Fan Game Mega Man RHR
[Image: mmrhr.png]
(Mega Man: Rock Hard Rivals)

In 20XX, if history repeats itself, evil never vanishes. Dr. Wily strikes again, but now he's cooperating with someone else...

Windows demo:

Love Demo (for Mac / Linux):
Get Love2D from here. Run The .love file with that.

This is the last demo, unless there's a bug, of course.

Default controls:
Z = Jump
X = Shoot
C = Dash
A = Previous weapon
S = Next weapon
Arrow keys = Move
Enter = Start
Right shift = Select
Oh boy, I've got a lot to point out.

First, I do like the idea for this fangame. It's kinda meme-ish, but I do see that you're trying to put in a real Mega Man game inside it.

There are numerous issues with this game however. First, I can't tell why does this game run using Java (the program, not talking about the language). I thought that that hasn't been used since 2007. I feel it's buggy on my computer and at the very least create an executable (somehow, not an expert) so I don't have to use the Java that's on my computer already.

The engine is kinda odd. It's smooth, it's fast-paced, and it's not too slow, but it's not really accurate, the jumps are really long, etc. I feel like the engine isn't too great. And alignments aren't great either. But it's not annoying at least and pretty fun.

As for the level, it's not bad, but a lot has to be fixed. Most of it is just boring and empty, with a few enemies here and there. And there aren't a lot of them, their AI is pretty boring and lame. The Grand Dad boss (clearly Smedis' Grand Dad was used as inspiration) was alright, but it's extremely easy and is really doing nothing. Also his colour palette is really dark and colourless. Finally, some of the flames from the ceiling are deadly for some reason.

I have yet to play after Grand Dad (I've got to go soon), but I'll just point out that the health restore is also weird, the small capsules give like as much as the big capsules.

Anyway, if you improve the problems with your game, I think it'd be a pretty good one. You definitely have ambition and I see you're working quite a bit on it. Just take into consideration what I said, and try improving what's wrong. Good luck!
Thanks! I improved Grand Dad, fixed the small health bug, and (maybe) improved Mega Man's physics, also I'm keeping Grand Dad's pallete since that's how he was in the nes game. I guess I should stop being lazy and add more advanced enemies.
Project updated, see change log in main post. All I have to do is add Flint Man and that'll be it for the demo.
EDIT: This feedback is based on the old version of the game, although some points are still relevant to the new version.

I've played through the demo, and it's pretty good so far! As stated before, the level design is rather boring for the most part, but it was passable, and I'm sure it will be a lot better if you could make some interesting use of the enemies and gimmicks. The spike drop at the end, while forgiving because of the infinite supply of lives, felt out of place in a Mega Man game, and felt more like a section from I Wanna Be the Guy.

The engine, while in need of some tweaking as Garirry stated, is definitely a strong point of this game. Just fix the minor issues stated before and it would be incredibly accurate to the official titles.

The weapons, while all decently useful, seem to function the same overall. Almost all of them cover the entire screen in some way, which honestly makes them rather dull. I think having some more variety here would make it a lot better.

It also occasionally crashed on me for seemingly no reason, and there seems to be a 1-pixel wide vertical line in the middle of the screen, but this is all probably related to Java, which is not within your control.

Overall, this really has the potential to become a great fangame, it just needs some polish here and there.
Since Java sucks when it comes to distribition and execution, I might remake this with Godot Engine just so more people can actually play it without difficulties.
Good idea, though WreckingPrograms' Mega Engine might be better suited for it. If you have Game Maker 8.0/Studio, use it; it's a great engine and easy to use. Also, I saw ChengKitSun's play through of your demo. Good stuff, so far. I'm looking forward to this game.
Sorry if I gave you the cold shoulder... It's easy to do when you're dead Confused

Since I won't be updating the Java version any further, here is a recording of the game in its current state. I most likely won't update the links.

I've decided to use Love2D since it supports tmx maps. Anyway, I finally have the motivation to start porting.

[Image: dev0.gif]
Your rock tiles are offset from the metal tiles by a few stray pixels.
Quote:Game making in 6 steps:
1: Get assets and program
2: Smash the two together until stuff happens
3: Beat your face into your keyboard when stuff breaks/doesn't want to work
4: Continue beating your face into your keyboard until you've smashed the right code
5: Rejoice that it works and move on to the next thing
6: Go back to Step 2 and repeat
[Image: tmpgf.gif]

"You got to take care of those robots! You are our last hope maybe!"

(Also thanks for the great responses!)

Local multiplayer by myself.
(Will eventually have online multiplayer support)
Looks good so far! Played the demo, and I loved it. It does feel a tad lacking in sprite quality, however. (definitely not near as bad as some i've seen)
If I was a vegetable I'd have ten potatoes.
Your right about the sprite quality, but since the concept of this game is dumb, it probably wouldn't be having higher quality ones.

Since multiplayer for RHR will exist, I need some suggestions for the three other characters that can fight along-side Mega Man! Why? Because I want to see what the fans want! It can be any character, including characters from other types of media! Make a list with a max of 8 suggestions with a small description for each.

1. Ring Man - A combat robot that's better than Skull Man. Ring Man's mah favorite
2. Proto Man - Mega Man's older brother, he can charge his buster
3. Eddy - A trash can. He shoots trash in an arch and is small enough to move through small spaces
4. Cosmo Kramer - Someone who broke out of jail and is looking for new friends. He shoots an actual gun
5. Coldsteel the Hedgehog - This time, it's personnel
6. Smedis - The grass type pokemon

Got your suggestions ready? PM them to me, or post in the thread.
swadloon is a bug type pokemon
Programming a thing, ba da baa, programming a thing, ba da baa...
put meong man in this
Put that Lion King Bootleg guy in this, haha.
Definitely Coldsteel the Hedgehog.
I'd also include Gutsman's ass, Proto Man, Smedis, Eddy the trashcan, and a potato.
If I was a vegetable I'd have ten potatoes.

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