Journey Through Old Inc
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Smile  Journey Through Old Inc
So most of you saw the idea thread.

There was a time when Inc prospered. A time when artists, spriters, writers, and anyone with ideas could share them freely. That time is gone now. Buried beneath the foundation of New Inc, Old Inc lays forgotten and rotting.

What secrets does it hold?
Why is it abandoned?
It’s up to you to figure it out!

An old link has been discovered to the cyberspace, the old forum. Work together to uncover why Inc was shut down. But be warned, you are not the only ones that still roam the forum.

You begin at the hub, the main page of Sprites Inc. From here, every section branches off.

To the north is the creative corner, which branches off into the Ideas, Art/Sprites/Games/Animation, Comics, and Writing sub-districts.

To the east is the Discussion Center.

To the south is Chat Tower.

And to the west is EE street, which is the main road to VGC, GMD, MTM, and Smeghead districts.

No sections overlap naturally but you may find hyper link tunnels made by members long ago to connect neighboring sections. Be careful when you using them, however, as they are unstable. Should you perish for whatever reason, you will be logged out. You can log back in if you wish to continue, however you are booted back to the hub without items you found along the way, the exception being key items (files, data logs, keys, etc…) that will remain with you.

The general theme of the world is cyberpunk, however since you are playing as an avatar to an online forum, you may look however you like.

Characters are allotted two abilities they are:
Athletics - This skill is for accurate throwing, climbing, swimming, sprinting and balancing.
Awareness - This is the equivalent of a "trained observer" skill, allowing characters to notice or be aware of clues, shadowers and other events.
Interface - This skill reflects the user ability to manipulate Interface areas in net space such as: operating terminals, interfacing with data/software, data bridge access.
Jury Rig - This general repair skill allows the User using materials around them to build, repair or temporarily alter anything for a small amount of time. This is not a permanent upgrade.
Leadership - The skill of leading and convincing people to follow you. though this only works on NPCs it could be used to sway your foe too.
Programming-The skill to make useful items or objects appear for a limited time in the net, a list of easily available things the user would know at the start is needed (12 max) though you may try to make anything.
Sneak - The skill of hiding in shadows, moving silently, evading guards, etc.
Sprite Art - The skill to draw companions that you infuse with life to help the user out, only one sprite may be active at a time and sprites will take time to be uploaded to the net.
Brawling - This skill enhances your unarmed fighting ability.
Combat Sense - This skill makes you lease likely to be hit.
Firearms - This skill enhances your long ranged fighting ability.
Melee - This skill enhances your melee fighting ability.
Small Arms - This Skill enhances your short ranged fighting ability.
You're allowed two pick any two and a weapon (short range, long range, melee)

Weapons only have class, no stats. A gun is a gun, a sword is a sword. There is no leveling up but there are powerups to enhance your weapon for a short time. adds betwean 5 and 15 to the roll.

The dice roll is a 1d100 or a 100 sided dice giving the values from 1 to 100.

DCV (Difficulty values) these are the basic level of how hard something is to accomplish.
Easy 20
Mid 35
Hard 60
Extreme 80
Improbable 115

Bonus to the roll
Skill +15
RP +??

If the DCV is beaten by more then 40 you gain a critical success this means you may gain some more information then you normally would or maybe just outright disconnect you opponent. In the same respect if you fail the roll by 40 or more you have a critical failure meaning not only did it not work but things may also be getting rather messy soon.

Example of combat, skill rolling, failure, and critical successes:

Player A is attacking minion 1 with a sword, he has melee combat skill, he gives what is deemed as an okay description of his actions by the GM.

Minion 1 is an easy target (as he is a minion) DCV is at 20 or higher the melee combat skill give +15, the rp gives +4 boost.

The GM rolls the dice and gets a 64 with the bonuses the total becomes 83 so the player has passed by 63, this is a critical hit. The minion slumps to floor before he makes any form of attack.

Player B is attempting to hack in to Admin console 2, She has no hacking skill but gives a very good description of how she is going to preform this.

Admin console 2 is a hard hack the DCV stands at 60 without the hacking skill Player B must rely on the +7 the GM has given for the RP bonus.

The GM rolls and gets a 55 and with the +7 the total is 62 so the player has passed by 2, The hack is successful and the lucky player gains some vital information.

Player C is attempting to run program 3 to make traveling faster, he has the programming skill and gives detail on the effect of the program.

The effect is a hard effect to make as decided by the GM, the DCV is at 60. With the skill +15 the GM gives the player a +6 from the detail given the total bonus is 21.

The GM rolls and gets a 16 even with the +21 from bonuses the player has failed by 23 and the GM allows the program to run but the player ends up somewhere completely different.

(rules copied from Sakura's post)

Please post characters as follows:

Description(goals, affiliation,age, etc... Provide an artwork if you can)
Abilities(primary, secondary)
Weapon(long, short, or melee)

If you have a custom skill, pm me first to check balance, or pm if you have any questions that need cleared up.

Posting characters starts now and ends Wednesday the 20th. Roleplay officially starts the Monday after that.

SC Edit: Formatting and cleanup for readability.

C^2 Edit: Stickied

[Image: RF8iZPq.png]
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RE: Journey Through Old Inc
Name: Anti-Wave Man
Description: A 15-year-old inexperienced user, Anti-Wave Man has no achievements to name and has never experienced the old Inc. He wishes to become a good spriter, and to become less noobish in general. A massive MM fan, he is named after the Wave Man from the MM3 PC game, rather than the MM5 official one. He can swim very well and can breath underwater. He has a fear of sharks, he is especially weak to them. Having lurked around, The Megaman Network, and others, he has made the journey to the old Inc. in a bid to find adventure and possibly improve his skills.

