Kaiju Resistance Force RP
The following is an audio recording from March 17 2001:"We interrupt this program to bring a special news bulletin, Hello I'm Misty Maxamillion and this is Galaxy News. A mysterious fog has covered Pelaske City. We bring you live to the scene with Tiffany Gale... Tiffany?..."
"Hello Misty, Now as you can see all of Pelaske city has been covered by an enormous dense fog. This was a normal sunny day with no clouds in the sky, this is not a natural phenomenon. The fog seems to end at the top of the Malist Tower, and ends right before the industrial district, almost 1000 square miles of fog. Early reports claim the fog originated from Tricentral Park but we have no word on whether or not that has been confirmed. Now any attempts to reach anyone in the city have not been successful via phone or Internet. Anyone who has entered the city has not returned as of yet, we have no idea what is actually going on in there. The Military is about to send a full battalion inside to check what is going on. They are going in now, We should be able to find out exactly what is going on in the city......
No sign of the military yet, but there have been various lights coming from inside the fog. I can see a shadow inside I think that is the military coming out. Wait, that's not a vehicle... it looks like a giant maw about the size of a tractor trailer. it.. looks like it is opening its mouth! Some sort of light is coming from the creatures mouth. Quick get us out of here! AYAH!!"
The audio goes quiet.

Several weeks later,
Since the tragedy of Pelaske City and a rapid increase in the sightings of kaiju, the government of Tolera has attempted to form an elite team composed of both giant monsters and humans with superior abilities. The Kaiju Resistance Force's mission is to solve the mystery of what happened at Pelaske City, stop it from happening again and stop any other giant monsters from causing chaos on the human world.

Mechanics: 1st Mechanic You will have the option of controlling 2 characters, One humanoid (basically something that will allow you to get places where a giant monster can't without wrecking the place, and so you can interact with People. It doesn't have to be human it could be like mothra's fairies, or an android or something akin to that.) and a giant monster. Now they can be one and the same and just change sizes like ultraman/Jet Jaguar. You can also be a pilot of a mecha, however mecha have certain advantages and disadvantages like death working differently. Your humanoid does not need to be linked or connected to your kaiju at all.

There are 3 types of Kaiju, Superhuman(ultraman) Monster(Godzilla,Mothra,Gamera) Mecha/robot(Mechagodzilla/Megazords/Voltron etc). Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Monsters are generally stronger and more durable. Mechs have the ability to be upgraded and equip new armanents. Superhumanoids can change size and go places where mechs and monsters can't. And you can add your own subclasses etc.

2nd MechanicSadOptional)Your kaiju can have up to 3 lives and the ability get considerably stronger or change Kaiju type after dying. For example King Ghidorah died and turned into MechaKingGhidorah and after that his remains were made into MechaGodzilla II, Godzilla died once and his skeleton was used for Kiryu you get the picture.

However while i expect this will allow people to take more risks in some ways don't go and stupidly dying just to get to that amazing second form and depending on how you die and what form you take it will take more or less time to come back into the RP. When the time does come you should edit your original sheet with your new-found powers and whatnot before you post as the new kaiju. You can post the second form now if you wish through, just keep it seperated from the 1st form.

3rd Mechanic(optional):If you so desire you can choose have your own miniarc based around your character or whatever you so desire. It will be complete with your own characters or existing characters if i think it would suit their desire. You can be the Gm for the arc or I will convey it as you wish. If you wish to run ideas by me for this pm me and i will tell you if i am planning anything similar to your miniarc idea and if it is sound. This won't happen until the rp is established but it is something to think of down the line if you want to. I will tell you when the time comes that i am willing to go into these miniarcs.

Monster Name and aliases:
Monster type:
Height :For these if your kaiju has a dimensions that aren't normal like it has a very long tail and is very fat use generic terms that other people can relate to. Handy video i just found for height comparisons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOd28hQqMms
Powers:Atomic fire breath, Energy reflecting scales, Oxygen destruction rays etc goes here. No time travel as i will handle that if and when i decide it.
Armaments:This is where mecha's weapons go if they are technology based. Missile, freezing lasers, electrical blasts etc.
Bio:Backgrounds go here. Your characters personality should come out during the rp. If you must post it here for reference you may do so.

Example sheets for each type:

Monster name and aliases:Kamatose AKA The Century Centipede Aka The King of Wisdom
Monster type:Ancient centipede Daikaiju
Age:5,560 years
Description: A giant rune covered cyclopean centipede with large bone-like pincers. He is camouflaged with the colors of the desert while the long antennae on his head and tail are lilac.
Height:20 meters thick while his legs are about 3 meters long.
Length: 500 meters long.
Width:5 meters 8 if you include his legs.
Weight:Not heavy according to kaiju standards but he isn't exactly easy to pick up due to his length.
Powers:Telekinesis (he can move small and stationery objects with ease, large moving objects are harder for him to move) Teleportation (he can teleport people the span of the continent although it isn't quick enough to use in battle). He also has several spells that vary in strength on how much he focuses on them. Besides these he has a thousand other spells that take time to prepare or he doesn't use for combat.
Telades:Kamatose uses his knowledge of magic and his telekinetic abilities to slash his targets from afar. He can also create a maelstrom of sorts that will rip his target to pieces if they move.(that is the desired effect of course)
Rairrab:Kamatose reinforces a single targets exterior by forming a sort of suit around the being. It protects them from damage while allowing them freedom of movement
Jairae:A larger barrier that can surround an entire city. Useful for sieges but it doesn't help against interior threats.
Dreiac:Kamatose uses his knowledge of a targets anatomy to repair their tissue. He can't able to heal what he can't comprehend like machines, or aliens.
Glerei:Kamatose charges and then fires powerful blast of energy towards his target. His most powerful spell, he rarely uses it. He can fire quickfire versions through.
Bio: One of the four kings of the monsters, Kamatose is charged with protecting the balance of the world. He is one of the kaiju responsible for the spell that cut of Tolera from the rest of the world. He is also trying to find the other Kaiju who helped him put up the spell so he can return things to normal. He speaks through his appointed oracle who is chosen at birth to wear the pendant that allows him to communicate with Ralph. He can communicate with others who speak in the ancient language.

Monster name and aliases:Marauder
Monster type:Superhuman bio-weapon
Gender: Male
Description: He appears to be wearing a triangular helmet with short curved in spikes at the top of his flat helmet. He has a dark green/black spiral going in towards his blue almond shaped eyes. A spiked face-mask covers his mouth. Smooth curved ridges go down the back of his head down to the bottom of his shoulder blade. He has a circular object with four cardinal spikes on his palms. His arms are rather long and lanky, and they have small ridges along the back of his forearm. On his chest is a small gem. Other than those he looks like a normal human wearing dark green and black spandex. When he transforms he grows more buff.
Height width length: about the same as a normal human/When transformed he is 60 Meters high.
Weight: He is deceptively heavy when human sized as he weighs the same as when he is gigantic, which is about the same as ultramans weight.
Powers:He is very strong, able to stretch his arms several lengths. He is able to form bombs out of his palms. These bombs carry many abilities; they can stick to surfaces and hover in the air, they can link up and form a pseudo barrier. He has enhanced regeneration, and the small gem starts to flash when he needs to end the fight or run as his molecular structure will break down.
Bio:Marauder is a bio-weapon developed by the military to combat giant monsters. He is in his experimental stages, and because of this, he has a tendency to use multiple dialects and accents, as he does not fully comprehend our language yet, and was created by the combined efforts of scientists from across the globe. Due to this he tends to come off as an extreme egomaniac most of the time, though he does show some modesty at certain times.

