I'd suggest dulling the highlight down just a small tad. Not too much so that it blends in like with red! But enough so that it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.
Grey: To me, grey has the same problem as blue, the highlight sticks out way too much.
[Image: 28d3e79b6c4c487dbc8e36f3f0be5996.png]
I mean way too much. There's not enough blending between the highlight and the base shade, to me.

What I'd suggest is to look at the orange you use!
[Image: 3013cf6e1c644af5b954bdce3bbac779.png]
In my eyes, the boots show the perfect amount of contrast between highlight, base and shade. Try and emulate this, if you can.

Of course, this is all just my opinion! You're perfectly allowed to rebut or simply ignore my advice, here, but that's my two cents on the whole colour issue. Whether it's a choice you made or whether it's what Mega Man 7 has to offer you, those are some colours that I feel could use a bit of improvement.

That being said, onto the actual sprites themselves!

Mega Man 3 Robot Masters
Break Man: I really love the detail of the fingers behind the shield! The blue eye looks way better in my opinion, and I'm also really digging the longer scarf. My sole issue with Break Man is, as mentioned earlier, the contrast between the grey shades in the sprite. Other than that, his stance is really nice, he's a really good size, overall, he's beautiful.
Gemini Man: Really digging the coloured outline in the middle of the mirrors! The mirrored poses look really nice next to each other. Overall, really nice job!
Hard Man: Hard Man's blue here really shows the contrast issue I was talking about earlier, but other than that, he has a really nice, bulky feeling to him. Maybe you could afford to make the arms a tad bigger (just a pipe thought) to make it look like getting whacked with one of those Hard Knuckles would be really, really bad. He looks really cool! I love his expression, too.
Magnet Man: Hahah, I love his dynamic pose, here. He looks so much like a super hero. I'm really digging the liberty you took with his hands, the black against white looks really neat.
Needle Man: Again, blue highlight is a bit bright. But other than that, I, can't actually suggest anything to improve Needle Man. He's awesome! He looks really dynamic, his needles especially are just absolutely perfect. Really well done on this one.
Shadow Man: Thiiis guy I have a little bit of trouble with. Overall, he looks really cool, but there is something I noticed that really irks me a little. You've kind of pillow shaded him. The highlights are always featured towards the center of the blue segments. And between his left arm (our right) and his left foot (our right), the light source is completely different. Shading-wise, not the best of the bunch, but otherwise he looks really accurate to the style!
Snake Man: I really love Snake Man, here. Possibly my only complaint is that the white segments of his body are a little bit too green. They look just like a lighter green, rather than white. Otherwise, I really love Snake Man.
Spark Man: Spark Man here definitely suffers from too much contrast from his base white-grey and his shade grey. But I do really love the spark effects above him, and he keeps the same Spark Man feel! I'm also a little iffy on the shading on top of his spark, base, torso whatever. It seems just a little, simplistic, I suppose? The simply flat, curvy line for shading seems to throw me off a little bit here. I can't quite make any suggestions, though maybe (with your permission of course) I could try a little bit of tinkering around with it. But in the end, I still love how it turned out!
Top Man: Everything about Top Man here is perfect, apart from three things. From smallest to largest: the shading on his hands is a bit too dark (as I'm typing this I realise that what I thought was an intentional change of Magnet Man's hands to be black and white was simple the darker shade of white being far too dark), his little chest panel seeming more like a straight box then the sort of trapezoid panel it is in reality, and the head. The way that there's no difference in shading between his top and the rest of his head makes it look like instead of a top on top of a head, it's just a top-shaped head with some circle at the bottom. It gives the illusion of making his head look a little like Dr. Cortex's head, albeit a tad more babyish. The solution is pretty simple, though! You see how here, there's a difference in shading between the top portion of his head and the head portion of his head? Do that with the base colour and have it head back down to the shade colour and you should be golden.
Doc Robot: I think this is the first MM7 Doc Robot I've seen, and it's definitely not bad! I just have an issue with the eyes, they're outlined a bit much for me. Though, frankly, I'm not sure how to go about solving this one. Maybe try lightening the outline around the eyeballs (but not the eyelids).

Overall, despite your hardships, these are a solid bunch! Most of the issues I noticed had to do with the colouring in and not to do with the rest of the sprites. Now, for the Cossack Conquerors. I call dibs on using that for my new band name.

Mega Man 4 Robot Masters
Bright Man: I was actually confused at first when I noticed that the shoulder pads and lower half of his torso were red, until I looked it up and found two different official colour palettes for Bright Man. One where he's entirely orange, and one (like the MM&B CD Database) where he has red segments! Huh. Imagine my surprise. While I personally do prefer all orange myself, that has nothing to do with the sprite itself and just my preferences. I, really don't have much to say about Bright Man, he's really awesome!
Dive Man: While at first he struck me as a bit wider than taller, when I thought about it it really made sense to me considering his whole 'ship' theme. I will note that his shoulder pads seem a little bit flat in the edges, you could afford to maybe move these two pixels down:
[Image: eQLl5xc.gif]
Drill Man: I'm a little bit put off by how straight up his drills are, but it's accurate enough to his 8-bit stance and honestly, making them at any other rotation would probably be a bit of a pain. He's otherwise amazing, nothing else to comment on.
Dust Man: Dust Man is really good! Although maybe his front-panel could use a little bit of shading on the side, and his shoulder pads are also pretty square. Maybe try moving these two pixels down as well:
[Image: wcOT4Dc.gif]
Pharaoh Man: His fire doesn't seem to be giving off that strong of a light source, but I'll just ignore that since you probably didn't design his sprite with the fire in mind. Otherwise, he looks really cool! Maybe a little bit small, but really awesome.
Ring Man: He looks so shinyyyyy. You really pulled the shading on this one off really well, the only complaint I have is that his head looks a little bit square due to the ring around his head. You could probably try having it extend past his head, make it bulge out, it's a ring, after all. It has thickness.
Skull Man: Skull Man looks really good, here! Though I would suggest maybe making his eyes look a bit angrier, I can't comment on anything else. You handled his skull shoulder pads really well!
Toad Man: Toad Man looks really cool and you made his pose work really nicely! I have a similar issue with his whites as with Snake Man, maybe try replacing his greeny white colour with Shadow Man's white-faded-yellow colour? (Okay, looking at Toad Man's artwork, it seems that the greeny white is more accurate. Oh well! It doesn't bother me too much, it just seems like his sprite could stand to have a little more colour variety.)

And the tiny little animation you made is super cute! It's really simply but it's clear exactly what you've done.

Overall, I really hope my advice helped you out again. These are all entirely my opinion and might possibly be very wrong, but I guess that's the whole point of criticism. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do next! Whether it's MM5, refined versions of MM3-4, or something completely different entirely, I'm super pumped and can't wait to lay my eyes on your masterpieces.
30-05-2016, 07:52 AM
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RE: Zedicon's sprites
I must first apologize, my disappearance following my previous post was not planned. To cut an incredibly long and drawn out story short; my old computer died due to a local thunderstorm and I've only just earned enough money to buy new parts since my old machine was at least 6 or 7 years old. I've been working round the clock to set up my new unit, retrieve all my old files (including my old work in this thread), reinstalling and configuring my programs and getting some 'apology work' done which I hope you will all enjoy in lieu of my unforeseen absence. I am incredibly sorry that I seemingly fell of the radar suddenly but I really did not see this coming. I wish I had though, as I could have saved myself some time and more importantly; money!

Alienoid, I must give many thanks to you for your loyalty to me and my work, your criticism and comments are incredibly helpful to read upon finishing up the Mega Man 3 and Mega Man 4 Mega Man 7 style sprites. A lot of what you pointed out was really obvious and I had just glanced over it when I finished up the characters, rather embarrassing really but these things are quickly rectified so not to worry, anyway, let's begin!

