(We pay you) Tiles and Sprites needed
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(We pay you) Tiles and Sprites needed
It has been surely a long time since I posted here in the forum, but nonetheless the reason why I do so, is because of a urgend matter.

You see, there are graphic artists which can create a varied amount of different tilesets and sprites.
And then we got those, which a artist cannot work with at all.

I in particular have a weakness with ice-type styled tiles and even normal ground tiles. So because our programmer cannot do anything without any new material, I need new spriters to help in the completion of our long time project (I also have a creative block, which doesn't help me at all).

This time I am willing to pay money so we finally can advance.
So, is anyone interrested to help us?

"That was me as well!"
(Or if you prefer moon speak...)
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19-11-2016, 09:05 AM
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RE: (We pay you) Tiles and Sprites needed
Hello, Thanatos-Zero.

I am certainly willing to help you out with your project. Is it just tile-sets that you need? May I ask what type of project this is - RPG, side-scroller, etc. ?

Feel free to let me know.
21-11-2016, 10:09 PM
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