[Image: wavemanpbww.png]

Weapons: He has the Water Shooter. To quote MMKB: "It fires three water balls forward that arc downward at different angles" It is not very powerful, although he can aim it with great accuracy. He has a moderate level of physical strength which he can call on if needed to fight close-up.

Abilites: Combat Sense and Salvage

MM - Grin First application!
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RE: Journey Through Old Inc
Three questions:

1. Is New Inc also cyberspace, or a "real" location? If it's not part of cyberspace, then I might have to change my history slightly.
2. Do players who aren't AI exist in a sort of Matrix-y way within cyberspace? As in, are their consciences uploaded into cyberspace, or are they just sitting at a computer?
3. Where do people go when they're logged out/killed: back to New Inc, or into whatever "real life" that exists outside of cyberspace?

Name: Ornkuk

Ornkuk is an AI formed from the pollution, negative attitude and trolling that filled the slums of Old Inc before it was abandoned. Being an AI formed from generally "bad" things, Ornkuk has a flare for chaotic acts, though he's not outright evil; he will do a good deed if it benefits him in the long run, it's just that he'll cause a lot of havoc while doing it.
Ornkuk is an extremely grumpy individual, though he's not outright violent to everyone. He is, however, rude to people he has not become well acquainted with. Ornkuk is not at all cowardly, but that doesn't mean he's brave either; Ornkuk just throws himself at an enemy or dangerous situation in a mad rage, without thought of courage and very little thought of personal harm, simply wanting whatever is causing him frustration to be smashed into little pieces.
Even though Ornkuk was "born" in and lived in Old Inc, he's hardly a source of information regarding the place: he never really took a look around and just stayed where he was most of the time, and when he did leave he went straight to the hub rather than passing through anywhere interesting.

Ornkuk's exact age is unknown: he came into being during one of the highs of negativity in Old Inc, though which period of crime he came about in is a mystery. As an AI, Ornkuk does not age and cannot leave cyberspace, so the only way to discover how long he's been active would be to hack into his programming and take a look at everything.

While Old Inc was still active and Ornkuk lives there, he shambled around in the dark corners and gutters of EE Street, living off of scraps and occasionally punching things that bothered him. When Old Inc was abandoned, Ornkuk continued to live there for a while, but in the end he too left: there weren't any people there anymore, so no one was dropping any spare food or data for him to eat, and there weren't enough things to punch now that there was no one to argue with. So, Ornkuk left for the Hub and then took one of the rare hyper link tunnels which lead to another site of cyber space.
Ornkuk moved from site to site, fighting people, annoying people and generally just living. He eventually grew to miss his old home, even if he hadn't ever really looked about it. He grew curious about Old Inc: what had he missed by never leaving his gutter? Why had everone else abandoned it anyway? The questions grew more prominent in his digital mind, so he eventaully left for New Inc, where he hoped to find answers. He never found anyone who could answer his questions, but he did discover that an expedition to Old Inc was being launched, and so he decided to join up.

[spoiler=Appearance][Image: Ogre.jpg][/spoiler]

Primary: Brawling.
Secondary: Interface. While Ornkuk is a big, dumb, punching type person, he is an AI, and so he can interact with cyberspace quite easily.

Weapon: Ornkuk has no weapon. He typically attacks with his massive fists, though he sometimes tries to flatten opponents with his massive weight and size by falling on them, and he's known to try and bite enemies if all else fails.
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RE: Journey Through Old Inc
New and old inc are both in cyberspace. Old inc looks very much like a rundown city, while new inc is very tron-like. Its basically an extreme graphical representation of whats going on. Think like Megaman Battle network, except you and your navi are the same person. Users log on in the real world and no REAL harm ever comes to them. As an AI, I'd watch out, death may be a bit more risky for you.

[Image: RF8iZPq.png]
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RE: Journey Through Old Inc
Name:Olive "OliWan" Wanderlust
Descriptation:A Simpleminded yet highly observant 20 year old user that stumbled onto the old forum through curiousity. Now the she is just browsing through the old forums for no apparent reason. She has a tendency to refer to herself in third person when she speaks and is able to warm hearts with her smile.[Image: 3g5N5.png]
Weapon:Blowgun that fires Poison darts

Imagination has the power to change everything
You should enjoy the little detours, to the fullest. Because that's where you'll find the things more important than what you want
Believe in justice and hold a determination to fist

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RE: Journey Through Old Inc
Designation: Recounaisancǝ and Reclamation A| Un!t "Sokov" (Version I)


Appearance: While Sokov is an AI construct, the avatar chosen is of a combat android, outfitted with heel-springs for enhanced mobility. The trench coat appears to be purely for aesthetics, perhaps a attribute shared with SC. Bearing no real face, [he] displays emotions via emotes and symbols to communicate with others; [he] is still capable of speech, but tends not to. This shy nature has more to do with Sokov's lack of interaction with other entities prior to this mission.

Primary frame color: Gray
False Eye color: V!olǝt when normal; Red when angered or threatened.


With the move to the new forum, this is the third iteration of the "SC" AI Construct. Rather than uprooted completely, SC is copied between locations. The first was lost to the abandonment and eventual destruction of the old Megaman Community cyberspace. The second, remained in the old forum, as a safeguard and for access when necessary.