Monster name:Murinae
Monster type: Mecha rat
Gender:Female voice
Description:It looks like a giant red mecha rat with twin Gatling guns on its side. It has long front teeth and a long tail. I'm not exactly good at describing mecha or drawing them so eh.
Height: 30 meters high
Width: 20 meters high
Length: 60 meters if you included its tail. 30 meters without its tail.
Weight:Pretty heavy for a smaller mecha
Armaments: Twin Gatling guns with piercing options,Electric teeth that can deliver a massive shock as well as vibrate for enhanced cutting power, a prehensile tail that can pierce most buildings and act like a grappling hook. Also has heavy armor.
Bio: Built by the famed Darian Skaven, The rat zord is piloted by Francis Skaven. It is currently in prototype phase. The other zords aren't functional yet. It can't function underwater and was built with a priority on the safety of the pilot.

Humans have the ability to pilot tanks, jets, and mecha. Having a specialized vehicle doesn't count towards your kaiju slot because ultimately it is less powerful than a Kaiju or mecha will be. However they have added advantages like speed, the ability to transport people and mecha without draining the mecha's power, scanning enemies etc.

The main point of having a human is to investigate places and towns and deal with smaller monstersthat it would be unreasonable for a kaiju to deal with. Of course superhumans are also able to deal with smaller threats and investigate

Human name:
Human type: If they are something other than your run of the mill homo sapien that would be here
Skills:Basically if they are an ace pilot, mechanic, or a telepath that goes here.
Bio:Background goes here. Your characters personality should come out during the rp. If you must post it here for reference you may do so.
Gear: This would be where you put your weapon if any, special vehicle and anything else that you have that you feel is special.

Human Name:Ralph Veludrouz aka The Oracle of the Centipede.
Human type:Telekinetic Human
Gender: Male
Skills: He is able to communicate with Kamatose as long as he has the pendant. He has his own fighting style which consists of Kamatose using telekinesis to move his body faster and sometimes his opponent, which to most people makes him look like a master martial artist/ powerful physic.
Powers:He has the potential to be an archmage, however at this point he merely channels Kamatose's spells. He knows a few healing spells however. He is also a powerful psychic but his powers are restrained by a spell.
Description:He has well groomed brown hair with yellow eyes. He wears a dull yellow cape over a brown shirt and brown pants.
Bio: He has been the oracle since he was able to speak, because he is simply relaying Kamatose's words he doesn't have any other skills beside what you need for basic living. He is very polite and because he is the oracle he is set for life, and he still has some days off, although he fears this coming crisis might cause him to work overtime, but it isn't all that bad.
Gear:Kamatose's pendant; A near-indestructible pendant with several spells and charms cast on it to prevent it from destruction, getting lost, and being stolen. It allows Kamatose to speak through Ralph's mouth, allowing him to communicate with humans.

Name: Lt. Francis Skaven
Description:His face is almost that of Rat, he has a long whisker like mustache, large front teeth, and beady eyes. He has dull ruffled blond hair and green eyes. He wears a typical green pilot uniform.
Abilities:He is a gifted pilot and has a photographic memory. He is also a good cook as he has memorized several cookbooks. He has basic arms and weapons training.
Bio: The son of Darien Skaven, he learned to follow the rules by example. His mother died in a car crash when he was young because she wasn't following the rules of the road. His brother died because he was in a restricted area when they were testing dangerous equipment. Because of this he has a deep sense of justice and by nature does what the rules tell him. Which lead him to start memorizing rule books, and allowed him to pilot new untested machines, as long as they had a manual of course.
Gear: He carries a picture of his late mother in a small locket around his neck. He also carries a laser pistol.
Imagination has the power to change everything
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Believe in justice and hold a determination to fist

Um... Some formatting would come in handy, Traidon. With all due respect, I can't make out anything because it's all plain text.
[Image: jWFQYSO.png]
Love the idea. I hope the mods approve this.

My current character idea is that the Kaiju character and the humanoid character aren't the same thing, but they're very connected. The Kaiju is a giant eel-serpent-fish type thing, and the little character is a humanoid torso (plus arms and head), seemingly genderless, connected to the Kaiju's head by a tendril, kind of like one of those lamps on those fishes heads (sorry, I've forgotten ther names). So, sort-of same body, but they think seperately (though they are very in sync; they rarely disagree or anything).

Though, like Soulephant said, you could use some formatting on your main post: your news report bit could just use some stuff like speech marks.
(20-06-2012, 10:17 PM)Heavy Wrote: Love the idea. I hope the mods approve this.

My current character idea is that the Kaiju character and the humanoid character aren't the same thing, but they're very connected. The Kaiju is a giant eel-serpent-fish type thing, and the little character is a humanoid torso (plus arms and head), seemingly genderless, connected to the Kaiju's head by a tendril, kind of like one of those lamps on those fishes heads (sorry, I've forgotten their names). So, sort-of same body, but they think separately (though they are very in sync; they rarely disagree or anything).

Though, like Soulephant said, you could use some formatting on your main post: your news report bit could just use some stuff like speech marks.

I fixed the formatting problem i think, normally i do that, this time i forgot. I get what you are trying to get at, but that would still just count as the kaiju unless he could detach himself from the Lantern fish kaiju or had several miles of rope that connected him so he could get pretty far away from the kaiju. The main point of the humanoid character is to be able interact in spaces that kaiju can't. I love the idea through.
Imagination has the power to change everything
You should enjoy the little detours, to the fullest. Because that's where you'll find the things more important than what you want
Believe in justice and hold a determination to fist

(20-06-2012, 10:17 PM)Heavy Wrote: Love the idea. I hope the mods approve this.

hold on... If the thread is here, doesn't that mean the mods already approved it? I thought if it was here, that meant we post profiles. Can we post profiles?
Awesome. Hmm.... Looking at him, I think I may have overpowered him a bit....

Monster Name and aliases: Kindron "Wolfwing" Darkfire
Age: 24
Monster type: Werepyre
Description: Kindron is a black furred, bat-winged wolf with a humanoid shape. Basically, looks kinda like this, but without big fangs and his ears are pretty small (not Darkfire, just a reference):


Everything Kindron wears is actually the size of his giant form (which is his normal form), which means that when he goes into his human form his equipment is exceptionally heavy like he is. Kindron compresses the atoms into a smaller size which he uses on everything he has on. He usually has on a black cloak over his body, and under it has black jeans with a belt, with a dark red shirt. His cloak has a hood that fits over most of his face, but part of his snout sticks out, and the wings and his fluffy tail also stick out of special holes in his clothes. Kindron designed the clothes himself and made little sleeves for his wings and tail into his clothes and cloak.

Height: Varies depending on what he needs the size for. His normal form is giant sized , but thanks to his power to manipulate atoms, he can compress his size down to that of a normal human

Length: Proportions similar to that of a muscular, fit human
Weight: His body weighs what a giant would weigh. Even though he can compress his size due to his power to manipulate atoms, it doesn't change his weight. Everything he has, and wears is actually about the size it would be for a giant, which means that everything he has adds tens of thousands of pounds more to his weight.

1. Manipulating atoms (alchemy): He only uses this to modify his size, and to fix things that break, outside of that, he doesn't use it for anything else. He never uses it to change one material to another unless absolutely necessary, since he doesn't understand enough about the chemical makeup of materials, he can only change somethings shape or make it bigger or smaller.
2. Flying: He DOES have wings after all. Pretty sure I don't have to explain this much.
3. Super Speed: Kindron focuses on speed. He is far faster than almost anyone around, and because of his massive weight in his small form, he is devastating and doesn't need a whole lot of power. However, in his normal giant size, he lacks power enough to cause a lot of damage and can only damage stronger opponents by his tech weapons. Roughly, he can move fast enough to be a blur to most opponents or, to untrained opponents, can be seen as disappearing.
4. Retracting wings: Not really a power, but worth mentioning. Kindron can retract his wings into his back. It allows him to be able to change clothes. He can't retract his tail though. He will only retract his wings when necessary. Which he only does if he's in a battle, or he's changing clothes.

