Hall of Shamed: Banned Members
Oh, he was. If Bearz and Nameless had a kid, it might've been this guy.
Quote:Game making in 6 steps:
1: Get assets and program
2: Smash the two together until stuff happens
3: Beat your face into your keyboard when stuff breaks/doesn't want to work
4: Continue beating your face into your keyboard until you've smashed the right code
5: Rejoice that it works and move on to the next thing
6: Go back to Step 2 and repeat
Huh, amazing how I missed that completely, and yet when I saw that someone was banned, I somehow knew it was that guy. Go figure.

Anyway, glad I missed out on that fiasco, good riddance, I suppose.


SC Hijack:

Mistey has been banned for being an uncreative, bland spambot.

Doesn't even warrant a new post in this thread.
Well despite someone's insistence of updating this, at this point it's warranted.

Alucard/InkMaster/Red Warrior/Alucard The 2nd/Henious/Collar Polar/and as of recent Cyloth have been banned.

How do we count the ways? There's the horrible reaction to having what can easily be considered an instigation thread closed down by a Superior staff member. Telling OFF said staff member, dupe accounts after dupe accounts, along with IP Ban Evasion. Flooding the forum with blatant aggressive threads. Outright disrespect towards staff and other members. And as of recent, upon his triumphant return like Napoleon from Elba, engaged again in the same rhetoric and ignoring of known facts for personal opinion.

Let it be said here that never was any of his IPs removed from permaban. So his return was through another IP. (I know, I've compared).

While most of the threads have been deleted. For future reference, I'm providing a link of the threads (NSFW-Language) saved by DarkSamus as proof-positive of his disrespect, along with the locked threads that are staying on the forum as well. Edit: included his conversation in DeadChat as well as a PM he sent to me along with my reply.

This is not tolerated here. End of story. First impressions are huge, and you only get one chance to make them. If you're as big a Mega Man fan as you claim, perhaps you'll get another chance at another community. But not here.
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rip wedge
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(16-08-2015, 12:30 PM)The Walrus Wrote: rip wedge

Don't worry, he'll probably make 6 more alts, at least.

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Could probably limit it by just ignoring him when he shows up again
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rip cannonz 2015-2015
Rip Alucard
You will not be missed
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Nothing in the world is the CSGO Skins only thing that is in constant change.
Do not allow your guilt to get the better of you. What's done is done and cannot be changed.:CSGO Ak47 Skins

"I'm leaving this post here (neutered the links) because it's kinda funny that a spambot posted in this thread." - Clownman
The amount of irony in this post is outstanding.
Indeed, I look forward to the purging of this newest bot. :Y
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What a magical experience.

Something something something spambot. Something something something banned.
::AI Ɔonstruct c0rrubtǝd::

::Rǝinstallatiou of mɐ;nframǝ required::

.:Link to the forum rules:.
I've slightly curious as to how Spambots manage to get avatars?
Since when have we had a Spambot tag?
(25-10-2016, 10:33 AM)DWN-060 Clownman Wrote: Since when have we had a Spambot tag?

A few months now. It's to help denote the bots from the actual people who wind up getting banned. It's in the drop down menu when you're squashing the hopes of the Spambots
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*dusts off the thread*

The user FoolKiller has just been banned. Posting the same topic 10 times in rapid succession with only minor font differences between topics is very, very spammy, and also not a good idea.

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