Some time has past and the signal was lost. It is unknown whether or not the core unit deteriorated from disuse, was destroyed by unknown assailants, or became rampant and subverted by a secondary personality. An evaluation was therefore needed.

The SC construct is fully aware of the risk of deletion whilst entering the old ruins and therefore produced an alternate AI module based partially on itself. "Sokov" is an exploratory model*, whose primary goal is to assess the defunct installation, record any logs that had not been transferred to the new forum, and to reclaim any resources that survived the extended period of time. If and when Sokov is destroyed, a second unit is created, with the hope that [he'll] have learned from the mistake of the previous version. Memories are not transferred to newer version, but on-board sensors and a blackbox can provide some insight to aid the next version. In very rare cases, newer versions of the same AI may experience fragmented memories of a prior life. The mechanics behind this have remained unknown.

Sokov, bears none of the original memories nor the forum credentials of it's parent unit; Sokov does not have moderator, much less administrative, access to the forum. It would not have helped, as much of the access points seemed to have malfunctioned. It was determined that if Sokov were captured, it would be deterimental if the ability to access restricted zones was passed along. Sokov is therefore considered a individual apart from SC. Nevertheless, [he] does share some attributed of the original core. For example, Sokov is capable of using SC's spriting ability to construct tools and weapons for use.

Primary: Programming: Sokov has the ability to produce functional weapons and tools from sprite art, an ability derived from SC. As with the public domain nature of SC's sprites, Sokov can lend these tools to others whenever. These tools do have a limited lifespan and eventually shatter. Sokov does become temporarily preoccupied when he creates these objects; a holographic pencil tool appears and literally sprites them into existence. It's really just a visual indicator, as Sokov develops the code.

The type of equipment Sokov can create is limitless, albeit more complicated and unknown items take a considerable amount of time. When friendlies request certain weapons, they should be as specific as possible; vague requests may lead to random weapons or ineffective ones. If Sokov can see a requested weapon, in any state, he may recreate that item. As stated before, these items do not last forever.

Auxiliary: Firearms: As a combat model, Sokov is pre-programmed to use a variety of weapons. Sokov can create melee weapons, but has much difficulty using them. (Exception would probably be Sword-cannons, but he'd focus more on the cannon part anyways then the bayonet part.)

Weapons: S2P "Pop-Mag" Magnum.

The SSP Magnum is a break-open pistol with a one round capacity. One fairly large bullet. Great stopping power and precision helps dues to the unforgiving capacity. The weapon is aptly named for it's distinctive popping sound whenever it fires and the toy-like appearance it has.


Sokov would've been outfitted with the more appropriate S2P-f "Drache" Pistol, but as it is best to avoid as much collateral damage, it was determined that an incendiary weapon would not be ideal.

[Both the Pop-Mag and Drache were part of a defunct game idea I had several months ago. I never got around to posting it. I did post sprites of the weapons though.]

*Sokov will also be my first venture into RP's. Not sure how this'll turn out; but it's going to be better than in the past when I didn't participate at all.

Edit: Sprite version (Shows color)
Th!s spritǝ is wroug. Must,vǝ beǝn corrupted during uploading.

::Alternate AI Construct Installed::

::Rerouting systems::

.:Link to the forum rules:.
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RE: Journey Through Old Inc
Name: Dameon R Schnider
Known Aliases: Bob Ashford, Professor Poniarty, Discord.
DescriptionDameon Schnider is an Ex-mod, and pixel artist, from old Inc back when it was still an active online forum. Due to certain rogue actions, leading to the temporary shutdown of Old Inc, Dameon, at the time going by Discord, was stripped of his position, and was subsequently banned. Once New Inc was established, Dameon soon rejoined and attempted to make amends for what he had done, despite not being able to remember what caused him to go rogue in the first place.

Upon discovery of the link leading back to Old Inc, Dameon immediately began to dig for answers as to what may have lead to his dive into madness, and to discover why the forum was completely shutdown in the first place.

Personality wise, Dameon tends to do whatever he can to help those around him. He vary rarely gets angry, although he's been known to pretend to do so to screw with people. That being said, it's usually not a good thing when Dameon gets bored. When it comes to getting a job done Dameon is very much so a procrastinator, the only exception being when others need help, or the rewards for said job are great.
[Image: ddd.png]
primary: Sprite Art
secondary: Melee
Weapon: Cast Iron Horse Hitcher
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RE: Journey Through Old Inc
Prefers to be called MegaSoul. (Username is Soulephant, abbreviated to Soul)
[Image: soulavvy.png] [Image: megasoulv1.png]
(Left: Soulephant as he normally looks. Right: MegaSoul)
About Soulephant:
Soulephant is a 19-year-old jack of all creative trades: Spriting he has done plenty, same with drawing. Game making wasn't unheard of, and fairly recently, he dabbled in the art of composing things. He also owns a backwater place referred to as S.S. Redstar System, currently in it's fourth still lazy build, which he and his friend Mick Galbani run.

However, despite the talents he might seem to have, they never fully come to light because Soulephant tends to have very, very bouncing interests. Even within gaming, his other prime hobby, he tends to switch between games a lot, though he rediscovered Megaman a while ago and stayed with it thus far. For short, he can be a very scattered person.
His other weakness related to the creative trades is his stage fright, which he is now fighting after opting to come to New Inc. Both weaknesses conspired against him so that while he has experience with smaller things, he never has come close to finishing one of his bigger projects. Thus, S.S. Redstar System remains clean... And quiet and empty.