Mega Man 7 style robot master updates.
[Image: DpiV8SW.png]
We're doing this again! There's a few bits to cover so I'll do a list like last time, any characters that aren't listed have just had palette adjustments.

Blue - Made the highlights on Blue colours and shades a touch darker so they blend together better. This also applies to the purple tinted blue on Mega Man?.
Red - Made the highlight a touch lighter so it stands out against the base red colour.
Grey - Made the darkest grey colour a touch lighter. Now, sprites with shadows rendered with this colour don't look so dark anymore.

Mega Man
Bomb Man - Palette adjustments mentioned earlier, adjusted colours on his bomb hand.
Elec Man - Palette adjustments mentioned earlier, experimented with adjusting the masks position but it looked really strange.
Fire Man - Palette adjustments mentioned earlier, reduced embers around the flame from his head.
Ice Man - Remains unchanged, I experimented with increasing the size of the back of his head but it made his head look really wide.

Mega Man 2
Air Man - Palette adjustments mentioned earlier, widened the gap between his legs.
Bubble Man - Made a small adjustment to his bubble nozzle mount, added second air tank obscured by his body. Updated the shading on his right kneecap.
Quick Man - The way I designed the sprite the Quick Boomerang arm covers a large portion of the body, if it were removed and you could see all of Quick Man's torso I don't think it wouldn't look so bulky.
Wood Man - Remains unchanged.

Mega Man 3
Hard Man - Palette adjustments mentioned earlier, made his arms a little thicker, fits the bulky industrial theme of Hard Man.
Spark Man - Palette adjustments mentioned earlier, made a slight adjustment to the shading on top of his torso, since the component is drawn as a flat surface in his official artworks it's hard to do anything interesting with the shadows.
Top Man - Palette adjustments mentioned earlier, adjusted the shading on his head, thickness of his left foot and the shape of the panel on his torso.
Doc Robot - Palette adjustments mentioned earlier, edited the highlights on the pipes sprouting from his head slightly and adjusted the outline of his eyes.

Mega Man 4
Dive Man - Palette adjustments mentioned earlier, adjusted the shape of his shoulders.
Drill Man - Palette adjustments mentioned earlier, adjusted the details on his torso.
Dust Man - Palette adjustments mentioned earlier, added shading to the edge of the panel about his face, adjusted the shape of his shoulders slightly.
Pharaoh Man - Palette adjustments mentioned earlier, added a minor glare to his upper left side to reflect the light source coming from the small Pharaoh Shot. Made him slightly taller.
Ring Man - Palette adjustments mentioned earlier, made the ring on his head wider to emphasize the roundness of his head.
Skull Man - Palette adjustments mentioned earlier, I tried a few things to make his eyes looks 'angrier' but couldn't find anything that looked any good.
Toad Man - Remains unchanged.

That should do it for now, again I thank you Alienoid for all your helpful feedback over the past few months, it makes it so much easier to improve your work when you get comments from others!

Now onto the previously mentioned 'apology work'.

Ruby Spears Mega Man and Proto Man in Mega Man 7 style.
[Image: ZW4SwQD.png]
I had this idea a while back after watching a few episodes of the old Ruby Spears Mega Man cartoon but never entertained it as I couldn't figure out a way to slot it in without it standing out against other work. I felt that a silly idea like this might tide a few people over whilst I work on the next batch of Mega Man 7 style sprites. The faces were undoubtedly the hardest part of the characters to get right since they're very stylized in the cartoon. Unfortunately for me I didn't have much space to work with to emphasize their expressions, I did my best with what I had to work with though.

Air Man boss room in Mega Man 7 style.
[Image: mRcMEb8.png]
Before talking about this particular piece I'll address a couple of things that might set someone off;

1. The screen size is vastly greater than that of any SNES game. This was done intentionally, however, as if I had kept the SNES screen size Mega Man and Air Man would have almost been shoulder to shoulder with no room for detail.
2. The tileset was based upon the tileset from Air Man's stage in Mega Man: The Wily Wars. Since (in my honest opinion) the tiles in Air Man's stage in Mega Man 2 are an absolute illegible mess. I went into the project using the Mega Man 2 tiles as a reference but past the clouds I couldn't make out anything. The Wily Wars tiles were a lot clearer with detail and actually used more than one block for the entire room.

Anyways; I actually started this before my old computer died. The idea came to me in a sort of tired haze one night as I imagined a boss room mockup for every Mega Man game (Aside from Mega Man 7 of course). If this becomes popular I might entertain continuing the project further once a good majority of the Mega Man 7 style sprites are done but that's beside the point right now. I was originally going to submit this online after the next batch of Mega Man 7 style sprites, but since I literally hadn't posted here in over a month I thought I ought to finish and post it much earlier so my thread doesn't become a baron wasteland whilst the next batch of work is being produced. This was really fun to do, I've never actually worked on a tileset project before so it's quite funny that my first is a 16-bit one! The clouds were really fun to do, evidently so as they are probably the most polished aspect of the piece. The rest of the tiles were a little rough around the edges since I'm not too familiar with how Mega Man 7's tiles were designed other than the use of many colours and complete lack of black in the majority of stage tiles. It still turned out pretty good for my first attempt at building tiles, even if they were heavily referenced!

Concerning future work, I can't get an exact date of arrival but I'll continue working hard to get it done as soon as possible!
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08-07-2016, 10:30 PM
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RE: Zedicon's sprites
I can absolutely guaruntee that this was well worth the wait! You're doing God's work here, spriting those abs in a MM7 style. Because you made some changes to the sprites, I'll do my usual thing and comment on them all.

Literally Everything
Yes. Good. Perfect.

The palette changes work really nicely, all the edits you made to the sprites made them look a lot better, and with the unchanged sprites, I can kind of understand why. This is an incredibly solid bunch! I honestly don't think I can really suggest any more criticism, I honestly can't find anything more to improve with these. As if I needed any more confirmation, you're probably definitely one of the better spriters here (possibly my favourite??? Ssshhhh).

Alright with all that fanboying out of the way, time to move onto the 'apology work'.

Ruby Spears Sprites
They match the proportions well, and honestly, I get the same vibes from their expressions as I do from the cartoon from the very brief parts I've watched. Like I said earlier, you did an amazing job sculpting their metallic muscles. Truly, moving art.

Boss Room Mock-Up
To make a long story short, here's my reaction to your Boss Room Mock-Up.
[Image: fPQdZyJ.gif]
Eternal screaming.
I don't mean to exert unrealistic expectations on you but if you managed to make even more, I would absolutely love it. The Air Man room looks really really awesome!! The fans in the ground look really nice and are a really nice touch, and my God, I want to just eat those clouds up. The blue outlines around the clouds and the varying degrees of transparency just, oh my God. And that fence in the foreground, too. It makes me melt.

I could get lost in the smaller details for hours.

Like I said earlier, I'd absolutely love this project to continue, I look forward to seeing what happens with this project.

08-07-2016, 11:43 PM
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RE: Zedicon's sprites
Color me extremely impressed!
These have so much polish.

The only things I can really point out are a couple of nitpicks that I don't think you'd necessarily need to do anything about.
(Just a side note, it'd be helpful if you put really large images, especially if they're wide, into a spoiler tag. It makes it a bit hard to read your notes because you have to keep scrolling sideways.)

Ringman's 'ring antenna' seems more like a ball than a ring. A little playing with the shadows might fix that but I also realize you don't have much space to work with there.

The 'crown' on Mega Water S. is kind of distracting to me because it doesn't look like it's in proper perspective. Part of it might just be that's it's essentially mirrored and that's just capturing my attention; so that could be a problem specific to me.
It just seems like the angle's off.

I hope you're really proud of yourself because you put in a lot of work and it shows!

Spreading the blue disease...
09-07-2016, 06:09 AM
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RE: Zedicon's sprites
Thank you both for the comments! I am very glad that you enjoy seeing my work. In the future I will try and put my larger images into a spoiler tag, I didn't actually realise how large the file was, and we're not even at the halfway mark yet!

