I'm going to need to keep an eye on this, because I really wanted to join the first one. Hopefully I can this time around.
This thread hasn't really been used that much, so I figured I'll just start posting some stuff in here periodically since not everyone might have caught it in the discord / be in the discord. First, I've made us a new title screen animation!

Everybody involved in this contest is much more active in the discord, so join that if you want to stay up-to-date.
Programming a thing, ba da baa, programming a thing, ba da baa...
Besides the title screen, what else has been accomplished so far during the Discord Development?
Most of the MM2 enemies are done, MM1 enemies are done, I've just done like a third of MM3's enemies, I believe almost all of the gimmicks are done, ~1/3 MM5 enemies have been done, and there's also a new devkit-exclusive stage select to make testing easier. There's also some gimmicks from games other than 1-6 that have been included just because people felt like putting them in, like Galaxy Man's teleporters, Splash Woman tank platforms, Sheepman blocks, among some others. And I believe the Commando Man sandstorm was just added in too.
Programming a thing, ba da baa, programming a thing, ba da baa...
I have programmed the ability to give bosses more than one health bar. So, naturally, I did the only logical thing to do.

I've actually exported this for anyone to play if they're crazy enough, with an added exact health counter next to the health bar, so you know how much progress you're making. Just plop the .exe into the folder of the Mega Engine for it to work.
Programming a thing, ba da baa, programming a thing, ba da baa...

Prototype for my potential level for the contest using mostly vanilla assets. Yes, all of this stuff is already implemented.

The level itself here is pretty basic, but gives a general idea of what I may try and make.
[Image: d03b37145145880c6532998fa3a49c20.png]
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Is darktoad your nickname or is that the name of the level? I was kind of expecting Toad Man for a minute there.
are the tools out yet I wanna make a level for this so bad I am determined to try and get top 5
No, we're currently building the engine and we will announce it here once the submissions are open.

I believe the beta engine is available if you join the Discord server, but it's unfinished so I'd discourage against starting your level there, unless it's just a prototype or something.
I'll reiterate what Garirry said: Feel free to plan out your stages, look at the engine (it's open to those that join the Discord server), make rough mock ups, etc... but the engine changes functions and how things are coded at a very rapid pace, therefore making your stage now could lead to your level being completely incompatible with the final version.

I'd stick to making rough mockups in a program like Tiled at the moment, and preparing the graphics and music you wish to use. I would not at this stage use the in-progress engine at this time, but feel free to look at it to see what features are available.

As far as planning your stages go, you'll have most of, if not all of Mega Man 1-6 to work with, and bits and pieces of the other games too. (e.g Teleporters from Galaxy Man's stage, desert storms from Commando Man's stage, a few enemies from the Gameboy games, etc), so you have a fair bit to do planning wise, and careful consideration should be taken to make your stages cohesive. And naturally like the previous contest, custom content is also allowed.
These contests are everything I ever want.
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How about leaving the songs, sounds and graphics externally to be possible to edit them?
I'd like to try this, though I would definitely have to familiarize myself with the engine first.
Alright this has been laying semi-dormant for way too long and I'm gonna do something about it. Testing is opening December 19th. I'll post a link to the devkit directly in this thread and the link to it will probably be constantly updating with new bugfixes. This deadline may mean we might not have EVERYTHING from 1-6, but I've been such a lazy asshole that I just need to get this going.
Sweet! I've been waiting for this, definitely want to throw my hat into this.

Now I haven't used Game Maker before, is it that complicated, or is it something I can figure out in like a few days? Of course I'll plan on familiarizing myself with the engine before I start working on my level, but I have some ambitious ideas and I'd like to see just how far I could go with them.

Also, if devkit testing opens on the 19th, that works out perfect. My fall semester of college ends the 21st, so hopefully I can start putting something together during my winter break. Big Grin

(It's not an issue if I bump this, is it? Sorry, I haven't logged in for a while and this is the first time I'm seeing this thread. :V)
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The contest is open to everyone, even those with no knowledge of game maker.
There are a TON of assets already made for the engine. If you can come up with a level - there's probably something there for you! The editor for game maker is not that complex at all, and Stove Guy has gone above and beyond to help make things even simpler to build stages with.

To sum up - we have gimmicks programmed from virtually every main series game, (this even includes a few from 8, 9 and 10!), as well, at this time of writing, nearly every enemy from Mega Man 1-6 is in the engine... and a few from other games thrown in for good measure.

Making a level can be as easy or complex as you want to make it. The hard part is DESIGNING it, and making sure its fun.

Having a major unique gimmick to a stage is not necessary for your level to be well received, nor does it mean you'll win - having a good LEVEL is the key thing here.

The weird quirk about the last contest is that the gimmick levels also happened to be GOOD levels in the process... (especially Glass Man. His only unique feature was an enemy and a boss - the level was simply well made otherwise.) and even then - one of the top entries had nothing special or unique to it, other than a well designed level around a stage gimmick that was in the devkit. There were also gimmick stages that didn't actually get that high in the tiers.

I also get the distinct impression that novelty will only get you so far this time round.

TLDR, just make a good stage, with, or without custom assets.
I've updated the thread with a lot more information in the wake of this getting its own subforum. Hype for the engine testing!
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The engine will be up soon! We're just doing a few last second additions. FYI, the number of enemies from 1-6 missing from the engine is in the single digits.

How this is probably going to work is that nightly I'll update the main link with all the bugfixes that day. There will probably still be a few features trickling in through the beta testing phase but it (hopefully) won't be much.

In the meantime, have this :3


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