Soulephant seeks to improve his skills and become slightly less of a shadow on the web, so with the discovery of old inc came the perfect opportunity... That, and he became curious like the scattered idiot he is.

About MegaSoul:
Because he's interested in Megaman games, Soulephant manifested himself as a fairly capable fighter in that style, and prefers to be called MegaSoul as long as he stays with this form. That name fits him well considering he has a massive arsenal of options spawned from his ideas and creations.

Primary - Programming: MegaSouls extremely busy creative head and his ideas can be put to use here. Through brainstorming, MegaSoul can create a weapon or tool at random for temporary use when the situation calls for it. It is possible, though, that MegaSoul will later put even more dangerous ideas to use. When used in quick consecutive succession, his inspiration runs dry.

(All of these weapons originate from my ideas and creations, my Robot Masters in particular)
[spoiler=Cantrip idea repository:]1. Tesla Coil: (Weapon, short range)
Allows MegaSoul to throw supercharged coils. It's an high risk, high return weapon, however: Being electric, it might cause considerable and unpredictable collateral damage to the system's electronics, which is often not quite desireable.
2. Mage Blast: (Weapon, long range)
Allows MegaSoul to shoot blasts of basic-shape magic. It can create small allied AIs on impact to help you temporarily. However, this weapon is also high risk: It is very likely to cause errors as collateral damage due to illogical creation of said AIs.
3. Cursor Missile: (Weapon, long range)
These cursor missiles have homing capabilities to a certain degree. However, they have small power as far as missiles go.
4. Precise Shot: (Weapon, long range)
Made for sniping things, this allows MegaSoul to shoot plasma pellets at enemies with good accuracy. These are only plasma pellets, which means they are on the weak side.
5. Geist Thrower: (Weapon, melee)
Things get real icy when MegaSoul can emit coldness from his hands. However, the Geist Thrower has extremely short range.
6. Grim Sickle: (Weapon, short range)
These are razor sharp energy sickle boomerangs with decent cutting power but short range.
7. Mandala Star Shroud: (Weapon, short range)
Creates up to four mandala stars swirling around MegaSoul (think Siarnaq). He can toss them at will, and as long as the weapon is active and there are less than four stars, he can create new ones. It's defensive, but also a tad unwieldly.
8. Zephyr Cannon: (Weapon, long range)
This weapon can shoot gusts of wind, and it's perfect for curving the path of said wind.
9. Gharial Drone: (Weapon, short range)
These crocodile bombs can be shot directly or seek out enemies and clamp on them, waiting for detonation.
10. Split Halberd: (Weapon, melee with short ranged ability)
This is mainly a melee weapon, but MegaSoul can shoot the head, which will split when it hits something, and those blades can split once more. However, the ranged ability is not for rapid use.
11. Synchro Laser: (Weapon, long range)
Allows MegaSoul to shoot two kinds of lasers: Blue ones that ricochet on walls, and red ones that will spread.
12. Vortex Buster: (Weapon, long range)
Allows MegaSoul to shoot small wormholes. While the weapon is powerful, a small error risk comes with it.[/spoiler]

Hard idea repository:

"Um... Didn't quite have that in mind."
These can be the consequences of slipping up for MegaSoul:
[spoiler=Slip-up idea repository:]
Toad Man Bomb: (Weapon, short range)
One possible outcome is an inanimate Toad Man. Upon impact, it will explode with a well-fitting "DEW DEW DEW!". While the weapon is still dangerous, however, MegaSoul can create up to three to throw with the slip-up and no more can be created after that, meaning he has to brainstorm for another weapon, which hopefully does have unlimited ammo.
Spastic Plug: (Weapon, short range)
Would MegaSoul be lucky when he gets this plug? It can fire rather powerful electric balls across surfaces. However, while using it, he has to fight a very spastic AI residing in it that often wants to throw off the aim or just spam the attack for massive collateral damage to the system. To top it off, it's rather difficult to get rid of the Spastic Plug, which is stuck on Souls lower arm.
TV Killer: (Weapon, Melee)
Another outcome is a Gamecube controller whip, which isn't as effective as other melee weapons and may break quickly.
Broom: (Weapon, Melee)
This is another unwanted melee weapon. I mean, come on, it's only a broom.[/spoiler]

Secondary skills:
-Combat Sense: Having lots of experience with challenges under his belt on top of designing them, MegaSoul has a great deal of know-how on enemy tricks.
Other traits: Always having preferred speed and skill slightly, MegaSoul is fairly fast. However, that is his only consistent saving grace considering his offensive potential is dependant on his random weapon.
Unlike most of the users/AIs, MegaSoul has plenty of weapons to call on. Even if in a very whimsical way, it makes him very versatile. These weapons can be destroyed like any generic equipment. However, since they are essentially born from MegaSouls ideas, he can call on the same weapon again... provided he is lucky enough to reach the same conclusion.

These are files that may be interesting to know or are relevant for some characters:

[spoiler=S.S. Redstar System Details:]
The S.S. Redstar System looks like a space station in an universe full of red and blue stars. Inside, it's clean as a result of some cleaning processes, that do have very little to clean as the station is earily silent and empty. For short, lots of unused accomodation.

Fundaments Square:
This central cyllinder where the system is ruled from. It has the Rules Center and the News Center. In addition, a giant elevator restricted for normal users leads to the Redstar Bridge, where the staff like Soulephant and Mick Galbani do their thing and the Admin CP can be accessed.