Bond Man in Mega Man 8 style.
[Image: QjGzI0f.png]
Maarten recently designed a Mega Man 8 style sprite of Mega Man using my Mega Man 7 style Mega Man as a reference, I felt awfully flattered that my work inspired a small aspect of someone elses. To return the 'favour' I decided to take a leaf out of Maarten's book and attempt a Mega Man 8 style sprite. I had contemplated tackling a difficult design such as Centaur Man but thought that my lack of experience with the 32-bit Mega Man 8 style would not have made for a very good sprite, so I went with a simpler design, Bond Man! Whilst the looks vastly inferior to the official Mega Man 8 graphics, I think I still did a fairly decent job on adapting the Mega Man 8 style, having no prior experience or understanding of it's subtleties and nuances either. It was a fun learning experience nonetheless, always nice to try something new!

Unfortunately that's all I've got so far, the next batch of Mega Man 7 style sprites are still cooking! What I do have, however, is a collection of minor bits of archived work that I thought that you might like to see. I'm not sure how interesting looking at this will actually be, but I think it will be nice to see what I was capable of back then. I'll start with some of my old Mega Man 7 sprites, since only Mega Man through to Mega Man 4 have been completed thus far I'll do some comparisons between my old and new sprites.

Mega Man

Fire Man
[Image: RlL1HLo.png]
Probably one of the worst proportioned Mega Man 7 style sprite I've ever made. Not only was he too tall, his legs were too bulky as were his fire busters and his pose made him look like he is permanently shrugging. Compared to my more recent sprite, he looks like an absolute mess, the only thing that was carried over from the old sprite was the perspective angles of the busters, I thought those looked really nice on the original, if not just a tad too large.

Guts Man
[Image: Wd1FJyU.png]
My old Guts Man sprite looks like he's stood in front of a dying star, every highlight on his body is really large and really bright for some reason. His head is slightly the wrong shape, especially his signature underbite, there's not really much emphasis on it's outward appearance which makes the entire head look really strange. His arms and legs are a little too close to his body, his legs not so much, but his arms are really just huge forearms attached to stubs from the looks of it.

Mega Man 2

Flash Man
[Image: LqPnsbN.png]
Wow. Were to even begin? His head is the wrong shape, his shoulders and his buster are too large, his buster especially as it's virtually the same size as his entire torso, a bit unneccesary if I'm honest. Whilst the leaning forward pose could have worked quite well it's exaggerated far too much here, the front leg looks totally fine but the back leg is awfully posed.

Quick Man
[Image: ceGCvwa.png]
Well for one I got the basic shape of the head right. Other than that; what the hell is this. I forgot what this sprite even looked like until I dug it up to compile this post. His torso is far too bulky for someone called Quick Man, the perspective on his Quick Boomerang arm is nice but the proportion on the arm itself and the hand is really rough, like Fire Man, this entire sprite has really bad proportions which, in turn, makes the pose look unfortunately distorted.

Mega Man 3

Top Man
[Image: u6qbuVu.png]
I really liked my original Top Man sprite, I had good proportions, a decent pose and some nice colour to it. Whilst my recent sprite is an entirely new one, I carried over a lot of details since they seemed to work on the original, just a few changes here and there, mostly relating to colour and form. One of the major things that I rectified was the top of Top Man's top head, on my previous sprite I attempted to do some perspective with it, but with the limited space I had it didn't come across very well.

Mega Man 4

Drill Man
[Image: PMgL3Wm.png]
Drill Man largely follows the same story as Top Man. Other than a few bits and pieces here and there there wasn't much wrong with my original Drill Man sprite, his palette was a bit messy since I was trying to give him an orange tint instead of just making him plain red and he suffers the same problem as Quick Man, he's so low to the ground that his outstretched leg looks really awkwardly posed. If I recall correctly Drill Man was one of my last Mega Man 7 style sprites before I deactivated my first deviantART account.

New Mega Man sprite
[Image: q04fn3y.png]
These sprites was actually never published in it's original state online. Back when I was a sprite artist for the now cancelled Mega Man Time Tangent me and deviantART user JusteDesserts were throwing around the idea of creating a new visual style for the game since Mega Man fan projects generally followed the classic 8-bit outline. He gave me a few ideas which were along the lines of 'Mega Man 7 with hints of Mega Man 8'. I produced these two sprites in response to his prompt. The pose may look a little different, as it was these sprites that inspired the new Mega Man 7 style Mega Man sprite way back when.

Peach Woman
[Image: iAJPFyo.png]
I designed Princess Peach as a robot master as part of a summer project for college course I graduated from last year, decided to make a little 8-bit sprite and mugshot to go with the design, I'm not too fond of the sprite but the mugshot looks really nice!

Flame Stag Icon
[Image: B7qPoXB.png]
I used to have a Tumblr blog under the URL flame-stag, I attempted to make an icon for myself with a HD pixel art style, unfortunately due to my inexperience with other visual styles using pixel art it never progressed further than flat colours. I'd like to finish it in the future, when I'm a bit more confident with pixel art outside borrowed styles from old video games.

That's all I've got for general work, however I do have quite a lot of work relating to various Mega Man fan projects that I'll post if there's interest. Let me know if you'd like to see that stuff, some of it is quite nice!
21-07-2016, 07:19 PM
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RE: Zedicon's sprites
Ah, yeah, I actually hadn't realised how big the images were getting. Guess I fell down the power sweep there without realising it.
Anyway, new content! At least, new in a sense. I can't really give amazing critique on these archived works considering they're, you know, old. But I still have one Bond Man to look through so I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Bond Man
This might actually be one of the better/best Mega Man 8 conversions I've ever seen in my life, actually. This really doesn't look half bad. One thing I can spot right, though, is that his left arm (our right) seems a bit, bent. The little tab flap at the end of his glue cannon seems to be at the wrong angle, it's angled a little differently than the arm itself. Try rotating it counter-clockwise just a tad, are my thoughts. All the same, though, this is freaking awesome stuff.

Archived Works
Old Mega Man 7 Sprites
I'll just comment on all of them at once: you have shown a crap ton of improvement, Zed. Honestly, anything I could have said about them, you tackled already, not to mention they're old sprites so giving you critique here is about as pointless as me scrubbing a mud pond with a toothbrush. So I'll simply say, everything you did to improve these sprites worked, man. Kudos.

New Mega Man Sprite
This is actually a really interesting sprite style. It looks really nice and if the game had been finished I would have been blown away by how nice this style looks. I can only imagine how fluidly it could possibly be animated.

Peach Woman
Wooaahh, I like, I like. You handled the limited space of the sprite really well, there are a lot of clearly defined details despite the tiny canvas aread. I like the earrings there, ahah. One thing I do have to comment on is that the hair seems to spike up a lot instead of fanning out to the side like in the mugshot, but other than that, I am a fan. I'd possibly like to see more Mario-inspired robot masters in the future. The mugshot also looks really nice! The eyes still make her look evil and that shading doesn't look half-bad to be honest. The shading on those earrings, though, wow. I'm mesmerised.

Flame Stag Icon
While my knowledge on the X series is foggy at best, this looks pretty decent. I can't quite comment as much on this piece since it's not finished, but I'd definitely like to see how you handle all those colours on the left, there, holy shit.
(Also in the bottom right there there is a piece coloured orange when it should be red, unless I'm mistaken.)

Alright, it was really interesting to see your old work like that. I thought your work seemed familiar! I probably saw your old deviantArt account when it was still up, and let me just say, you've taken a lot of steps forward and very few steps back, as far as I can tell.
As always, really looking forward to your next update! I'll be waiting here in excitement until that moment comes.

EDIT: I just realised what that New Mega Man Sprite reminded me of.
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RE: Zedicon's sprites
I hadn't actually realized that the sprite was similar to that, I've honestly not spent much time looking at the WonderSwan sprites because of how weird they look. The greyscale palette makes the sprites almost impossible to read from a distance which is not what you want for your player characters.