1. Kindron has a double sided saber: One side has the power of darkness built into it, and the other holds fire powers. He always keeps this on his belt. He can only use one power at a time, however he can split it into two blades and use both for a very short time. Using both at once takes too much energy and can't be sustained for long. Usually hanging from his belt.
2: Goa'uld Hand Device: Yes, the ones from Stargate SG1. I didn't feel like making one up then describing what it looks like. Basically looks like this:


Basically, it can shield from attacks (for balancing purposes, the shield can only block so many hits before it can't block any more), it can fire a shock wave which blows people or things back, and can get into a person or monster's head either affecting thoughts or just for turning their brains into hamburger (this OBVIOUSLY doesn't work on robots or mechs). Kindron always wears this on his right hand. he doesn't have one for the left.
3. Energy gun: Basically a pistol that fires bursts of energy. It can stun an opponent for several seconds, or can be set to kill mode and fire a small burst of energy which can... well... kill an opponent. He never uses the gun though. It's holstered on his belt on the other side of his waist from where his saber is.

Bio: Kindron, being what he is, is basically alone and just wants to make some friends. People are usually scared to approach him because when he walks, he usually sinks into the ground from his massive weight, and he is a werepyre. Contrary to how werepyres and similar creatures survive, Kindron doesnt actually feed on humans. He will survive on animals mostly, sometimes he will eat a monster he defeats. Kindron is pretty protective of people in general despite how they treat him and tries to joke around with people. He does what he can for people in general and is fairly nice despite his evil appearance. Kindron tries to fly when he can, preferring not to walk since he sinks into the ground. His only downside is that he has a bit of a temper and can be alittle violent when angry. He doesn't usually hurt humans, but he might threaten them if they anger him. Another reason he has no friends.
Well, here goes nothing.

Monster Name: Erdebau
Age: 2 years
Monster type: Gigantic Artificial Humanoid made of Nano-machines
Description: Erdebau is actually a mass of beige, cicada-shaped nano-machines. They typically take the form of a large, humanoid machine with large, pointed boots and gloves, A half-mask that looks like it came out of an opera over top of a completely blank beige helmet, and large shoulders with missile cannons attached to them. The joints all have brown armor on the outer segments.
Height: About 2.5 skyscrapers
Length: About a 5th of a skyscraper's length.
Width: About the width of a skyscraper.
Weight: 402.3 metric tons.
Powers: Erdebau can spread itself outwards to form smaller, weaker, duplicates of the original. It also has a relatively weak regeneration power that makes it just a tiny bit harder to kill. The nano-machines can finally form into missiles inside the larger form's shoulder cannons and be fired at an unsuspecting target, creating a fairly powerful explosion that also creates a small Erdebau duplicate.
Armaments: None
Bio: Erdebau was created by the scientist Daichi Padrone in order to provide him with protection from Kaiju, and the ability to combat Kaiju. Despite existing for two years, this is his first appearance on an actual battlefield.

Human name: Daichi Padrone
Human type: Super-genius
Age: 39 years
Gender: Male
Description: Daichi, despite his age, is best described as a bishounen. He wears a dark brown shirt and beige track pants with black, Velcro shoes. He has white, shoulder-length hair that has been so thoroughly taken care of that it seems to literally shine, pale white skin, and reddish-brown eyes. He is typically seen wearing a lab-coat and is always wearing his computer watch.
Skills: Skilled mechanic, Incredibly intelligent.
Bio: Oddly enough, very little is known about Daichi, beyond the fact that he has been a scientist for most of his life and he created Erdebau. The government seems to distrust him for some reason, possibly because he created something like Erdebau without any government funding, at all, or possibly because his only goal seems to be the improvement of Erdebau.
Gear: Daichi's watch is perhaps best described as a handheld, very high-tech and very tricked out Computer system, with the ability to create and manipulate a large amount of computer screens to do anything from take notes to recording to viral manipulation to hacking, in other words, multiple easily-manipulated computers. Said watch also operates on a radically different Operating System from any computer in the world, and as such is inanely difficult to hack into. He also has hidden in his lab coat two floating "bits" that he manipulate at any given time. They can fire lasers that he typically uses to neutralize smaller monsters so he can study them, and annoy bigger monsters so he can get more information off of them. Said lasers have an adjustable power level and "compression" level, indicated by the dials on the side of the bits, and the previously described effects is the highest level available to him. Finally, he has a host of various technologies that he developed in collaboration with several unknown peoples, albeit the only one that has seen any sort of near-use beyond testing is a computer virus. He also carries a strange pocket-watch that he normally keeps hidden, it seems to protect him from telepathic attacks to some extent, but that is likely not its true function.

Yes, Erdebau will be using the 3 live gimmick, and yes, Daichi will probably have a mini-arc planned out when the RP is fully underway.

Edit: Added something to the lasers that will likely be inconsequential, but would be perfectly expected for a genius to have on his laser weaponry.

Edit 2: Clarified and Added a bunch of details to Daichi's gear.
Monster Name and aliases: Tony “Tempo” Valo
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Monster type: Super Human/Mech
Dimensions: (not sure what a giant would be, guessing ultraman proportions and weight accordingly. Humanly, he’s about 5 ft 9, around 170 lbs.
Powers: Energy manipulation
Armaments: Being that it’s mostly an armor that allows him to grow, Tony has to rely mainly on it for offence. It is able to manipulate energy with its hands and store it for later use, or expel it immediately. The more energy he has stored, the brighter his visor and the tubes on the armor glow. The visor also has a HUD, displaying armor conditions and energy levels, as well has bioscans of enemies.
Bio: Tony had lived in Peleske City before the incident. He is the son of Robert Valo, founder of Valo Tech. After the incident, Valo Tech began developing an armor system to combat the monsters. After hearing about the Kaiju Resistance Force, he knew he had to help. Sneaking into the testing lab, he attempted to don the armor system. However, being a prototype, it had some complications. Namely, it is bonded to him. It is contained with a matter storage device about the size of hockey puck bonded to his back. To wear the armor, a code phrase is set. “I am the light of tomorrow!” As soon as the user utters this, the matter is expelled in a form of energy around the user. After a few seconds of blinding light, “Tempo” stands ready to fight. (keep in mind, Tempo is just a name Tony gave himself. He’s still Tony in every way.) Tempo wears a red helmet, which has a yellow visor, a white stripe goes vertically down the center. Underneath the visor is a white mouth pla- you know what? Here’s a drawing.
[Image: dLFIB.png][Image: FrJnT.png]
(i know its an old one, needed to show the human)

Tony has a very happy-go-lucky outlook. He’s usually always found smiling, even when in the most bleak of times. Ever friendly, Tony is quick to befriend almost anyone. Being very nimble, even as a human, he is usually sent on rescue duty as he can traverse rubble and broken cities rather well. (think parkour and the like) His greatest fear is letting down those he cares about.
[Image: RF8iZPq.png]
Apologies if it turns out I can't be very active in this roleplay: I'm currently taking part in Journey through Old Inc aswell as one on another site, plus a few small running projects of my own. However, I thought I ought to deliver a character sheet atleast.

Please tell me if anything is wrong, like if it seems over powered.

Monster Name and aliases: Shiomizu & Kibo AKA Abara

Age: 97

Monster type: Sea-dwelling Kaiju.