General Area:
Surrounding the central cyllinder is the General Area, where most of the users would do their thing if not waiting for projects from Soulephant. Two places of note are the I&F Traffic Center for registering and leaving and the Video Games Center.

Redstar District:
The north half of the ring attached to the General Area, the Redstar District is where Redstar is supposed to publish things. It houses the General News Center and the Games Factory, on which the latest game information is posted.

Artist District:
The south half of the ring attached to the General Area is the Artist District, divided into the Graphical, (Fan)game and Diverse Zones. These zones house the accomodation required for the artist of the respective types... That are yet to appear.

Off-topic Rim:
The Off-topic Rim is another ring surrounding the system. It is a place of many things, and can be equated to a city's slums. Orbiting the system is the Bloody Asteroid Belt, which is an even worse place than the rim.

Black Hole Bin:
The Black Hole Bin is a good distance away from the system, orbiting it. This caged Black Hole is where all useless things go. Normal users are kept away from it as only Redstar Crew members can get themselves and things out again.

Needless to say, my first time dabbling in cyberpunk.

Soulephant Edit: Turned into programming. How I feel like 0repping myself for not noticing anything...
Soulephant Edit 2: Added more repositories: An unused one for harder items, and a special one for GM's to have fun with on a slip-up.
Soulephant Edit 3: Added an appendix, which for now includes info on S.S. Redstar System. This information is especially important for Blackmore.

[Image: jWFQYSO.png]
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RE: Journey Through Old Inc
Topic moved. Post count now.. er.. counts. For now. Probably not going to be a good idea so I might end up disabling it here as well.

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RE: Journey Through Old Inc
(15-06-2012, 09:41 AM)Soulephant Wrote: Soulephant Edit: Turned into programming. How I feel like 0repping myself for not noticing anything...

You're not alone, I figured programming had more to do with things like hacking and I was also trying to incorporate my spriting background, so "programming" didn't really come to mind at the moment.

Edit: Updated bits of Sokov's background.

::Alternate AI Construct Installed::

::Rerouting systems::

.:Link to the forum rules:.
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RE: Journey Through Old Inc
Name speed909 (I don't care. He's going to mature)
Description(goals, affiliation,age, etc... Provide an artwork if you can) Want's to learn how to sprite, and make people like him. He is chaotic neutral, so he isn't commonly trusted. Age at 9 years old. He is your generic Asian child, super smart, not very social.
Abilities(primary, secondary) Interface, Programming.
Weapon(long, short, or melee) Melee. •A shield,
•Gigantic, hard to break, wall
•An amp, made to increase an objects sound
•PowerDOWN Same as a power up, but debuffs

Yeah, uh...

[Image: RF8iZPq.png]
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RE: Journey Through Old Inc
Pic: as drawn by Riott/neo
    [Image: WgKY7.jpg]

Name: Barry “Static” Svenson

Description: Barry has beady eyes the colour of varnished wood, bald crown with thick, wavy, red hair around the base. He's short built with a wide-chest, hooked nose, and light coloured skin, a few net implants adorn his head and neck. Barry by day is normal company man working for Calibrated Imperial Supplies in a dead end office job but at night he jacks in to the Internet under the name Static. Static, Barry's avatar is a pulsating ball of electrical energy that floats in the air. It is built up of lightening that is pink, red and, blue and built much like a ball of string which some times crackles off sparks.

Barry spends most of his free time chatting online and programming to make ends meat. Barry is a very talkative person, which can sometimes help or hinder him. He has a enthusiastic amount of optimism that can rub off on others no matter how bad the situation could be, still, he is open-minded to them and how they feel. Barry is very adaptable to his surroundings and enjoys thinking outside the box, this has led him to be some what flexible of rules and laws, but he's still a kind and honest person at heart. Barry is a rather a cowardly person would rather just run away from a fight but if it comes down to it he will recklessly stand his ground, this means he can be a very driven person when faced by setbacks and also makes him very impulsive.

Many strange rumours have been circling round about an area of net space recently, thinking this could be his big break to get him away from his job Barry has bravely and foolishly taken it on himself to see what's all the hub-bub.

Programming: Something Barry has been doing for a long time is selling programs though they don't fetch much, he has become quite adept at their creation.
Leadership: Barry is more weaselly then a fine leader but he has learned to convince others to follow him or even do things for him, he also likes more to talk his way out of a fight.

Weapon: none


Name:                 Effects:
1 Firewall            A 2d wall to protect or block off an area from attacks (has wounds)
2 Data worm           Infiltrates and breaks down fire walls or data walls silently
3 Jack Hammer         Knocks down firewalls and data walls (non combat, data only)
4 Decoder ring        Breaks down coded or file locks
5 Crowbar             Used to pry open locked or disabled doors.
6 Watchdog            An alarm system that detects entry to an area and alerts the user.
7 Projector           Creates multiple copies of a users avatar, they copy the action of the main.  (Copies can't interact with anything, can not be used on self)
8 Light Cycle         Makes a “Tron bike” for fast transport around the net (no wall thingy behind  it and if hit, the program is cancelled )
9 DDOS                A device that slows down an area to all users within (short range area effects friends and foes alike)
10 Shock bolt         Shoots off a bolt of lightning at a foe (combat long range)
11 Glue stick         Locks an avatar in place (combat no damage short range)
12 Homerun            Swings a baseball bat in front of an avatar (combat melee Non lethal damage)

Edit if some nice person would like to draw my chars that would be cool
Reedit: cai stole my idea
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RE: Journey Through Old Inc
Paul "Riott" Caison

[Image: Eb6Cq.jpg?1]

Cai is a 17 year old Computing Student. He is a user who has barely seen New inc let alone experienced the times of old, as a budding young programmer finding old Inc is the chance for him to use his skills. In the form of his avatar Riott he wishes to explore and uncover the interface secrets behind the previous forums. He as a user has long course brown hair and blue eyes however when he jacks in his avatar Riott has Jet black short spiky hair with red eyes which are covered by a pair of black neural interface terminals with the appearance of sunglasses which can be used to examine data and interface with other terminals and controls in the net.