The current batch of Mega Man 7 style sprites is taking a little longer than expected, I'm running into a few difficult designs and poses, not enough to create a massive problem but enough to keep me thinking hard. I'll try and get it all done as soon as I can but for now I can't give an exact date, probably before 2017 starts (Hopefully anyway!). The only thing I can present at the moment is a small gif of Mega Man.

[Image: PRL1xWo.gif]
What's he headbanging to? Who knows. Probably the amazing music in all his games!


I had mentioned in the footnotes of my previous post that I have quite a bit of work pertaining to Mega Man fan projects, decided that since the current work is taking a little longer than expected to put together I might as well just pool it here for people to look at and enjoy.

I have packed things into spoiler tags because HOLY GOD I did not realize that there was so much here.
--13/04/2018 EDIT-- Due to spoiler HTML codes being broken the spoiler tags have been removed.
Hope everyone enjoys seeing this stuff from things I've worked on in the past. I must ask though, if anyone should want to use any of these graphics, please get in contact with me first.

Mega Man: Time Tangent
I joined the development of Mega Man: Time Tangent quite late. I was put in charge of producing the games internal graphics, whilst I was there I produced a few robot master sprites, stage select mugshots and enemy sprites.

Boost Man
Boost Man was a complicated character to handle because of his rather intricate design, the first sprite and mugshot weren't really too good, the final sprite and mugshot look a whole lot better.
[Image: ebSCcz5.png][Image: dLXlaKV.png][Image: toIDsSD.png][Image: oTWcFop.png]

Forest Man
Forest Man was difficult because off the wood texture, the little bird was fun to do though. The mugshot where his leafy afro bursts out of the stage select frame was done as a joke as it would most likely obscure the surrounding mugshots.
[Image: YE1rriY.png][Image: FhV3t5u.png]

Ignite Man
Ignite Man's design didn't really click with me at first, but I came to like it's nuances after a while. The first mugshot was what was published on the final stage select, the second came later, I personally prefer the latter mugshot but the former is alright too.
[Image: Co7nvbS.png][Image: gt9FLQC.png][Image: 4wPyZ8x.png]

Nebula Man
Because of his space theme, his mugshot was designed with anti-gravity in mind, the most dynamic mugshot of all the robot masters.
[Image: wrAPOzo.png]

Shock Man
Before it's cancellation, Shock Man had a design more akin to Venus and Toad Man.
[Image: xg0BwPe.png][Image: B67DLz5.png]

Templar Man
The mounted aspect of Templar Man's design was really cool. I'm not at all a fan of the first mugshot, the second one looks a lot better but wasn't considered for the official stage select. If I recall I designed his sprites with Knight Man in mind, he was originally going to be blue and white but the palette looked really bad so I went with blue and yellow instead.
[Image: kln1H5L.png][Image: CFeAdKr.png][Image: tURVWiC.png]

Biribulb would fuse with power packs in the floor and shoot electric sparks along the ground. Boost Roader would roll along the ground and accelerate to twice its original speed upon seeing the player. Kabuto Crawler was not given any sort of movement or attack patterns.
[Image: 8f3SMvH.png][Image: B23ZGiK.png][Image: oJNNnYO.png]

Mega Man: Oblivion Overdrive
Mega Man: Oblivion Overdrive was a personal project of mine that didn't go anywhere really, it didn't progress past basic mockups and game design and singular sprites and such.

Arachnid Man
Arachnid Man was designed with having 8 limbs in mind, four arms and four legs. Only one sprite was made but I couldn't decide on a palette for him.
[Image: mZI1Wtp.png]

Hive Man
Hive Man's design is simple but combines elements of bees, honey and beehives which makes it work really well.
[Image: bGsxmPs.png][Image: Visjwsy.gif]

Impact Man
Impact Man was a spontaneous idea based on a wrecking ball, the flipping sprites were complicated to put together.
[Image: SE6fcep.png]

Smog Man
Smog Man was originally going to have a Bright Man-esque face but it made his sprite look weird so he just has a pair of eyes.
[Image: ULx1wzw.png]

Title screen version one
The aim of the title screen graphic was to create an ominous feeling to represent the theme of the game. The pixelart isn't too bad but the shadow covering Mega Man's face is bad. I used to know what the Japanese subtitle says but it's beyond me.
[Image: B7zzubA.png]     [Image: Md7OqP3.png]

Title screen version two
The graphic on this version is a lot better, plus the dark blue outline on the shadowed side of Mega Man's head looks really good. If I recall correctly the subtitle should translate to something along the lines of 'The Unison of the awakened Metronome.', referencing two characters that would have been introduced in the game.
[Image: bTu2BT3.png]     [Image: GWZoDB6.png]

Unfinished title screen
One of the last pieces I worked on before I put the project on an indefinite hiatus. I experimented with a new logo design rather than the traditional big yellow letters to give the piece a standout appearance amongst other similar projects. I hit a wall because I couldn't think of a graphic for the title screen as I wasn't too satisfied with the pixelart of Mega Man's head.
[Image: LAvkX3U.png]

Introduction cutscene
Just a small cutscene with pixelarts based off the Mega Man 10 introduction cutscene and the Mega Man and Bass character select. Made a variant with Bass with a buster instead of an outstretched hand, the graphics weren't intended to be official, just placeholders for proof of concept.
[Image: iQqk71l.png]     [Image: 2rI1Iis.png]

Character select version one
Basing the pixelarts off of artwork from Rockman Battle & Fighters I put together a very amateur character select screen, the background tiles were inspired from Mega Man 10, they look awful. Also features the first iteration of my custom Bass sprites, they were awful too.
[Image: PndDQaf.png]

[Image: 10B9NYH.png]

[Image: 0Cd8V0P.png]

Character select version two
These character select mockups feature entirely original pixelarts, based of what would have been official artwork for the project. Features a similar design layout to the previous version, just more refined and better looking tiles. Experimented with having the pixelarts extend pass the borders for a bit of stylistic flair.
[Image: SjRoIiC.png]     [Image: 6Siwq7i.png]

[Image: SnlIeA0.png]     [Image: pz9eMtW.png]

[Image: jFI182C.png]     [Image: zZb4Zbg.png]

[Image: IvVS2AJ.png]     [Image: U7oWcZi.png]

Stage select
Aimed for a technological theme for the design of the stage select. The first iteration had a circuit board based background.
[Image: YymaJAE.png]

Player mugshots
Whilst the official player mugshots work, I felt like making my own. Roll was not meant to be a playable character, I just made her mugshots for fun.
[Image: PqUl9Fs.png][Image: vnVGZ9B.png]
[Image: 72MirDh.png]
[Image: KL69HhY.png]
[Image: oUoSHrF.png][Image: I9AswZf.png]

Weapon get version one
The project originally went under the alias of 'Mega Man: Injustice' back when it had just started. The pixelart is based off of the Water Shield artwork, with Mega Man and the particle effects being based off of graphics from Rockman 7 Famicom, neither graphics were intended to be official, just placeholders for proof of concept.
[Image: mJcoReN.png]

Weapon get version two
This version was inspired by the Mega Man 10 weapon get graphics, the pixelart is based off of Proto Man's artwork. The concept of having the pixelart on screen as well as the weapon demonstration was a consistent idea throughout all mockups. Once again the pixelart was a placeholder.
[Image: GYIlS65.png]

Weapon get version three
The only version with 100% original graphics, aside from Mega Man's sprite of course. The idea for the 'Test' option would be to incorporate Mega Man 10's challenge into real time gameplay, allowing you to test the weapon and all its uses and complete its respective challenges at the same time. In theory you would be able to go into the next stage with a better understanding of the weapon you just got.
[Image: prMzcZ8.png]

The Beetle Battlers would be a miniboss for Bark Man, one being based on defense and one being based on offense. Bomber Cannon would move along a flat surface and fire a bomb at the player when they came within a specific vicinity. The red cannon was the Oblivion Overdrive analogue of the traditional cannon enemy from Mega Man 9 and 10.

