Learning to sprite
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Learning to sprite
I was just browsing the web like three, four years ago and I was brought to Smackjeeves by the Ocarina of Time fancomic thing Girldirtbiker made. Still the best thing ever, shame she moved it to Deviantart.

About a year later, I discovered sprite comics. I admired the people at Reidy And Friends for a while. I decided, "Yo, I can do that." I tried spriting out myself. I was bad. I made a sweet recolor of 8-bit Proto Man. I stopped because reasons that I can't remember. HOWEVER. School is almost over, and over the summer I plan to get back into spriting, what with my shiny new Windows 7. I was wondering if I could get someone to teach me how to properly sprite. Or tell me that the only way to sprite is to make cheap recolors for a year before it all suddenly clicks. I am hoping to sprite in all the Mega Man styles, and also a few others which I will learn once I get the hang of Mega Man.

In summary, I want to learn how to sprite, and I decided to ask here. Someone please give me a hand.

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12-05-2016, 02:13 AM
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RE: Learning to sprite
I think a good understanding of terminology makes for a good starting point. The less we have to explain the more time we can focus on other issues with the sprites you make.

I normally link to The Spriter's Resource's dictionary but lately they've had a bucketload of broken images. So here's one that I found that I like.
Still, read that one first then look over the sections from Spriter's Resource that MFGG didn't have.

Edits tend to be more appealing to new spriters because it's easier, or at least seems easier, but I always advocate starting with making sprites from scratch. Preferably in an already existing style. It makes pointing out your weak points significantly easier which means you can get to work on improving them quicker.

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16-05-2016, 05:45 AM
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