The part of the Kaiju typically referred to as Shiomizu is a massive, eel like creature, covered in hard, pale-green scales, somewhat like the colour of clay (though with a smooth, pale yellow underbelly). There are two massive flippers/fins on each side of it's body, and it has two long, spindly "arms", with two elbows (so it has an upper, middle and fore arm). The arms end in massive, saber-like claws.
Shiomizu is designed to move in water: it can swim and glide through the water extremely fast and nimbly, but not as fast as certain types of fish and sharks which are more streamlined. While it is a kaiju native to water, Shiomizu can move quite comfortably on land: it moves through a mixture of snake-like writhing movements, and pulling itself along with it's two "claws".
It has a long, thin head which ends in a slightly rounded point, with boney ridges to the left and right ontop. Nostrils are on its snout, but it also has gills located on it's main body just behind it's head. It has two large but narrow eyes on either side of its head, which are a dark amber colour with slit-shaped pupils. The head has a massive jaw, able to stretch extremely wide, and a mixture of bristles and fangs growing from its gums.

While Shiomizu could be a monster by itself, there is of course the second part of the kaiju: Kibo.
Kibo is a humanoid being, sans legs, of no apparant gender (though it does appear to be slightly feminine). Kibo extends from the middle of the top of Shiomizu's head via a long black tendril, which widens into Kibo's torso.
Kibo is extremely gaunt: its ribs are clearly visible through its skin, and it's arms are long and thin. It's cheeks are sunken and chin sharp. However, this deathly thin appearance is not a result of malnourishment: Kibo simply looks this way. Kibo has smooth, cold, slightly scaly skin which is the same colour as Shiomizu's scales, except slightly paler. Shiomizu has a very human face, though it's nose is a lot thinner, with long black (or very dark green) hair, and gills on it's neck.

Height: When simply lying flat on its stomache, Shiomizu is about a story high. It's exact height is hard to measure, as it can rear up, and it obviously doesn't stay perfectly straight when swimming. Add 3 or 4 metres to this height, when taking Kibo and the tendril connecting "her" to Shiomizu into account.

Length: Shiomizu is really pretty damn long. Perhaps as long as most of a city street. Kibo is, of course, not this long, because "she" is a humanoid being (minus having a tendril instead of legs, obviously).

Width: Shiomizu is about as wide as a city street, but slightly smaller, allowing Shiomizu to slither through cities without to much difficuilty. Again, Kibo is obviously not this wide.

Weight: Not as heavy as it looks, but it obviously takes quite a lot of effort to lift it up: it's an impossible task for a human, and quite difficuilt for other kaiju or mecha.

- Blasts of lightning like electricity from the bone ridges on it's head. Very powerful attack, but requires recharge time after being used.
- Electric charge through its body. Enough to kill or seriously injure a human, but only enough to stun or discomfort a kaiju/mecha.
- Blasts of "solid air" or kinetic energy from its mouth to knock back structures and enemies, accompanied by an ear piercing shriek.
- Low-light vision. Able to see very well at night time or in deep, dark water.
- Strong scales. Able to withstand multiple hits from bullets and other attacks.
- Both water and air-breathing.

- Sonar. Can release a super sonic scream (humans can't hear it) from her mouth to get a picture of her surroundings.
- Ear piercing shriek.
- Low-light vision. Able to see very well at night time or in deep, dark water.
- Both water and air-breathing.
- Human level intelligence. Unlike Shiomizu, which is very clever but still just an animal, Kibo is able to feel true emotions, think and communicate with humans through speech.

- Shiomizu's saber claws.

The kaiju, often referred to as "Abara", is not a unique creature. It is part of a species which can be found in and around the oceans of the world, spending most of their time in the deepest seas, hunting out prey. Why they have such humanoid figures coming out of their heads is a mystery, but it might stem from ancient humans tampering in spells and alchemy.
The two parts of all members of this species think and feel seperately, but are connected: if the main part dies, it will kill the humanoid part, and if the humanoid part dies then the main part often dies or goes rabid. While the humanoid part is far more intelligent, the two parts share minor "telepathy", able to sense what the other is feeling, thinking and even sensing. The two parts will rarely disagree and co-operate very well.

Abara is a young specimen, and it was found by the government of Tolera when it was little more than a baby (estimated to be about 20), apparantly lost. It was found blundering around the countryside, terrifying locals but causing more trouble by attracting a few larger monsters looking for some easy but filling prey. Being young, Abara was easily subdued and captured by the government with minimal casualities.
Abara was raised in a special enclosure, where it was carefully monitored. The government made sure it grew up with all of its natural instincts, but managed to alter it through a mix of drugs and slightly hypnotic therapy; it was made less dangerous, loyal to the government, and it's growth was stunted and slowed to make sure it did not reach unmanageable sizes.
When it was old enough, Abara was given its individual names (though the whole thing is still often referred to as "Abara" for convenience) and trained to combat other kaiju and similarly sized/powered threats. It was taught to utilize its natural powers and hunting techniques in true combat against creatures it was simply aiming to kill rather than just subdue and eat.

As it was captured over 70 years ago, the project dedicated to bringing Abara up as a weapon has gone through multiple stages, and has been managed and run by various people, though it has never been shut down and always been met with funding due to the large demand for true, non-mecha Kaiju on the governments side.
In the latest stage of the project, it has been made sure that Abara has developed a connection with the human Joseph Tosari.

Human name:
Joseph Tosari.

Human type: Soldier, Abara's Associate/Handler/"Friend"

Age: 27

Gender: Male

About 6ft tall. Dark brown, close cut hair. Round face, light fuzz of stubble around his chin. Grey eyes. Typically wears dark green and brown army camouflage uniform, with tall brown boots.

Skills: Firearms training, melee combat training, trained to work with Abara.

- SMG. Designed to fire special, slightly explosive bullets to damage larger opponents such as kaiju, though it obviously can't kill one on its own.
- Explosive bullet clips.
- Normal SMG clips. The SMG can fire these aswell, just incase Joseph runs out of the fancy ones.
- Five smoke grenades.
- Radio.

Joseph has a relatively uninteresting background. He was born and lived in the capital of Tolera, and moved out of home at about 19 in order to join the millitary and fight for his people.
After a few years of millitary service and action on the front line, Joseph was transfered to one of the few unique millitary units established by the government to aid in anti-kaiju combat. Joseph fought against a few of the worlds monsters in his time: he was never a hero, but he was present at several large battles with kaiju, and always stood out as a good soldier.

Joseph was again transferred two years ago, to his current position. He was to be part of a project that would require him to interact with the Abara kaiju: the aim of the project was to try and get the kaiju to develop an emotional link, somewhat like a friendship, with a human, who would be able to report back on the kaijus performance in battle. Joseph was chosen for this role rather than a scientist, due to his prior experience with kaiju on the battle field. His millitary training also meant it was less likely that he'd simply be killed in an instant if the kaiju decided to reject him as an associate, as he'd be able to escape (hopefully).

Luckily, things went well for Joseph: due to its upbringing with the government, Joseph was able to bond with the kaiju. He had long talks with the Kibo part, who came to like (or atleast respect) him, thus influencing the Shiomizu part to view Joseph as an ally rather than a tasty scrap or soemthing to be ignored.

Now, Joseph is often at Araba's side when the kaiju is called out to fight. Quite often, Joseph is usually unable to help Araba due to the kaijus obvious superiority in battle, but he fulfills his role by reporting back to the government regarding Araba's performance, and provides both mental and minor battle support to the kaiju.
So far so good, However i want somethings clarified.

Smurf: what exactly is Kindron's Goa'uld Hand Device doing to the mind, is it confusing them or actually destroying their brains? I would be against the destroying the brains, the confuse is fine through. Also his alchemy, does he understand the workings of all his devices enough to make them larger or smaller without destroying them.

Blackmore: Are the nanomachines firing themselves as materials for the missile or does it have normal missiles? Because I think that would be an awesome utility power. Also are they able form the body into different forms? MM - Shades

Lets add some future bios here and see if anyone notices. If you notice make the subject of your next reply: I see the future! Or not.