[Image: bylXAYP.png][Image: 0znaTJd.png][Image: RQYjnI2.png]

Changkey Dragon R acts the same as its larger variant, only it would only move in one direction across the screen instead of pacing back and fourth in the air. Gadgebot would float in the air with its propeller attachment, if the attachment is shot Gadgebot would fall to the ground and run off screen in a panicked fashion. The unnamed helicopter miniboss for Zephyr Woman would carry the Variant Joe and Bomber Joe, Variant Joe would shoot a pattern of 3 slow big bullets before changing to a pattern of 6 quick small bullets whereas Bomber Joe would fire bombs. The helicopter would carry Joe enemies into the screen until it was destroyed, the graphic for the helicopter is unfinished.

[Image: JcsJYox.png][Image: bfCyjqh.png][Image: E0ZCiTU.png]

The Mega Metools are pretty self explanatory, a generator would fire out a Mega Metool helmet and the player would have to wait until it deploys itself to find a way to beat it. Due to its size the Mega Metool would move slower than its smaller counterpart.

[Image: B1bB6Wc.png]

Millipod would crawl long the ground toward the player, no other movement or attacking pattern was ever planned. The Pseudocannon would trick the player into moving close to take out the cannon before revealing itself and shooting the player, if the player got damaged it would laugh at them shortly. Popiper would wait until the player entered its vicinity before firing two shots at the player.

[Image: RawqbTN.png][Image: lWn7Bzt.png][Image: sbA98ot.png]

For a bit of pointless trivia; I started writing this post yesterday evening.
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13-08-2016, 09:58 PM
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RE: Zedicon's sprites
Hang on sorry one moment I need to pick up my jaw off of the floor.

Okay done.

Holy moly this is a lot of content. And, despite it being old work, a lot of it is really, really solid, I'm not gonna lie. The spritework for Oblivion Overdrive especially has me drooling a little bit. I'd say that pixel art is a strong suit of yours, but it's hard to say it's better than your sprites because it's all amazing and I'm in tears over here.

I think my favourites from TT and OO respectively would be:
- Boost Man and Templar Man's sprites (that robotic chocobo steed especially)
- Arachnid Man and Hive Man's sprites, basically all of the enemies and Roll's stage select frames seriously those are so cute

And hey, here's hoping the rest of the MM7 sprites go smoothly! I've got my fingers crossed.
13-08-2016, 10:37 PM
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RE: Zedicon's sprites
Jesus crimmity!
Going with Aleinoid in saying: though that's your old work, it's still over the top incredible!
Honestly I hope you keep it up, pixel art is pretty much your speciality Smile
14-08-2016, 06:11 AM
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RE: Zedicon's sprites
@Zedicon: I was wondering how'd you render Roll? I'd like to see her with your style. MM - Happy
14-08-2016, 10:45 AM
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RE: Zedicon's sprites
Thank you for all the comments! It's very surprising that you all seem to enjoy my old work, in my opinion some of it isn't worth much at all but I'm glad that you appreciate my old work as much as much current work!

(14-08-2016, 10:45 AM)Zynk Wrote: @Zedicon: I was wondering how'd you render Roll? I'd like to see her with your style. MM - Happy

I'm not exactly sure what the context is, but I have some minor bits of old work that are essentially Roll-related. I hope this is somewhere in the realm of what you're looking for.

Roll and Opera Woman in Mega Man 7 style.

[Image: gJ3vSGF.png]
DeviantART user GatucaMan was working on a Mega Man fan game of a different variety, with Roll as the playable character and all 8 robot masters were female. One of which was Opera Woman, GatucaMan asked me, when I was doing my old Mega Man 7 style sprites, to make a 16-bit sprite of Opera Woman. I also made a Mega Man-esque idle sprite for Roll, which admittedly didn't turn out too great trying to cram all the detail into Mega Man's awkward pose. I believe Roll's design was based on her combat outfit in the Mega Man OVA.

Prototype Roll playable character sprites.
[Image: kpcYkwq.png]
Whilst I said that Roll was never intended to be a playable character in Mega Man: Oblivion Overdrive I couldn't help myself but make a design for Roll as if she were playable whilst the project was still active. I tried to distinguish her design from Mega Man, Proto Man and Bass to give her a fresh feel compared to the former 3. I made a helmetless design using both her regular haircut, and her haircut from Mega Man 8 and Mega Man and Bass.

I'm not sure if I'll ever make my own version of a Mega Man 7 style Roll, honestly her sprite in the game isn't too bad. If I find a way to work her in with a collection of similar characters then I'll do that, but at the moment there are no current plans.

I'm sure some of you are looking forward to the new batch of Mega Man 7 style sprites, and whilst they're not done just yet, I thought I'd post a little teaser of things to come.

[Image: Dqj15Xh.png]

See you soon!
29-08-2016, 03:59 PM
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RE: Zedicon's sprites
Hoooo boy I'm super pumped up for the rest of Mega Man 5!! Tied with Mega Man 6 for the least amount of actually good Mega Man 7-styled sprites, so I'm really looking forward to seeing your godlike work.
(And Roll is adorable and Opera Woman looks amazing as always.)
29-08-2016, 07:36 PM
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RE: Zedicon's sprites
I'd like to start this post with yet another formal apology, it seems unexpected prolonged absences coupled with a lack of new activity is a common theme for my thread. It's been seven months since I finished and posted the Mega Man 3 and Mega Man 4 16-bit Mega Man 7 style sprites, and since then the only recent pieces of work to come out were the Ruby Spears Mega Man cartoon sprites and the Air Man boss room mockup. A lot of you have been anticipating the next batch of sprites, through reliving my past and examining the difference in quality to my old work to my new work and my contributions toward two Mega Man fangame projects that never came to be I've been trying to maintain interest with my thread in an attempt to stay relevant on this site full of budding and talented artists. I'd like to clarify just what exactly's been going on since I can't help but feel the whole situation is unnecessarily ambiguous.

From the Air Man boss room mockup, I had hoped to jump straight into the next batch of sprites to maintain the constant flow of productivity. Unfortunately for me, having struggled with the first few sprites in the lineup I hit a huge lack of motivation and lost all drive to work on sprites for a whole month, in this time I decided to take a break from sprites to work on a few pieces of digital art. I found when I came back to working on sprites a month and a half later everything seemed to flow a lot more smoothly, I was able to get through quite a few sprites without many problems if any at all. Then came November 10th, unbeknownst to my the retailer I bought my computer components from had sent me a faulty graphics card which totally fried itself, rendering my 5 month old machine totally inactive. A temporary setback if nothing else, it was what followed that was the issue. Having been stripped of my machine I had no motivation to work on anything yet again, frustratingly so a I had promised to get new content out before the advent of 2017. I wish I could just force myself to work though bouts and periods of lack of motivation but I feel that if I dd the quality of work I would produce would slowly begin to decrease. I'd rather just sit down for a while and relax and catch my breath so I can give you the standard of quality that you've come to expect from posts in my thread.

I'm hoping that 2017 won't be as stressful and hectic as 2016 has been, the unnecessary complications and frequent lack activity just doesn't sit well with me at all, all it's done this year is affect my time and my ability to produce work.

After all that I fear that I must disappoint you yet again with another change to the schedule. The current batch of sprites aren't quite done, I'm more than halfway done but there's still a ways to go. I hit a wall with [REDACTED], I spent at least 6 hours in Adobe Animate trying to draw up a decent pose that was visually distinct and appeasing from the other characters and it amounted to nothing, needless to say I was a mixture of frustrated and exasperated. It's been a long while since I've spent that much time on something to have it not go anywhere at all.

