Alternatives to FL Slayer
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Alternatives to FL Slayer
This question concerns anyone who uses the DAW FL Studio.

If you ever used FL Studio, you've probably heard of or used the FL Slayer guitar plugin. You should also know that it sounds completely horrible and unrealistic for a guitar plugin.MM - Ill

So what I wanna know is are there any alternatives to FL Slayer that I could use? Preferably ones that sound realistic, are easy to use, and above all free? Now before any of you post a comment saying, "Just use a real guitar!" let me point out some problems with your suggestion:

1. I do not own a guitar, nor do I have the money to buy one.

2. I can't play guitar, so even if I did own one I would have to waste a lot of my free time on lessons first.

Not to mention the problems with plugging your guitar into a computer, and trying to make the tempo of your composition match that of your guitar recording.MM - Derp

Long story short, could someone provide me alternatives to FL Slayer?

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