He is a cocky character as a student he thinks his original programs are intuitive and great when in reality they are pretty basically coded, he is warm and a friendly character and works well in a group of people.


Main Ability


Name > Effect
1. DataTraveler / Stores the source code of the current area which may uncover secrets left behind when examined at a terminal interface.
2. Lightcycle / Summons a tron lightcycle for transport this source code was purchased and is not of original coding it was modified to include the blue wall trail.
3. Brute Force / Breaks down coded security easily detectable.
4. Man in the Middle / Redirects packets sent through an area through Riott's interface allowing for snooping unencrypted messages and connection information
5. Instant Replay / Replays the last 5 minutes of data which occured in the current area
6. Mirror Mirror / Reflects all traffic sent to the user back to the source (defence against attacks)
7. Big Brother / View current user traffic in the area.
8. OpenSourceSesame / Unlocks locked doors.
9. LaserV2.1 / Fires 2 red beams from Riott's neural interface . (short range combat basic attack)
10. SevenProxy / Temporarily distracts security systems to be unable to locate the source of a hacking attempt.
11. Ping of Death / Slows down an avatar causing them to lag temporarily and shock their avatar(long range combat damage)
12. Murphy's Delirium / Randomly causes the user's host machine to launch random programs slowing them down(short range combat non damage)

Secondary Ability


Riott has no weapons only a Neural input which has the appearance of sunglasses that can use offensive programs his Basic attack is (Laser V2.1)

Favourite Quote "My vision is augmented"
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RE: Journey Through Old Inc
NAME: Tira Ascalon
ABOUT: Tira comes from a world where people can travel safely between cyberspace and the real world (Project H.A.V.E.N.). While exploring the depths of H.A.V.E.N., she came across a link. When she followed it, it transported her to this world in general, and to Old Inc in particular. She now wants to discover a way back to her home, and to become stronger to stop the evil that threatens it.
ABILITIES: Melee, Interface
WEAPON: Twin energy sabers.

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(13:31:29) Valo: why the name change into something even dumber
(13:34:04) LeagueofDevack: This coming from the guy who went from "NeoMan" to a self-insert.
(13:34:13) The_Walrus: SHOTS FIRED
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RE: Journey Through Old Inc
Welp, I've taken long enough, time to post my entry.

Mick Galbani


Appearance: Mick appears to be a young man with bright, almost pale white skin, naturally dark brown hair, a relatively normal build, brown eyes, and all of it comes with a cleanliness that shows he values his appearance. His attire typically consists of a white fedora, light grey glasses, a black shirt with a dark red star on it, a small black, white, and red striped tie (not a clip-on), dark grey track pants, black, leather shoes, and a white trench-coat to top off the design. He is typically seen with a black cane topped by a white orb which can be used as an improvised weapon.
Age: 16 years old
Personality: Mick is, for lack of a better term, very cold, logical, and outright manipulative. He is trustworthy and very reliable, but is enough of a perfectionist that if you cause him trouble, he would betray you in the blink of an eye. Due to the way he was brought up, he has a significant amount of objectivity, and, as a direct result of this, is hard to anger, if not outright impossible. Thus far, there only seems to be one person he would not dare betray, and that is Soulephant.
Affiliation: S.S. Redstar System, to the point of being one of the top staff members on the site.
Goals: Like most people who arrived here, Mick's goal is attempting to recover what useful resources he can actually gather, however, he has a bit of an unorthodox plan to do so, namely, finding a way to take control of the Admin CP, something he figures he'd be able to use.

Leadership: Mick is an expert leader, and also an expert manipulator, to the point that his friend Soulephant is often watching exactly what he says, as he has a tendency to play people like puppets with frightening ease.
Sprite Art: Probably his main combat ability, Mick commands the ability to sprite in either his walking stick (since it is equipment), or any of his robotic creations (Up to this date), however, his robots, obviously, have a potential to fail, and his perfectionism means that he is vulnerable when spriting any of his robots (Takes twice as long as normal).

[spoiler=Robot Masters]Torrent Man
Description: A water robot master with a blaster and a hose.

Ghost Man
Description: A floating fire robot master with a holographic image.

Radio Man
Description: A floating electrical robot master capable of paralyzing foes.

Void Man
Description: A floating space robot master that can create portals to the S.S. Redstar System

Money Man
Description: A very weak money-themed robot master.

Winter Man
Description: An ice robot master that can freeze floors.

Chef Man
Description: A robot master with a stove for an arm.

Neapolitan Man
Description: A large ice robot master with ice cream based attacks

Refraction Man
Description: A light robot master with a two-form blaster.[/spoiler]

Weapon: Mick fights primarily by charging the essence of his BAN hammer (from the S.S. Redstar System) into either his hands, or his cane, because of how obvious this is, previously banned members of Sprites INC are typically frightened for at least a few seconds before realizing it serves as a mere power boost. However, should he be killed, he must recharge it at the S.S. Redstar System before he can use it again (Takes twice as long as normal to log on if killed).