So to compensate, I''ll be posting the work I had intended to post in the beginning of 2017 now, and the next batch of sprites will be completed shortly after 2017 arrives.

To start though, we have some updates to deal with.

Mega Man 7 style robot master updates.
[Image: BdNNeg0.png]

I'll follow tradition and do a list of whats been changed.

Light Blues - Light blue colours such as those on Mega Man's helmet, Air Man's fan blades, Bubble Man's abdomen, Flash Man's shoulder pads, Mega Water S's collar and spikes and Needle Man's needle press have been adjusted to improve accuracy to artworks and increase levels of contrast.
Greens - The highlight shade of the standard green colour used on Bubble Man, Mega Water S and Toad Man have been adjusted for decreased levels of contrast.
Gems - Characters with medium sized gems such as Bond Man, Time Man, Air Man, Bubble Man, Crash Man and Heat Man have all been giving shading on the underside of the gem to give an implied texture to the gem.

Mega Man has been edited but that will be covered later. Any characters that aren't mentioned in the following lists have been left untouched.

Mega Man
Bomb Man - Adjusted size of arms and position of Hyper Bomb.
Elec Man - Totally new sprite based on his Mega Man (NES) introduction pose.
Oil Man - Increased size of his scarf and adjusted shading on the oil drop on his chest.
Time Man - Adjusted shading of his torso.
Mega Man? - Increased size of his scarf.

Mega Man 2
Air Man - Removed one pixel under his right arm to give off a more rounded appearance.
Quick Man - Adjusted the size of his hand and the positioning of the Quick Boomerang above his wrist.

Mega Man 3
Magnet Man - Adjusted coloured rendering of his hands.
Shadow Man - Adjusted the size of his legs to give him added height. Reduced size of his left hand slightly.
Snake Man - Adjusted position of upper body and reduced the size of his abdomen.
Spark Man - Adjusted size of his electrodes and improved the electricity effect.

Mega Man 4
Toad Man - Adjusted shading of his torso slightly.

Air Man boss room in Mega Man 7 style update.
[Image: LhZlmpm.png]
Traditional variant.
[Image: OFlU0Tg.png]

I realized when putting together another mockup that the screen size used for the Air Man mockup did not fit the scaled up resolution of the NES Mega Man games, so I decided to remake this using the newly established screen resolution, now it looks a lot more fitting for a remake of a Mega Man 2 (NES) screenshot. The guard rail was removed because I felt that it wasn't necessary and obscured details of the mockup.

That wraps up another session of updates, time to get to the real meat of the post, most of what you'll be sure to thoroughly enjoy.

Mega Man: Time Tangent robot masters in 8-bit.
[Image: NGaoUp1.png]

I'm going to sheepishly admit that I've had this finished, for the most part, since the third quarter of August. It is currently beyond me why on Earth I decided to withhold these sprites, but they're here now so it doesn't matter anymore. I really like the robot master designs from Time Tangent, whilst some of them are a little unorthodox for Mega Man bosses like Gale Man having no arms I really appreciate the diversity carried through the entire lineup.

Mega Man 7 style Mega Man playable character sheet.
[Image: Q3pPsQO.png]

It's pretty well known that Mega Man's sprites and animations from Mega Man 7 were a little jarring to say the least. But hey, I can't exactly fault the developers for that, the game was put together in three months!

I started this shortly after posting the running animation, seeing how well it was received I began gathering references for an entire sprite sheet. Some of the references included the original Mega Man sprite sheet from Mega Man 7, Mega Man's sprite sheet from Mega Man 8, X from Mega Man X, X from Mega Man X4 and various videos and screenshots demonstrating the animations that Mega Man has in Super Smash Bros 4 WiiU. This was probably the most effort I've put into a single sprite related project in one huge block. For animations like shielding, throwing, jumping and the contextual damage sprites I drew multiple poses and cycles in Adobe Animate until I found the one that felt worked the most. For all the work I put into this sheet I'm really glad that I not only got it finished, but also made it look really good. This has been a project I've wanted to do since 2012. At some point during 2017 I'll be putting together an animation demonstrating most, if not all, the sprites and animations featured on this sheet! For now, here's some demonstration animations I put together whilst I was refining the sprites for the final sprite sheet.

[Image: hiCHeX2.gif]
Hyper Bomb
[Image: YjGfWW6.gif]
Time Stopper
[Image: 7euMOmi.gif]
Magnet Missile
[Image: RzzUgm8.gif]
Star Crash
[Image: ilmWLZP.gif]

I am aware that the throwing arc for the Hyper Bomb animation looks really bad, it's the best I could do without going to the extreme with mathematical calculations.

Mega Man 5 Dr. Wily's Capsule in Mega Man 7 style.
[Image: QkmcjKb.png]

Not really sure why I decided to do this, if I recall somewhat correctly it was a spontaneous idea I accumulated after watching a Mega Man 5 speedrun. Mega Man 5's Wily Capsule, in my opinion, has the best design, so I thought I'd try my hand at a 16-bit version of it. The sprite of Beat is edited from his Mega Man 7 appearance to be more accurate to his official artwork turnarounds.

I'm going to apologize once again for not keeping everyone updated as to what exactly was going on, and for not coming out with the expected work, I just didn't want 2016 to come to a close and not have something to show before it did. The next batch of sprites will be coming real soon after the new year rolls in though! See you then!
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18-12-2016, 06:41 PM
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RE: Zedicon's sprites
//Rubs hands together. Time to dig into some critique, here.

Well, actually, first I'll just give a casual little reminder that your work is just short of godlike, and I think I speak for most/all of us when I say that I'm definitely more than willing to wait for content at this quality. You definitely deserve a little pat on the back for making it through this year, what with the catastrophe that was 2016. It just makes the concept of 2017 sound all the more appealing, in my eyes.

Right, anyway.


- Mega Man 7 style robot master updates -
As with most of the updates to this particular batch of sprites, it's a little tricky to keep giving constructive feedback after so many refinements and adjustments, but I'll try my best to squeeze anything and everything out of whatever minute detail I can. Forgive me if any of these sound like I'm stretching, I'd much rather give an almost inconsequential suggestion/fix than none at all, with your work, just to be safe.