Name: General Siberia Clairborne
Race: Human.
Gender: Female
Description: She is average height with short crimson hair covering her bangs and two short pony coils on either side. She wears a dark turquoise field jacket and a peaked cap.
Skills: Despite being a highly skilled tank pilot and strategist, she is horrible at hand to hand combat. She is also a capable mechanic.
Equipment: She carries a cane designed by her doting brother that has a high power stun laser, and a heavy magnum-like laser pistol.
Personality: (yeah i know should be defined through actions but this will help me cement it) She is dignified but humble and calm in most situations. She tends to observe before taking the action she deems worthy but in a pinch makes decisions that may not be the best way to handle the situation but work. She is a tank fanatic and one of the few situations when she is not calm is when someone insults them.

Name: Daphne Dougledorf
Race: Human?
Gender: Female
Description A tall blonde with long hair and bright brown eyes. She wears desert military fatigues. She wears a lavender flower on her bucket like helmet.
Skills She is a average-skilled pilot and highly skilled marksman.
EquipmentShe carries a laser sniper rifle and a small caped crusader-esque keychain.
Personality She loves superheroes and aspires to be like them. She can be hyper at times and puts a lot of effort into what she is doing at the time. She pilots the Cricetinae the hampster mech which Dr Skaven designed.

Name: Harvan Nilamorde?
Race: Human?
Gender: Male?
Description He has a full mustache with buzz cut brown hair. He is average height but slightly bulky and wears a blue beret with goldish shades. He is usually sporting green camo but on break times he sports a orange hawaiian shirt with tan shorts/pants and military boots.
Skills He is a highly skilled pilot and mechanic as well as being very adaptable.
EquipmentA plasma shotgun, as well as a combat knife. He wears a strange black pendant that has a slight smell of ink.
Personality/Bio He is a womanizer and very confident. He has an adopted daughter and cares for her deeply despite telling everyone the reason he adopted her was to attract chicks.

Monster name and aliases: She no longer has an actual name but her aliases are Mandrake, The Crimson Forest Maiden, Ironwood Witch.
Kaiju type: Plant Humanoid Daikaiju.
Gender: Female
Description: She is encased in a bronze magical prison suit which is covered in runes. The suit has a single goggle like glass that she can see out off. Her hands are bound by chains and the mitten-like gloves of the suit. Inside the suit lies a short pale white haired girl with blood red eyes. In her hair are scattered red veined leaves and her wrists/ankles are covered by a bracelet of these leaves. She wears a flower-like dress if she gets outside of the armor and is barefoot. When she grows to monstrous size she wears a dress of roots and her hair grows out as well as the leaves turn into branched horns. In both forms she has sharp thorn teeth.
Height/width: She is slightly short and sleek in both forms.
Weight: The Armor is extremely heavy while she is extremely light in human form. Kaiju form she is also rather light for a Kaiju.
Powers She can bite any humanoid (kaiju or human) to implant a seed which can turn them into a sort of zombie which she can control. Her leaves are sharp enough to cut through steel and she can launch them like missiles. She can also control plants by injecting them with tainted humanoid blood which gives them steel durability and quickened growth. However all of these abilities are contained by the armor she has been contained in. Due to being in the heavy armor for so long it was a form of weight training so she is now extremely fast and strong. She is fire resistant, while she will burn do to the high level of iron in humanoid blood she burns slowly. She has a weakness to Telekinesis and Wind type attacks since she is so light, which if combined with fire attacks will eradicate her. However her death unless she transfers her power to a successor, will lead to the death of the entire Ironwood Forest.
Personality: She is rather blunt and cynical, and hated humans for their disrespect for nature. Due to being starved of human blood for so long she speaks slowly and weakly. If she gets released from her prison she will talk normally. She loves plants with all her heart. Her knowledge of the outside world since she was imprisoned is limited to a local tv station.
Equipment: Her armor was created by Kamatose to seal her power so she would stop her war on mankind. Only a master of sealing magic can break the spell without Kamatose's approval. It prevents most of her abilities and is incredibly durable and heavy.
Bio: In the past she waged a war on humans who were cutting down the forest to build homes and other wood supplies. However Kamatose stopped her from annihilating the human settlement and placed her in the pyramid she lies in today leaving a guardian to watch over her and make sure she doesn't escape.

Monster Name and aliases:Crescara. Jade Silvadae
Monster type:Telepathic mammalian Kaiju
Gender: Female
Kaiju Description Crescara is a black with silver stripes mammal resembling a badger or weasel with a horse-like mane of bright grey hair the length of her body. She has an extra set of 3 teeth on the sides of her snout and her mouth has 2 rows of teeth. Her tail is long and sleek, her eyes are a strange turquoise.
Human Description Jade is woman wearing a dark blue dress with long elbow-cut sleeves. She has short brown hair with silver streaks and strange turquoise eyes, her skin a dark tan.
Height length and width: Cascara is pretty much the kaiju equivalent of a bulky weasel. If that helps. Her human form is average human.
Weight: Average for both kaiju and human
Powers: Crescara has powerful telepathic powers and is able to confuse/pacify opponents, read minds, sense living creatures, and can fully transfer her mind and abilities to one host. However this leaves her original body vulnerable to attack and the effectiveness of her abilities depends on the targets mental strength. Usually she tries to catch people unaware with her mental attacks, as most intelligent people develop a resistance after repeated exposure. Besides her mental abilities she is also a skilled melee fighter and has very tough skin. She also has a natural immunity to intoxication, as highly alcoholic water was the only drinkable liquid on her home planet.
Gear: Cascara carries a large metal Canister on her back filled with pristine water from her home planet that she can drink. While it has healing properties the high alcoholic content will intoxicate most creatures if consumed.
Bio: Having crash landed on the planet, an unconscious Crescara was captured by the mafia and entered into a Kaiju survival tournament. In order to survive the harsh conditions she took over the mind of a braindead woman by the name of Jade Silvadae and switching between the forms she triumphed and was granted a wish. She saw an opportunity to test a theory and had no desire to return home so she asked to marry one of the ringleaders, Felix Beltro. She was going to take the most blackhearted fiend and turn him into be a kind and noble soul thru force of will and mental abilities. While the other sponsors of the contest approved of her marrying Felix, Beltro's wife, Lorial Concord, did not and accused Cascara of cheating. To prove she wasn't Loriel entered her into the contest again, this time Cascara faced against higher odds and Lorial's dirty tricks. This time she would have died if the Mafia's head scientist Zaltruke Clotsworthy hadn't discovered her true motives behind marrying Beltro and finding them amusing, he pulled some strings to help Jade best Lorial's worst schemes. Having pulled through the contest again, Crescara Demanded her own freedom and Beltro's hand in marriage. This time Lorial couldn't fight the crowd's wishes and divorced Beltro, swearing revenge. Jade thanked Zaltruke and told him that he will never have to fear her revealing his secrets, swearing it as an oath. However She did tell him that his life was forfeit if he ever sought to destroy her plans for Beltro. This was ten years ago.
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You know...I never actually thought about the missile thing, I made a few edits and it is now about what you expected. As for the forming into a different body, yes, that's the basis of the 3 live gimmick he'll have, Daichi has programmed several subroutines into Erdebau for different scenarios with this current form, trying to shift form mid-fight would be a bad idea with this version.
Well, here goes some/nothing. I'm not very good at describing things, especially not at something like Crepeskul (english is not my first language). I might draw him sometime later or touch up his description a bit. Same goes for Arisa, although later maybe, considering she is a bit more conventional of a thing.