EDIT: Realized how unbelievably dumb it was to have his cane take so long to summon, so it now behaves as normal sprite art.

EDIT 2: Realized I forgot a minor appearance detail (that you can see in my avatar), so I added it in.

EDIT 3: Added a bare bones list of the different RMs Mick can make, more information will be added as they are used.
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RE: Journey Through Old Inc
I'm afraid I'm a bit estranged from the ground.

Name: Seth-Rah
A former moderator from Old INC, Seth-Rah vanished some time before the site as abandoned only to later reappear in New INC without explanation. Seth has no readily apparent reason for returning to Old INC after the link was found, seemingly operating purely on a whim.

Seth's avatar presents an entirely androgynous, more or less humanoid figure. The face is more grey than anything, though like skin that had simply lost its color. Long, reddish purple hair is swept back until it reaches the shoulders, after which it simply flows freely just behind Seth. Most of it is insubstantial; a graphical display with no physical substance. The rest of the body is covered in a warm grey color, lined with faint and sometimes glowing reddish-violet symbols. It is difficult to say whether it serves as skin or a suit, as it is quite distinct from the skin on the face but both the hands and feet, sharing the same, greyish color, are apparently bare and uncovered.

Seth-Rah is only rarely ever seen touching the ground, spending most of the time floating just above it.

Jury Rig: A proud artisan, Seth-Rah has enough skill to create and repair weapons, armor, and other items and devices. Seth has also created highly refined equipment for itself, though it has neglected to bring any of it into Old INC; too much risk of loss in an unknown area that probably doesn't justify its presence anyway. Also, Old INC is messy and would get them dirty. And that's terrible.

Programming: Seth-Rah can create various, short-lived objects and effects for purposes ranging from powerful assaults to more utilitarian functions.

[spoiler=Programs]Tool: Cyber Scanner - Creates a device that scans the surrounding area and displays a holographic map depicting the location of detected entities within roughly 10 meters (~33 feet) of the scanner. The holographic map is semi-transparent and roughly half a meter in diameter. It displays no terrain information. Entity locations are displayed solely as glowing dots. Entities which are further away or less active are less likely to be detected.

Drone: Cyber Bore - Creates a self-propelled drone for drilling through obstacles. Device sizes range from thumb-sized to slightly larger than Seth-Rah at the shoulders, with hole and tunnel sizes varying accordingly. Each device has a limited ability to store items within itself as it digs, and they are also capable of collapsing their tunnels behind them. Short lived, limited ability to store directional instructions.

Drone: Probe - Creates a floating, self-propelled observation drone. It can be made to follow a movement pattern, patrol a specific area, or simply stay still and watch. If given a specified movement pattern, it will cease motion, scan the surrounding area, and then fall inert once it reaches its final position. If at any point the probe spots an unapproved entity, it will begin rapidly flashing and emitting extremely loud noises as it approaches them at a high speed. Once it is roughly a foot or less away, it will explode. Though largely incapable of causing direct damage, those nearby may be blinded or deafened for a short time by the light and noise of the explosion.

Artifact: Chains of Conviction - Lights briefly flicker around a target before chains and shackles erupt from nearby surfaces to restrict their movements. The bindings are exceedingly durable and exceptionally difficult to break. Though the chains generated by the program are short lived, Seth-Rah is also capable of crafting them normally; if such chains are in its possession, they are used by the program instead, allowing an opponent to be bound for much greater periods of time.

Artifact: Weapon Recall - Returns the active weapon to Seth-Rah's hand. There is no change in its condition.

Arcanum: Restoration - Creates a symbol in the air. After a moment, it floats down to the ground and expands to a diameter of roughly six feet. As it emits a soft blue light, those standing directly above it are gradually healed.

Arcanum: Guard Force - Creates a shell of energy around the target. Everything within the shell is protected from outside assault. Though short lived, it is exceedingly durable. The shell could theoretically be made large enough to protect multiple people, but at the cost of some of its durability.

Arcanum: Wind's Embrace - Creates a symbol in the air that then collapses into a glowing grey light. The light dissipates on contact with an entity, and grants a significant but temporary boost to both speed and momentum control to the same entity.

Arcanum: Raid Burner - Creates a small, glowing red light at a specific point. A jet of flames erupts in a predetermined direction a moment later. While capable of doing only minimal damage to the terrain, it will likely ignite items and entities.

Arcanum: Frost Break - Creates a small, glowing blue light at a specific point. The sphere then explodes, coating the surrounding area in smooth ice. Entities caught within the blast will suffer little direct damage but may be partially frozen, heavily impeding movement.

Arcanum: Ball Lightning - Creates a yellow, pulsing sphere of energy crackling with electricity. After a brief delay, it quickly accelerates and approaches its target at high speeds, violently exploding on impact and electrocuting everything around it.