Elec Man: I'm definitely a fan of his new pose, it's much more, striking, if you will. Get it? Like, like lightning, like a lightning strike-okay. One tiny little adjustment I feel might be beneficial, though, is just barely increasing the thickness of his right leg (our left). And when I mean barely, I mean barely.
[spoiler="This is what I mean:"][Image: 615b2f2e1258479d988a58a4a64abc79.png]
Original on the left, the difference (highlighted in red) in the middle, and fully changed on the right.[/spoiler]
What this does, in my eyes, is makes his kneecapguard thing a little less gigantic compared to the rest of his body. It really juts out, there. Perhaps adding a more solid electrical discharge (more akin to Spark Man's, with a filled in center) would also improve the impact of it? Just a spitballing moment, there.
Fire Man: I think I noticed a bit of a problem with the way the rim of his torchhead is shaded. I'm not entirely sure about this, but let me try to explain. In your Fire Man sprite, his head is highlighted as if it was a flat surface, in the sense that there is that shine all the way down his helmet.
[spoiler="This is how your sprite does it (dramatic recreation):"][Image: a439ff4b29164eaab7cbc97c28acd840.png][/spoiler]
However, due to how you seem to have Fire Man's head shaped, this is how I feel it should be.
[spoiler="My rendition (also a dramatic recreation)"][Image: 18539312b89141539548ca0d6154681e.png][/spoiler]
Why? Because light sources. If Fire Man's head really does have that rim atop it, then how is there meant to be a highlight there, where logically, there should be a shadow?
[spoiler="Visual explanation:"][Image: 81e52fa9df99433189186b33e6fc2058.png][/spoiler]
So, here are a few things I would suggest:
[spoiler="Suggestion:"][Image: 71276243702c4c7893a639ea9d3a5be1.png][/spoiler]
The two changes I made body have to do with shading. The first edit is that base grey line along the rim of his helmet, which I feel not only fixes this lighting error, but also provides a nice way to further define his headshape. The second and smaller change was lightening up those holes in his torch-head a little bit when they're not in the shadows, which is a change I'm a little bit iffy on, but figured I'd mention regardless. I'm throwing random things at the wall and seeing what sticks, here.
Time Man: Time Man's legs have a bit of a similar shading issue to Fire Man's, though on a different axis. I don't think the highlights on his legs should be a continuous shape like that. It shouldn't be connected, I don't think. Again, let me try to demonstrate. Scratch that, upon further inspection, it looks like his legs are at an awkward angle from the rest of his body, and not just the shading. If you look closely, you'll see from the clock on his chest that his torso seems to be twisting to his left. So why, then, would his legs be twisting to the right? Given the shading, and the fact that his left foot is a pixel lower than his right foot, that seems to be what your sprite is conveying.
[spoiler="I hope that this explains it better:"][Image: e7ed45fd4bf847f79ff7731b2e6efe1e.png][/spoiler]
This way, his legs are twisting the same way as his torso, if that makes sense? This still needs a bit of a refinement, but it's just a proof of concept sort of deal, if that makes sense.
Mega Man?: I feel like Mega Man?'s scarf could use a little more texture. If you compare it to Oil Man and Proto Man's scarves, there doesn't seem to be any folds or creases or anything in his. I'm not sure if this was an intentional choice or not, but it just seems a bit like clay, almost, since it's such a solid object without the defining shading/lines to make it look as if it's folding like actual cloth.
Quick Man: A veeeeery minor suggestion, but I decided to see what it would look like if Quick Man's left hand (our right) was moved to the left (our left) by about one pixel, to really sell how much he's angling his torso.
[spoiler="Like this:"][Image: a7656025a778471a86f86ef39ef2019e.png][/spoiler]
He also seems to have the same leg thing as Time Man, where the legs don't seem to quite match the way the torso is going, but it's less noticable with him and with Time, so I figured I'd leave it and see if you consider the leg issue a big enough issue to change. Like I usually say: take my advice with a grain of salt, but those are my two cents.
Break Man: This is another really minor suggestion, but I considered the use of Break Man's red to shade his scarf. You know, add a third colour in there while recycling from the already-existing palette. I'm not so sure how this one turned out, I'll let you decide.
[spoiler="Specifically, the shadow red:"][Image: 7b3cc5c0d4a24fb49ff8dd27dbf95944.png][/spoiler]
Doc Robot: Doc Robot's hand seems to be a little bit pillow shaded, almost. At least, there's a bit of banding in the shading, there. A basic enough fix.
[spoiler="Fix:"][Image: 4dc22d926e874665be329bf8ceb0d29b.png]
I also fixed just two pixels when it comes to the highlight on his left foot, no big deal.[/spoiler]
Skull Man: On the opposite side of the problem as Doc Robot, Skull Man seems to have very little shading. I added about eight pixels of shading, which I highlighted in red in the middle sprite.
[spoiler="Here you are:"][Image: 37e9035dd4fa4e6babf42715c120759c.png][/spoiler]
It's not much, but I feel like it makes his sprite look a little less basic, for lack of a better word.

Whew, that took me, like, an hour and a half? Perhaps even more. I really struggled to find problems, as usual. Curse you, Zedicon, for being too good.

- Air Man's boss room -
I only have one real problem with this, and that's with Leaf Shield. It just feels a little odd to me that all of the leaves are just the exact same sprite, copied and pasted. Although maybe it's meant to be a situation in which they all animate at the same pace with the same frames? I'm not sure. But those leaves do look good. Mm. Love me some foliage.

- Time Tangent masters -
I really can't complain about any of these, except maybe the purple guy there in his second form. His arms seem to droop kiiiind of low, but I don't know if that's intentional or not (I don't even know his name, ahah). Other than that, these are all beautiful. Simply beautiful.

- Playable character sheet -

This is truly stunning, you were right about it looking incredibly good. I literally only have two gripes with this entire sheet, and considering how much content it has, that should say something.

My first problem is that Mega Man's mouth seems to open a little too much, in my opinion? The main issue is, I don't know how to fix it, at all. I've been fiddling around with the sprite as much as I could manage and nothing will look right to me. It might just be one of those things that you have to adjust to. I sure know that Mega Man's 8-bit open mouth did, for me.

The second problem is that in his standing animation (the up-straight one, not the battle-ready idle), his left hand seems to stick out a bit more than I would have it do so myself.
[spoiler="This is all I can suggest:"][Image: 7b5982cf414c45709c830dcf2d7008f0.png][/spoiler]

Alright, that's about all I can work out at the moment. There might be more things that I overlooked, but overall, definitely not a bad haul in the slightest, especially with that sheet there. That is some good stuff right there. Sorry to hear that [REDACTED] is being a pain in the gears, hope you can figure out a solution soon! And, if you haven't noticed, you can click any of the images to go straight to the image itself. Just in case you want to easily open all of those pictures up on different tabs really quickly.

(If you ever want some more real-time feedback, you know where my PM inbox is to ask for contact details. ;^) )

Can't wait to hear from you again!
18-12-2016, 09:03 PM
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RE: Zedicon's sprites
well i came back from my break on sprites inc anyways i got a warning for you. It is known that filipe prevot Stole your sprite's from his megaman 11 project i'm not kidding Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXTSjX7Cf_w
28-12-2016, 04:45 PM
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RE: Zedicon's sprites
Thank you for bringing this to my attention, it isn't the first time I've encountered someone who has stolen and used my work for their own benefit without asking for my direct permission! I have filed a copyright complaint against the video, hopefully it will be taken down in time. I didn't want to jump straight to reporting the video to YouTube's copyright system but as of reporting the video and writing this reply the person who made the video has not been in contact with me to ask me for the permission to use the work and did not give appropriate credit for using the work without permission. If they had at least done the latter I would have just contacted them to ensure it wouldn't happen again.
28-12-2016, 09:45 PM
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RE: Zedicon's sprites

He also stole your Title Screen graphic.

29-12-2016, 03:46 AM
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RE: Zedicon's sprites
It seems the account that posted that video is the account for the 'Megaman 11' project. I actually found 4 videos, including the one you brought to my attention, using my work without given permission. One of the videos was just a mirror for the video edencrafty126 brought to my attention. Unfortunately, due to the relative obscurity of these projects and accounts on YouTube, it is currently beyond my knowledge if there are anymore instances of plagiarism concerning my work being circulated. I am very grateful that this instance was brought to my attention so I could deal with it accordingly, if you find anymore, feel free to either post it here or shoot me a private message! Any help is greatly appreciated!
30-12-2016, 11:22 PM
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RE: Zedicon's sprites
I think it's high time I dusted of this thread. It's been one and a half years, good grief.

I suppose I should give some kind of explanation regarding my absence. To get straight to the point; 2017 was an awful year for me, probably one of worst if I'm honest. It started off rocky but gained some good traction toward the summer before becoming an absolute merciless slog toward the end. I'll nowt go into the details here but my experience is briefly covered in the description of the DeviantArt post here.

That's not to say that 2018 hasn't had it's share of problems either, but comparatively to the disaster performance that was 2017 I think things are looking up. Regardless, this isn't the sole reason I'm posting this reply. I've got work to show, and a fair bit of it too.

We'll go with tradition and start with updated work first shall we?

Mega Man 7 style robot master updates.
[Image: okNbEst.png]

General Rendering.
Reds - In response to feedback I received a few weeks ago, the highlight of all red objects and characters has been made brighter in order for it to contrast and stand out from the base red and shadow.

Mega Man
Elec Man - The shape of his right leg has been adjusted slightly.
Fire Man - The fire coming from his helmet has been adjusted and the highlight on his helmet has been updated.
Time Man - The shape and shading of his left leg has been updated.
Mega Man? - Edited the scarf to give it a more textured appearance.

