Assets Demake and other things
Let's rock!
Some old stuff:
[Image: 54yWa1q.png]
This one was made before I saw "official" demake of this screen, albeit being simple recolor/mash-up, so it doesn't follow NES limitations.
[Image: WEKBh4N.png]
Rose Man and legs of untitled boss that never saw any use in cancelled Russian fangame made in Game Maker(to be honest, the demo of it only contained intro stage with Cut Man assets and MM5 miniboss, and Air Man stage completely with unchanged tiles from MM2, so the overall opinion of it is "Generic").
[Image: ZmRgsOM.png]
Pass Word screen for Rockman & Forte FC, before I saw its planned save system akin to MM9-10.
[Image: F2QVhTP.png]
Older version of the above boss in GB palette with mugshot for stage select.
Also, its design wasn't made by me, but the fangame creator done it(original image is creepy and I don't know where it is now).
[Image: h7VbWYf.png]
Regular MMXtreme edit, as in Rockman 7/8 FC topic on Rockman PM.
[Image: C6AZBxu.png]
Megaman & Bass CD Database mock-up. I had the idea that profiles in main selection is being represented by mugshots like in stage select in any regular MM game.
[Image: SfgzcnX.png]
Old vesion of my beloved stage select. At first I planned to do GB palette assets demake because US/EU release was only on GBA, but then changed my mind. Original unchanged GB mugshots are also present on this sheet(shame the BG).
[Image: rY6Twnp.png]
Most recent version(also on my DA account named Svyatoslavthehuman).
[Image: EsOc6im.png]
1-ups made because of boredom.
[Image: HWTQaPM.png]
Various mugshots in PSX palette. Megaman is by Trift.EXE and Yo-Yo Man by MegaphilX.
Onto the weirdest one:
[Image: 8q5lPa8.png]
They're not well poportioned, have ugly faces, and ugh...
Post your C&C please!
Awesome. I always wonder about Rockman & Forte FC.. They never released it. Why not do it ? Nicely done, Supah!
Supah Metul, is this game in the works or just discontinued?
[Image: self1_by_megamanno99-dakh6k5.png]
I hope that he continue it. I really like it a lot!
I found the idea of RM&F FC fun, but the problem is that original authors of demade assets won't allow use any of those(beyond what's made on Cutstuff Forums, of course). Sometime I wish to re-arrange .ptcop files into .ftm(plus Wily Capsule original tune).
Something non-Megaman:
[Image: v2Ya31d.png]
Megadrive and Dreamcast(US/JP colors) in JUMP! Ultimate Stars style, at least what I've got by observing this style.
The PSX pallette mugshots look amazing. Thinking of doing more?
Now, when my SA2 Sonic sheet is 'halfway' done (I'm also in STH community), I want to show it for C&C because I don't want to shove incomplete sprites into hack.
[Image: oOeX0zn.png]
^Main sheet
And here's some .gif:
[Image: OOdRgXY.gif]
[Image: MpkSWFx.gif]
[Image: wjSAs26.gif]
[Image: xoVo4Zu.gif]
[Image: ExVlqhp.gif]
[Image: w26usCa.gif]
[Image: KqAqOrg.gif]
I need your opinion!
The first thing that immediately come to mind for me when it comes to the sheet is that Sonic's blue doesn't have a lot of contrast, making it really hard to tell what's highlight, what's base and what's shadow. It all just looks like a muddled blue mess (it might just be my monitor, though, so take that with a grain of salt). His blue seems to be kind of dark in general, actually, if you compare it to the sprites from canon Sonic games.

The second thing that comes to mind comes from the .gif's. The top two are the ones that caught my attention because they seem very, jagged and rough. Of course, the sheet is still a WIP, so I can't criticise it to my heart's content, but I will say that those two animations of him almost falling over seem to have way less frames than every other animation. If you included some transition frames in the first one, it would be just fine.

The second .gif, though, needs a bit more work than that. If you look closely, you'll see that Sonic's legs are bending. However, the rest of his body doesn't sink to account for that, so you're making his legs grow in length. If you bend the knees, the body above the legs needs to sink down because of it. Legs aren't rubber bands with which you can stretch out like that. He seems very, static, since the only parts of him that are moving are his arms and his legs.

Those are my two cents, anyway.
(18-12-2016, 08:57 AM)Alienoid Wrote: good C&C
Thank you very much! I'll try to improve those sprites as best as I can(even though it will be a little hard because some of them were edited w/o limitations of Sega Mega Drive, and I'm making a S2 hack, so you know what I mean).
(18-12-2016, 03:57 PM)SUPAH METUL Wrote:
(18-12-2016, 08:57 AM)Alienoid Wrote: good C&C
Thank you very much! I'll try to improve those sprites as best as I can(even though it will be a little hard because some of them were edited w/o limitations of Sega Mega Drive, and I'm making a S2 hack, so you know what I mean).

You must continue. You are doing a great job. *applauding*
To prove that I still work on it, here's revamped SCD gesture for it:
[Image: 5XBMzRI.gif]
And some spikes animated:
[Image: pqyuXt9.gif]
Edit: [Image: Obv8c70.gif]
[Image: JtbOBhP.gif]
Something random:
[Image: New_Piskeledit.png]
An edit of 9-year-old's sprite(he posted it on discord chat before he was kicked out):
[Image: New_Piskel.png]
Trying to improve my spriting skills with this on-going project:
[Image: mmm.png]
MotorRoach did awesome job at reworking my sprite, so I shall go with another 3: Roll, Dr. Cossack(Complete Works version) and Dr. Wily(same).
[Image: achtung.png]
Metal Harbor mock-up(I did FG):
[Image: test.png]
The palette isn't optimised for MD yet.

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