Monster Name and aliases: Crepeskul AKA the Twilit Figure
Age: Around 4000 years old
Monster type: Supernal entity of light and darkness (Akin to some people's definition of a god)
[spoiler='If you prefer not to read my measly description or it isn't enough, this will help:'][Image: crepeskul25percent.png]
Special effects and overal exact appearance not included.[/spoiler]
Crepeskul is an figure made of bright, white-bluish light that is shrouded in darkness. Said darkness looks like an attire with hood that is unravelling. No face features can be distinguished because it's so bright. A pair of seemingly feathered blinding wings sprouts from his back, and a third wing is placed just a little lower in between the pair.
Dimensions: Crepeskul's figure alone is about 75 meters high. He's often hovering at a greater height. His length and width are normal for someone of his height. He has a normal build.
Weight: Crepeskul is really, really light for something of his size. However, it's still impossible for humans to lift him. Lifting him in general is rather difficult considering his immateriality.
  • Searing Rays: One of Crepeskul's powers is to shoot rays of light. These rays are so intense they WILL set its target on fire. Oftentimes, they shoot out of his shoulders in a barrage. It can also be used in a touch attack.
  • Shroud of Cold Darkness: The other side of Crepeskul can expel darkness from his gleaming openings. The darkness will block and drain all heat, thus everything caught within is likely to be frozen. Like the rays, this can also be used in close quarters.
  • Black Dawn: Because everything needs at least something over the top. Using a spiralling Shroud of Cold Darkness, Crepeskul will attempt to freeze the target solid. If it succeeds, he will fire off a massive Searing Ray from his chest that can completely eliminate a frozen foe. To achieve this quick finish, the target needs to be frozen and the beam needs to land directly. If one of these factors is missing, the attack can still inflict high damage. However, it is actually somewhat exhausting for Crepeskul and also very destructive, meaning Arisa will not use it unless necessary.
  • Flight: He DOES have three wings to work with, and can fly at rather high speeds.
  • Immaterial: Crepeskul is almost spiritual, and hardly material. Thus, not only do you need to catch up with him, you also have to hit him right or the force is lost to the air. Arisa (and others of House Black) can sit on the giant entity as if he were material, however. It's also for this reason that Crepeskul causes little to no structural damage unless he's attacking: He'll just shift through the city.
  • Communication: When summoned, Crepeskul is capable of echoing speech. When unsummoned, he's able to whisper telepathically to Blacks holding the emblem and people near said Blacks. Blacks can reply to Crepeskul in the same manner.
  • Spiritual Sense: Crepeskul is capable of looking into souls, as well as other spiritual things.
Bio: Crepeskul is a mysterious being of two conflicting elements that has been viewed with both trust and mistrust as a result of being composed of light and darkness (that and being a lot of stories high). The first one to find a way to control him was Lord Souleph Black, and House Black has ever since been able to control Crepeskul or at least reason with him. This, needless to say, has not always been used well.

Crepeskul will be using the 3 life gimmick. In fact, he has more lives. However, after the third life the Blacks lose control over him as he goes rogue, so you can still consider him lost (this is potentially even worse as you have another monster wrecking places).

Human name: Lady Arisa Black
Age: 23 years
Gender: Female
Description: Arisa is a pretty female with ice blue eyes and long black and silver hair. Said hair is long and needs to be kept. At shoulder length it's kept in twin tails that continue beyond the end of her back.
Arisa is often seen in a black coat with white sleeves, and very long black boots. She pretty much radiates an aura of class.
[spoiler=If this is not clear enough, I hope this is:]
[Image: arisablack25percenttext.png][/spoiler]
Bio: Lady Arisa is a member of House Black, a noble family with a... rather interesting history. Ever since Souleph Black discovered how to control Crepeskul, things have been a mixed bag for his whole family. Some members actually misused control over the twilit figure, and even the majority that didn't had it hard considering Crepeskul's nature.
Arisa has to deal with an usual level of moderate distrust, since she is now the controller of something most people can't fathom. However, she deals with it rather well. Arisa's personality is subconsciously influenced by Crepeskul: At lightest, she is friendly if not a bit witty. At her darkest, she is a whole lot more snarky and has slightly darker tendencies.
  • Crepeskul Warp (As long as Crepeskul is summoned, Arisa can warp on and from him)
  • Crepeskul Telepathy(Arisa can communicate telepathically with Crepeskul as long as he is unsummoned)
  • Nimble (What it says on the tin)
  • Extreme strategic potential (While Crepeskul is highly clever, Arisa often rides his shoulder to have her say in battle. It often has better results)
  • Good training (She has had some training. You think she'd get that Black Raygun otherwise?)
  • Archmage (Arisa will master magic quicker, most notably the same type of powers as Crepeskul does)
Other assets:
  • Retainers (She is royal. Of course she has them. Very useful outside of combat, in combat she can do much more through Crepeskul)
  • Wealth
Gear: Arisa holds the Black Emblem, the thing that amplifies the Blacks ability to control Crepeskul. Also, she's the first of her bloodline to hold the Black Raygun, a raygun that can fire very intense light just like the entity does (although less powerful, it can still hurt a Kaiju). However, Arisa very much prefers to just use Crepeskul if she can.

I'm not sure if Arisa will eventually get an arc.

[spoiler=EDIT 1: Crepeskul's image added. Expect more edits. Also expect size edits soon.]
EDIT 1.5: Instead of a big skyscraper, I now measure in an average one. Also combined the fields in dimensions. Prettied up the lists, and elaborated on Arisa's assets.
1.6: Adjusted to 75 meters. Thanks, Trai!

[spoiler=EDIT 2: Elaborated further on Arisa's description, added an over-the-top attack to Crepeskul, and most importantly added a picture. Expect a scan later.]
2.1: Scan done!
2.2: Added Crep's ability to see souls. This is not for my convenience, since it fits him perfectly.
2.3: Added the Archmage-ness thing to Arisa. Also separated her actual skills from her other assets and removed the good looks. That last modification means nothing. She's still all classy and beautiful... Or are my drawing skills that bad? Tongue

EDIT 3: All edits past the large ones are spoilered for your convenience. Also, Added an appendix on House Black below.


[spoiler=House Black]
House Black is a noble family that has been around for several millennia. But it wasn't until Souleph Black established contact with Crepeskul and eliminated duplicitous religion abusing the Twilit Figure's power that its influence became big. As time passed, good and bad members of House Black came and went, and Crepeskul continued to judge. When technology rose in importance, the house further rose in power because it had capabilities for magic that was slowly being forgotten.

Nowadays, House Black is located in a couple of area's, the most notable actually being Tolera.
[Image: 115725022s25v02fvmnno0.jpg.thumb.jpg]
(Yes, I know that's the Orzhov guildgate, but House Black shares its theme with Orzhov and the building fits)

While House Black consists of the house members itself, they also have three more groups below them.

Bright Retinue: The servants of House Black on the face of the organisation, such as retainers like Arisa's. Some also have a job in a Dim Department.
Dim Departments: Unbeknownst to the outside world, House Black also has groups of experts on non-magical fields, such as electronics. Nowadays, they do whatever they can to support Arisa.
Circle of Dusk: This group consists of mages that support House Black in magical matters. The outside world can only guess that the house has such magical support.

[Image: jWFQYSO.png]
(01-07-2012, 05:10 PM)Traidon Wrote: So far so good, However i want somethings clarified.

Smurf: what exactly is Kindron's Goa'uld Hand Device doing to the mind, is it confusing them or actually destroying their brains? I would be against the destroying the brains, the confuse is fine through. Also his alchemy, does he understand the workings of all his devices enough to make them larger or smaller without destroying them.

basically means it destroys their brains. For destroying their brains, it takes a few minutes before it does enough damage to the brain to kill someone. which for balancing purposes, the opponent would be able to strike back while Kindron is using the power. If I have to, i can change to something less severe.

And yes, he know how his devises work well enough to make them bigger or smaller without destroying them. He just doesn't know enough to change materials from one material to another, like say changing lead to gold.
Now that i have thought about it more The brain destruction is fine, of course that's a huge moral choice, and i doubt he will use it often. Also there will be creatures with different brain structures that might be able to withstand that or be completly immune. Its fine.

