How to rip GBA instrument samples
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How to rip GBA instrument samples
I've been wanting to do this for a lonnnnng time, but have found little information on how to properly do it. So, to anyone who's ripped instruments from GBA games, can you tell me how a noob user like myself can rip such samples?

I know that there's GBAMusRiper. However, according to a user review on, the program is not very user-friendly;it requires a command prompt to run (I swear, command prompts are getting more overused than flash animation.).

So, how can I rip GBA instrument samples?Huh

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24-03-2016, 04:31 AM
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RE: How to rip GBA instrument samples
Learn to use the command prompt; command line scripts aren't going away.

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24-03-2016, 02:27 PM
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RE: How to rip GBA instrument samples
The CMD script to execute GBAMusRiper is all of two or three lines if I'm remembering it right (haven't used it since the old PC crashed), and the readme file explicitly states exactly how to structure the code and what key functions to include for what you're trying to do.

You make sure the ROM and directory-to-rip-to folders are in the right place, and type out the CMD line. It's not really that difficult. I wouldn't go as far as to say it's not user-friendly, but rather that it requires several minutes of reading to understand how the program works, i.e. actual work. It's not a drag-and-drop like, say, VGMTrans is, but it's not some impossible program that only pros can learn.

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24-03-2016, 08:38 PM
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