Mega Man 2
Air Man - Exchanged the two black pixels between his pupils for grey ones to improve the shape of his eyes.
Flash Man - Added an additional colour to his buster to improve it's appearance.
Heat Man - Slightly adjusted the size of his boots.
Quick Man - Adjusted the shape of his torso and the position of his left arm.
Wood Man - Centered him over the text reading his name.

The Genesis Unit
Mega Water S - Adjusted the shading of the inside of his buster nozzle.

Mega Man 3
Doc Robot - Adjusted the shading of his hand.

Mega Man 4
Skull Man - Updated his shading and the use of colour around the audio module on his head.

In regards to the Air Man boss room mockup, the leaf shield sprites were from an unfinished sequence of the leaves twisting as they circled around Mega Man, that frame was the only frame I was totally satisfied with posting and even then it doesn't look very good in my opinion.

As for the Time Tangent robot masters sprites, the low arms of Shock Man's current design was entirely intentional, he was designed with arms in a similar vein to Pump Man where they're long and cord-like. Rather bizarre, but they look neat.

Mega Man 7 style Mega Man playable character sheet.
[Image: NuytcLR.png]

Standing - The standing upright sprites have been adjusted so now the left arm doesn't stick out so much.
Shooting - The right leg of the shooting sprites has been adjusted to be slightly bigger.
Charge Shot - Likewise with the shooting sprites, the right legs have been adjusted. I have also added a frame where he clutches his buster as the shot leaves his buster. Additionally, the sequence has been reordered and separated next to the charging palettes.
Lifting - Likewise with previous sprites, the right legs have been adjusted.
Throwing - Likewise with previous sprites, the right legs have been adjusted.
Shielding - Likewise with previous sprites, the right legs have been adjusted.
Screen Clearing - Likewise with previous sprites, the right legs have been adjusted.
Get Item - Likewise with previous sprites, the right legs have been adjusted.
Climbing - A transitional animation of Mega Man grabbing the ladder has been added.
Damage - The outstretched hand of the sliding damage sprites has been adjusted.
Staggered - The frame of Mega Man fallen to the ground has been adjusted.

As well as a few new sprites and animations, I prepared more demonstration animations to showcase the sprites and particles in action.

[Image: QqRU4GI.gif]
Charge Shot
[Image: sYUoVzx.gif]
Hyper Bomb -UPDATED-
[Image: Gft6yVL.gif]
Star Crash -UPDATED-
[Image: 4qFDtPR.gif]
[Image: ZjRJysw.gif]
[Image: B83EyRJ.gif]
Jump Shooting
[Image: LSzndYk.gif]
[Image: Mu02yeF.gif]
Climb Shooting
[Image: fTKNvgw.gif]
Climbing Charge Shot
[Image: BW1WQRT.gif]
Climbing Hyper Bomb
[Image: l5n8XW2.gif]
Climbing Star Crash
[Image: NDomtmH.gif]
[Image: uCP4KPK.gif]

I think that's it for updated work. Now onto the long awaited new stuff!

Mega Man 5 robot masters in Mega Man 7 style.

[Image: bBOfX93.png]
My biggest roster of Mega Man 7 robot master sprites so far, and quite an interesting collection of designs. Between the completion of Mega Man 4 and the advent of Mega Man 5 I suffered a major hardware failure which prevented me from starting the Mega Man 5 robot masters for about two and a half months. When I eventually got work underway each robot master up until Napalm Man gave me issues, Charge Man and Crystal Man were responsible for a good number of problems. Regardless of such, I enjoyed working on these characters, my personal favourite characters in this roster were Napalm Man and Stone Man.

Mega Man V Stardroids in Mega Man 7 style.

[Image: BDr2kgb.png]
There exists only a few decent versions of the Stardroids in the Mega Man 7 style and they're pretty hard to top. As such, the majority of these characters were quite troublesome to produce. I remember being stuck on Sunstar alone due to various issues, two being his particularly odd design with inconsistent detailing across various pieces of artwork and his size compared to Mega Man and the others with only his ingame Gameboy sprite to go off of which isn't a reliable height measurement. If I had been creating sprites based on the Gameboy sprites Sunstar would have been an equal height to my Stone Man sprite which doesn't really make much sense to me personally. I spent an unfathomably long amount of time on Saturn, upwards of four months I think. He isn't exactly the most complicated character but the ring makes posing him appropriately rather awkward, as many poses I would come up with just wouldn't look right with the ring partially obscuring some more interesting elements. In the end, I ended up using a similar process for my Mega Man Player Sheet wherein I drew various poses in Adobe Animate before coming to a conclusion and finally finishing the sprite. I used the same method for Pluto since his fur texture was giving me issues. After everything, I think Uranus was the most enjoyment I got out of producing these sprites, I've always been fond of his design.

Mega Man 6 Robot Masters in Mega Man 7 style.

[Image: sCFbxMO.png]
Possibly the most anticipated lineup of characters to date. We're back to the classic 8 character total with the last lineup of robot masters from the NES Mega Man titles, and boy were these characters a hefty challenge. Most of these designs are of a similar calibre to Mega Man 7 in terms of details, especially characters like Plant Man, Tomahawk Man and Yamato Man, so naturally a good number of these sprites took longer than the average character. I struggled with just over half of the lineup, so much so that I once again resorted to designing some of the sprites in Adobe Animate. Characters like Knight Man and Yamato Man were particularly troublesome because of how many fiddly details I had to cram into such small places. Even now, I'm not at all happy with Yamato Man's sprite, I struggled with the pose and couldn't get a clear definition of how big I should have made him without comparing his 8-bit sprite (which, let's be honest isn't the best method of measurement) so he sticks out like a sore thumb. Tomahawk Man was another problem case, though moreso just because of his war bonnet being such a difficult shape to conquer, though his sprite came out rather well. If it wasn't to be expected, Centaur Man's sprite was an absolute pleasure to work on from start to finish. I was rather anxious about creating his sprite because of his unique body shape, but upon completing Blizzard Man I seemed to stroll right through it.

Mega Man 7 Character Idles

[Image: YpCiOGa.gif]
Some idle animations for the three traditional playable characters. If I were ever to design a playable sheet for Proto Man I'd have to, in theory on account of Proto Man's buster being on his left arm, create animations for both facing left and facing right, and then for holding his shield and having it across his back.

Proto Man Dash Test

[Image: 6dpTuos.gif]
Based on the sprites from Mega Man 7 and the arcade titles, created a test animation for Proto Man's dash move.

Bass Multi Directional Shoot Test

[Image: VTSHC8R.gif]
Based on animations from Mega Man & Bass, tested out sequences for Bass' multi directional firing. I wanted to make each pose slightly different in posture as if Bass was leaning toward the direction he was firing in but it only worked for two different poses.

Free Use Character Select

[Image: tp3OHgt.png]
Toward the end of 2016 I was approached to create some character select graphics for the Mega Man Shattered Diamond game project. The team originally had intent to use some of the placeholder graphics I produced for Mega Man: Oblivion Overdrive but I offered to create totally unique graphics instead. I produced graphics for both Mega Man and Bass and had even offered to produce art for both characters too. Unfortunately I received a message saying that the graphics would go unused and would be replaced. Having already completed variants for Mega Man and Bass I decided to make one likewise for Proto Man too and release them for free use.

The artwork for Mega Man is already up on DeviantArt here. Artworks for Proto Man and Bass will be completed during this year and this will be published to DeviantArt at the end of the year.

That's it from me for now, in future I'll try not to take years to respond with new work.
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27-05-2018, 06:00 AM
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RE: Zedicon's sprites
I've already sent my critique to you in private, so lemme just say, goodness gracious, all of this is way too worth the wait. Top notch stuff, man, keep up the good work!
27-05-2018, 09:28 PM
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