Also Crepeskull...is unique.. I like him
Imagination has the power to change everything
You should enjoy the little detours, to the fullest. Because that's where you'll find the things more important than what you want
Believe in justice and hold a determination to fist

Monster Name and aliases: RBX-001 Goliath
[spoiler=Mech][Image: M5.jpg][/spoiler]
Age: 1
Monster type: Medium Mech
Description: The Goliath is a prototype mech build to fight against the oncoming threat of the Kaiju. Armed with long to close range armaments the Goliath is able to dispatch most threats with relative ease. The main draw back of the Goliath is it longevity in combat, with a limited ammo count and the threat is proving to be a problem the Goliath may have to resort to hand to hand combat.
Height : 13.97 meters or 45.83 feet
Weight: 80 tons
Powers:The power source for the mech is a JOX-457 fusion engine that can kick out speeds of 72.8 Km/h (45.24mph) with out overheating. The mech is also equipped with cooling rods to super cool weapons for rapid successional firing. The mech may also super charge the weapons fire rate but the engine will super heat and eventually explode if shut down is overridden. The Goliath is also equipped with jump jets and boosters for high manoeuvrability.
Armaments:The main weapon of the Goliath is a arm mounted “Thor's Hammer” it utilizes a series of electromagnets to propel slugs of ferrous nickel-iron alloy at extremely high velocities. Thor's Hammer is one of the heaviest battlefield weapons in existence, and has a correspondingly high damage potential. While the Thor's Hammer is extremely powerful, it also suffers from a number of setbacks. The heavy projectile fired by the rifle experiences a significant loss of velocity, so it is weaker at greater distances. The recoil from the weapon is so great that the rifle cannot be mounted in a vehicle's turret and a mech firing the rifle may even be knocked down by the recoil.
Secondary weapons consist of two LRM (long-range missile) banks on either shoulder, an arm mounted 20mm auto-loading explosive round cannon and 4 chest mounted Gatling Machine Guns.

[spoiler=pic][Image: hLCqu.jpg][/spoiler]
Human name: Lt. Riley 'Slayer' Gordon
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Description:He has almond shaped emerald green eyes with thick, straight, short light blond hair is worn in a complex style and is often never the same. His skin is white. His wardrobe is attractive and unusual, some what of a trend setter. When talking to others he comes across as a cheerful and self assured man. He's very cocky and wont listen to others when they tell him what to do, this makes him very impatient and wild. He can be very gullible at times and takes things at face value. Even in dire straits he is still very competitive and will always try to come out on top, this makes him a very driven person and can lead him to be impulsive.
Skills: Agile (fast with good reflex), Appearance (his hot), Dead Eye(Pin-point accuracy) , Ego(cocky), Flunkies(groupies), Lightning Draw(quick draw), Luck(lucky), Mech Piloting(Goliath), Military Training(full), smart(tactical and calculating) Wealth(rich)
Bio: Born to a high ranking director of the defence force Riley had it all. At a young age he trained hard to be what his father wanted him to be the best of the best, but as he grew older he started to sway from his father to more interesting things. Riley knew he was the best and acted on it he'd show off any opportunity he could this got him in to trouble at times, so he used his father as leverage. Outraged his father sent him to military school where just like before he excelled.
After a few years Riley had caught the attention of many different people and with the Kaiju attack the board decided they needed a front man to try and keep the calm, with his good looks and top skills Riley was picked. Against his fathers wishes Riley was happy to take the limelight not thinking of the consequences.
Gear: Light pistol, Assault rifle, CVR Tactical body armour, Comb, Mirror x2, Hair Spray, First Aid Kit, Cyclone FC-001

The Cyclone is a tough, durable piece of hardware that maximizes the versatility, survivability, and lethality of an individual soldier. In vehicle mode, the various models of Cyclone resemble mundane if slightly futuristic motorcycles, but with a flick of a switch the Cyclone unfolds and attaches to the rider's CVR armour and combines to encase the wearer in powered armour, providing greatly increased protection and agility on such a small scale as to be previously unheard of.

[spoiler=CYCLE MODE][Image: MEC_65_2_1155.gif][/spoiler]
Length: 2.4m (7.1ft)
Height: 1.2m (3.8ft)
Width: 0.5m (1.6ft)
Max speed: 200kph (124mph)

[spoiler=ARMOUR MODE][Image: MEC_65_1_5047.gif][/spoiler]
Height: 2.5m (7.2ft)
Breadth: 1.0m (3.3ft)
Depth: 1.7m (5.4ft)
Max flight speed: 60 kph (assuming 85 kg pilot)
Max walking speed: Approx. 25% greater than pilot's top running speed.
Monster Name and aliases: AMCR-TM06r "Alchemic Janitor"
Age: 4.5
Monster type: Mecha*
Description: In Default(combat) mode, AMCR-TM06r roughly resembles some sort of odd beetle with some attributes of an oddly domeshaped battleship. When all of its concealable armaments are put away, it is a meduimly shallow dome only slightly longer than it is width, with two large cannons on either side of its upper half and three large main missile pods behind those cannons. The dome has a few sections that seem to be made/contain a large hose/pipe like structure, while the rest of it is riddled in panels and the occasional light. Attached to the dome are six rotate and swivel capable thruster like devices roughly shaped like something inbetween a barrel and an egg.
In clean up mode, the many thin cables coming from the middle of its underside makes it look much more like a jellyfish.

Height : It is comparedly short compared to other giant entities of its nature.
Length & Width: It's both wider and longer than it is high. However it is slightly longer than it is wide.
Weight: Varies, sometimes greatly. Its not too heavy when "expended/empty", but can gain considerable weight from there.

Powers: AMCR-TM06r has the ability to slowly "digest" most "substances" (if its close enough to matter, its likely it can process it) and convert it into one of a few various types psuedo-matter. It can then quickly process a compatible type of available psuedomatter into useful things provided instructions and design specs are provided and available. The conversion from psuedomatter to useful things is quick enough to be practical in combat, allowing it to create its own ammo and its own energy.

1)Three large missile pods capable of launching 8 missiles of various types.
2) 2 large heavy artillery cannons.
3) Several smaller dual cannons.
-- Not really armaments, but notable in that they could technically be used as such--
4) 6 gravity thrusters: Each "thruster" has enough power to keep the mecha floating, the other 5 are for redundacy. If a lot of extra power and the correct software to both override safeties and regulate the process each engine would also be capable of creating high or low gravity fields around AMCR-TM06r. It wouldn't be too much trouble to physically modify one of them into a gravity beam cannon if the correct parts were provided.
5)Many many cleaning cables: These are small (like a thicker than normal powercord) rough, blackish cables AMCR-TM06r uses to scrape hazardous or damaged areas and send the waste to the psuedomatter. Although highly mobile, they have little lifting power, even as the entire set.
6)Many many repair cables: Pretty much a fancy welder/glue gun attached to a cord, only the "glue" could be various other materials. Used to repair damage to the city. Like the cleaning cables, they are highly mobile, but have little lifting power.

Bio: When Trash monster type 6 was killed, it was soon discovered that some of its remains still had some activity left in it. Further research determined that these remains not only contained the monsters amazing ability to process waste and hazardous materials, but it could be controlled, and told to make more useful things on command. Thus AMCR-TM06r was designed and built to both safely house the bulk of the monsters remains and made use of its abilities to defend and more importantly, help clean up afterwards.
It's nickname derives from it tendancy to be deployed just to clean up and repair the city from any issue big enough to warrent something near its size (thus its the cities "janitor") and the near alchemy like ability to convert things from one thing to another. The remains have been growing, and routine maintainance sometimes removes the excess and puts it to use in other projects.