High Arcanum: Dark Impact - A small symbol appears in the air, shining with a soft, violet light. After floating for several moments and gathering energy, it fires a long beam of purple energy, aimed at its target point with unerring precision. While the beam is capable of inflicting massive damage, there is a noticeable delay between program initiation and firing.[/spoiler]

Replica (Trident, Short): A long, violet trident that serves as a replica of Seth-Rah's primary weapon. Though technically inferior to the original, it is otherwise of the highest quality. It is primarily a throwing weapon, but is still quite functional for melee combat.
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RE: Journey Through Old Inc
NameDraxero "Ndraxian0" Artidrago

[Image: char01.png]
Draxero is first and foremost a creative builder-type, an artificer if you'd prefer. When other goals are not pressing or just in a lapse, Draxero, left to his own devices would probably either build something or search for things that would allow him to do just that. Preferring defensive, supportive or counter-offensive type combat styles, he's also an odd sort of fighting pacifist, preferring to horribly disable to finishing off given the option, and quite enjoys a fight, regardless of whether he's needed on the front line, or needed in the back for battle support purposes. Not quite one to miss a one liner, he's actually rather quiet if he really doesn't have anything to say. He prefers to be fluid in his abilities so expect him to be eager to learn new ones, and pull out something unexpected with his current ones.

Sprite Art
Jury Rig

Weapon large reflective shield that "folds" into a small compartment (usually in his gauntlet). Nothing quite like shield bashing or playing projectile tennis.

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RE: Journey Through Old Inc
Name: Twinkin Jack Trades (aka The Chrystal Chronicler(C^2))
Description: (picture coming as soon as I can get my scanner fixed)
A mod on New Inc, Jack was familiar to what went on with old inc. He is a programmer by trade, and loves editing webpages. Due to his knowledge of Old Inc, he can navigate easily through its ruins. Furthermore, he has seen that some of his moderator/site updater user group powers are still with him, which can provide a significant advantage to himself. Jack himself has a different agenda with the old forum. As a rising mod on New Inc, he sees Old Inc as a corrupting and damaging influence on the users of New Inc, and wishes to reclose it, so that old chapter of Inc may be closed for good.


With his some of his old privileges still intact, Jack can do many things that his fellow delvers cannot. Jack still has the ability to post replies and start threads on the forum. Furthermore, Jack has access to the more hidden parts of Old Inc, such as the Staff Forums and other old hidden forums lost to the ages. However, he seems to avoid the staff forum unconsciously though, and can only remember it when he forces himself to remember it...

Frigus II: Freezes enemies on contact. Must be a touch attack.
Frigus VI: Creates an Ice golem that is controlled via his mind. Jack must keep in a 30 meter radius of it or else it melts.
Frigus IX: You don't want to know.[spoiler]Freezes over an entire area. Basically screwing up everything. Even Jack is scared to use this program.
Fulgur IV: Propels a projectile with electromagnetism to about 2500 m/s. Very painful.
Ignis I: Creates an explosion on enemies
Ultimatum IX: Casts a blast of pure energy at enemies.
Medicalus II: Slightly Heals himself or party members.
Umbra Porta VIII: Creates a temporary portal of darkness in which only he and his creations/personal AI's can travel through, easily jumping from area to area.
Phoenix Vocationem VI: Summons Phoenix Shard from wherever it is.

Weapon(melee): Phoenix Shard is a Swiss army weapon of melee weapons. A sentient weapon, it has a personality of its own and the intelligence of a low level AI. Its normal form is the form of a phoenix, however, Jack at will can call upon it to transform into a melee weapon of his choosing, as long as its “mass” is equivalent to that Phoenix Shard itself. Its two default forms is its phoenix form or as a sword cane.
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Starting the RP
NAME: Karnstantine
APPEARANCE: An odd fusion of medieval and science fiction, Karnstantine's armor was once bright silver, almost knightly, with a great many blue lines of circuitry along itself. On its back was a brilliant purple cape, affixed to a sizeable pack that indicated his equipment as a form of power armor. Now, it has degraded considerably, as the old Forum had. Its metal has lost its shine, its intricate circuit inlay has begun to flicker, and the cape is now in tatters. Notably, the armor for his left arm is missing, showing a tattered, linen sleeve instead. His face is still noble, however, with long brown hair and regal beard.
ABOUT: Karnstantine once served as a Moderator on Sprites Inc, but vanished quite some time before its collapse, unaware of the goings-on that caused it. Thus, he has been "Logged Out" for an immense amount of time. Upon returning, he finds the place he once served in extreme disarray. He set out to find the cause... Unaware that he could no longer manipulate things as he was once able to. The world no longer responds to his will, routes that once only he could traverse were locked away to him.
ABILITIES: Melee, Combat Sense
WEAPON: Beam-edged broadsword, force-field-generating shield.

[Image: RF8iZPq.png]
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RE: Journey Through Old Inc
Character Of: Smurf-Killer Squee
Name: Darkfire "Squee" Super Sonic
Description: Darkfire Super Sonic is basically a Metal Sonic Recolor.

[Image: Zh0nu.png]

He has a sprite series animation that he wants to start, but has to get the sprites he needs for it. Only problem... NO spriting ability whatsoever. In his spare time, he has a recolor comic that he rarely updates anymore. he usually just comes on to hang out with everyone.

His username is Darkfire Super Sonic, but everyone calls him Squee because of Rags and Shike. "Squee" is 23 years old. Squee joined towards the end of the ZX fad way back about the time Inc started to decline.

1: Melee
2: Small Arms

Weapon: A twin-bladed saber (short-ranged, obviously) one side holds Flame powers and the other uses Darkness powers. He can only use one particular power at a time, even though he can slice with both blades. He can split them in two for a short time and use them together for dual wielding which has increased power, however, using both weapons at once drains a large amount of his energy and can only be done for a short time. Squee focuses on speed of attacks, so he is one of the faster fighters, but lacks physical power to damage tougher armor.

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