Human name: Shyna Antisolune
Human type: Super Soldier fungus
Age: 19
Gender: F
Description: Average height, average weight. She's cute, but not especially attractive. Well for a girl with a yellow mushroom cap keeping her glowing yellow eyes in the shade. Normally found wearing a altered yukata/other japanese type dress thing, modified for (more) practicality in combat situations. Or military fatigues if she really needs to be.
--The most notable skill Shyna has is that she can create various sizes of soft glowing spheres of sunlight, that are much easier to look directly at that say, a lightbulb, yet give off as much light. THey're practically harmless, as really the most she can do with them is possibly make a beachball or larger one and stand over someone for a few hours and she MIGHT give them a sunburn. They're useful for generating solar power though. When shes releases them from her possession, they slowly disappate. The spheres are solid enough to pick up, but not enough to actually deal damage if thrown.
-- Long expired food has no effect on Shyna and she pretty much gains the same nutrition from it as she would from when it was fresh.
--Caffiene has no long term effects on Shyna.
-- Shyna technically does not require sleep. However she's hard wired to be VERY sleepy during the day, and she will probably quickly fall asleep with the aide of caffiene.
-- Shyna actually did receive the super soldier training, however since physically she performs as well as a normal human, most of it didn't stick. She's about as profient as a well trained soldier.

Bio: When super soldier cloning/creation programs go horribly wrong, they usually either create a giant threat or in a stroke of luck create something better than expected (and then explode). Shyna's the rare case of what happens when not that big a deal happens. Somehow a rare glowing fungi ended up in one of the chambers, and thus Shyna was born. Not quite knowing what to do with her, they trained her along side the successes, and then, not quite having a use for her, set her off into the world along with that unusual outfit of hers. She'd soon join up with whatever military agency would take her.

Gear: Magnum, modified handgun with laser sight, Combat knife, thermos filled with coffee, and a stupidly durable coffee mug with removable lid. Also a belt that all that clips onto or is held in its pockets/holster. Also extra ammo for said guns.
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Character of missilePony:

Human Name: "Steele"
Human Type: Cybernetically Enhanced Human
Age: 30s
Gender: Male
Description: Steele is a tall, muscular man with slightly tanned skin and prematurely grey hair. His eyes are a vaguely unnatural blue, while the whites are tinted slightly grey. Though usually hidden by clothing, various scars, mostly small, are scattered across his body. His normal clothing is typically a mundane but vaguely formal black suit. His combat clothing tends to be either normal camouflage with body armor or a powered exoskeleton.

The exoskeleton increases Steele's size, leaving him to tower over most people even more, as well as protecting and boosting his strength further. It is a sleek, mostly grey metal suit with a large pack attached to the back; it contains various sensors and other devices. The head largely resembles an armored gas-mask, though there appear to be two small, extra eyes on the right side; one above, one below and slightly beside the main one. Though usually hidden, various small, magnetized clamps are available to securely attach equipment.

Steele's enhancements are almost exclusively internal; there are very few visible marks that clearly indicate their existence.

Skills: Steele has extensive combat training and experience, particularly in dealing with the smaller (relatively) monsters. Outside of his skills and heavy armament, his enhancements and natural strength mean he can physically outlast, outpace, and overpower almost any human combatant even before using the exoskeleton. These advantages are only increased by similarly enhanced senses. He is also functionally immune to telepathic assault.

Bio: A soldier with a great deal of experience fighting the Kaiju. He was transferred from an unknown government organization and attached to the KRF to provide additional experience, skills, and firepower.

Gear: Steele has access to a fairly extensive amount of equipment through his original organization.

Primary List:
Assault Rifle: A specialized rifle designed to fire unusually large, powerful rounds. It is typically loaded with explosive or incendiary ammunition. Relatively normal, armor piercing rounds are available for more mundane targets, though the sheer speed with which they are fired means the weapon is overkill for almost all human opponents. Its weight makes it difficult for most people to properly wield.

A grenade launcher is mounted on the underside of the barrel for additional firepower.

Shotgun: A specialized shotgun designed to fight Kaiju, it also fires atypical rounds. Most of its ammunition is explosive or incendiary, though more mundane rounds are also available. It also tends to be overkill for most human targets. Like the rifle, it is heavy enough to be difficult to properly wield for most people.

Pistol: A specialized pistol that rivals normal assault rifles in power. It is one of the only anti-personnel weapons Steele ever uses. Less effective against Kaiju of any sort, though still a nasty surprise if he can find a weak point. Almost always on his person, though it is not always visible in or out of combat.

Combat Knife: A sharp, extremely durable knife. It has a sleek design that does not seem entirely normal. if it does break or dull it regenerates.

Grenades: Both normal grenades and grenades for the rifle-mounted launcher. Both have a much higher power than normal. Also smoke grenades.

High Explosives: Various, high-power explosives carried in small amounts if at all. Only a single charge is carried in most cases, though more are available if the need is predicted.

Exoskeleton: The armored exoskeleton. Useful only to him due to the configuration of both it and his enhancements.
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Character of Blackhook:

Name: Selinka
Gender: Female
Age: Appears to be around 16-20. She doesn't remember her true age
Description: Selinka is a young looking woman of slim build and normal height. She looks unnaturally pretty with a doll like face with a skin as white as snow, almost light blue. She keeps her eyes closed. She has long gradient blue curly hair. She wears some sort of robe, similar to a priestess with long sleeves and fur trimming around the neck part.
Abilities: Floating, around 1m from the ground. Even though she's a "spirit" she still has a tangible body. She is also capable to forcibly make people calm down, though it doesn't work on non-humans and humans with a very strong will. Also she is able to see and sense souls.
Bio: On a cold and snowy night, a young girl, who for some unknown reason was outside, met a giant yeti. She expected to be killed by it but instead ended up befriending it. The girl didn't want to return from were she came from and stayed with the yeti, until she froze to death. The yeti turned out to be the forgotten guardian of snowy mountains - Moro, who saddened by the girl's passing collected its soul and put it back in its body, using some of his magic. The girl was revived as a snow spirit, sharing a deep link with the mountain guardian. The girl couldn't remember any events before meeting Moro, but she didn't mind and became the guardian's companion and his messenger.
Personality: She is rather cold and aloof towards humans. She doesn't know why, but she's not too fond of them, but she tries to hide the fact. She acts friendly towards animals and non-humans, and she acts like a big sister towards Moro.
Gear:Besides her clothes she wears an armband, which contains the Crystal of Moro. By shattering it she can summon Moro. After he is no longer needed, he vanishes and the crystal reforms.


Monster Name and aliases: Moro, the guardian of snowy mountains.
Age: He was around since the first snowy mountains.
Monster type: Ancient Giant Yeti
Description: His main body is round and covered in fur, only thing that can be seen is his mouth with black lips that is placed on the mid part his body. A pair of sharp teeth are sticking out. The rest of his teeth are pillar like and smooth, except the tips are covered in sharp edges. Has two long gorilla like arms that sprout from the upper part of his body. Has for legs without noticeable feet similar to an elephant. His fur is white, but due to being surrounded by cold air and ice particles, it appears to by rainbow colored.
When he is summoned, it's always accompanied by the sudden appearance of northern lights, followed by the appearance of his giant eyes (Yellow with a multicolored iris). Then his body appears like some sort of mirage.
Size : Orga sized (about 60 -70 meters high)
Weight: 40k tons
Powers: As a snow guardian it has the ability to manipulate the cold and ice and use it in various ways. Since his body isn't really made out of flesh, it can regenerate himself by covering the wounds in ice. He can also freeze his fur to create a spiky shell around himself. Can create large icicles by freezing the water in the air and fire them at enemies. Isn't very fast, but can make up for it by curling into a ball and roll forward.
Personality: Baby like and innocent, though when forced he can become a ferocious beast. Really likes humans.
Imagination has the power to change everything
You should enjoy the little detours, to the fullest. Because that's where you'll find the things more important than what you want
Believe in justice and hold a determination to fist

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