Robot Master Name Masterlist
Hello there. I noticed my Pole Man is in the list.(I ditched the symbols a while ago, FYI.)
Uh, yeah... Just letting you know, that design is obsolete. He's been re-designed a couple times; the latest as of this post is right up in my sprite thread in INC. Thanks in advance.
Alright, I'm here to drop off the Robot Masters of mine that are still missing, along with some other miscellanea only I could report. Note that a Robot Master marked in italics is already on the list, but needs aspects of their documentation changed or updated.

Mega Man Virulence
The set of 8 Robot Masters who now, after peer review and revision, make up the setlist for Mega Man Virulence, a fangame concept I want to explore one day. We'll see.

Wire Man [Labeled as Stray]
Poison Man [Labeled as Stray]
Chopper Man
Delete Man
Fog Woman [Labeled as Stray]
Tide Man
Satellite Man
Heart Man [Labeled as Stray]

Virulence Sequel Hopefuls
I'm not really sure what to call these guys. I built them for Virulence, because at one point I was mad enough to attempt planning out an entire trilogy of fangames. Some I definitely like more than others, some definitely have distinctly more chance of making it to the final game than others. But that implies I'd actually get to make said sequels.

Malware [Labeled as Stray]
Blackout Man
Kindle Man
Light Man
Psychic Man
Chrono Man
Gamble Woman [Labeled—though I suppose not incorrectly—as part of the SIBRE League]
Horror Man
Split Man [Labeled as Stray]
Grave Man [Labeled as Stray]
Mirage Man
Seeker Man [Labeled as Stray]

Wily Vortex Squad
Really small cast of four RMs I whipped together as part of a crossover fanfiction, their name coming from them being part of Wily's gambit to lure Mega Man into an interdimensional vortex. Not very thoroughly fleshed out; most of the reason they existed was to give Mega Man some starting weapons in the story. All four of them are presently labeled as Stray.

Sleet Man
Blast Man
Boxing Man
Stalagmite Man

My actually stray RMs
In truth, this chart has done a great job of keeping track of my miscellaneous RMs—it has RMs on it that I've managed to forget I made. There are only a few missing fellows, and a couple that need to be updated.

Asphalt Man [Presently labeled as being mine when the concept was outright given to Jace]
Dimension Man [Presently labeled as being solely mine, when he was in fact a joint effort between myself and ProtoMan01]
Shard Man

Mega Man Heroes
These fellows were made as part of a Mega Man role-play that took place on the Mighty Number Nine forums. Due to the nature of how the story unfolded, the characters were introduced by a few different people, so the creator of each individual character is listed in parentheses beside their name. They're also divided into two equal subgroups, if this would be relevant information to the tier/game names, so I've listed them underlined below.

Dr. Bridget's Robots
Wire Man (Eronigig)
Mole Man (Zerukin)
Pillow Man (Eronigig)
Yarn Man (Zerukin)
Snap Man (Zerukin)
Jazz (Zerukin)
Titan (Zerukin)

Dr. Menton's Robots
Drift Man (Zerukin)
Marble Man (Zerukin)
Toon Man (Zerukin)
Hydro Man (Zerukin)
Blaze Man (Zerukin)
Warp Man (CHAOS_FANTAZY/Zerukin)
Pseudo Woman (Zerukin)
Trance (Zerukin)
Chimera (Lienn)

Mega Man: Apocalypse Now
Submitted on behalf of my good buddy, Varogon Razorwing, who made these Robot Masters. He made them as part of a fangame concept when I was coming up with Virulence, and while I believe he has no plans to move forward with any of them, I think he'd want them to be mentioned here.

Meteor Man
Fissure Man
Flood Man
War Man
Nuke Man
Plague Man
Ruin Man [Labeled as stray]
Rage Man
Apocalypse Man

I might be by with other stuff missing from this megalist later, but I feel like this is a fine start.
Gathered some OCs from /mmg/ and our booru. Tried to find creators for what I could, didn't bother checking for repeats in the spreadsheet because fuuuck that I'm tired already.
Will update this if I ever find who made Vintage/Bolt/Radar or if I have something wrong.

---Mega Man /mmg/(game)---

-Ace Woman (Dr. Pott)
-Stealth Woman (Vidya-cat)
-Snow Woman (Dr. Pott)
-Volt Woman (Dr. Pott)
-Canyon Man (Dr. Pott)
-Sound Man (Vidya-cat)
-Steel Man (Vidya-cat)
-Vintage Man (???)
-Test Woman (MutantYoshi)

---/mmg/ Wily Contest(tier)---

-Spirit Woman (TnAnon)
-Crab Man (SeptimalGemini)
-Amp Man (LateAthayde)
-Treasure Man (TnAnon)
-Industry Man (Sylandrophol)
-Gun Man (SStheoneandonly)
-Chef Man (SStheoneandonly)

---No tier/Strays?---

-Hazard Man (PWBM)
-Gold Woman (Sylandrophol)
-Post Man (campanella)
-Fragrance Woman (Dr. Pott)
-Capo Man (PWBM)
-Sleuth Man (Dr. Pott)
-Disc Man (Dr. Pott)
-Dullahan Woman (Vidya-cat)
-Mine Man (Silver)
-Satellite Woman (Ren'py Anon)
-Sloth Man (TnAnon)
-Bolt Woman
-Radar Woman
-Hypno Man (Silver)
-Plastic Water Bottle Man (PWBM)
-Pasta Man (SStheoneandonly)

Also, do you guys take mavericks? We got 2 mavericks:

-Gun Mandrake (SStheoneandonly/Dr. Pott/PWBM)
-Downpour Croaker (PWBM)

I just wasted so much of my night.
(23-12-2016, 01:48 AM)Gun Man Wrote: didn't bother checking for repeats in the spreadsheet because fuuuck that I'm tired already.

Thankfully, the spreadsheet does these repeat checks automatically, so no one has to try and find that out.

(23-12-2016, 01:48 AM)Gun Man Wrote: Also, do you guys take mavericks? We got 2 mavericks:

-Gun Mandrake (SStheoneandonly/Dr. Pott/PWBM)
-Downpour Croaker (PWBM)

At the moment, we do not track Mavericks. There's a lot less of them out there, and with the two word naming scheme (tracking the first word alone is not fair because Storm Eagle and Storm Owl) there's far more variety available, making significant repeats very unlikely (though not impossible).
Vist man
Bazooka man
Knife woman
Button man
Snow man
Mist Woman
Airco man
Earthquake man
Waterfall woman

My Fake robot master list. Tongue
[Image: Sprites%20inc%20sign%201_zpsx9rx8kev.png]
Creating with Sprites in 2009. Undecided
Feel free to add the weird MM2 edit RMs from my WIP fangame SKULL MAN KILLS 2.

Fisher (bubble)
Forecast (air)
Quicker (quick)
Slag (heat)
Ivy (wood)
Slice (metal)
Beam (flash)
Stealthbomb (crash)
[Image: d03b37145145880c6532998fa3a49c20.png]
Here's my TWITTER
Might as well put my designs here for insurance.

Text list:
Amp Man
Claw Man
Hyper Man
Tundra Man
Pyro Woman
Pelvis Man
Platinum Man
Web Man
Since I'm completely re-working my Robot Master List by re-vamping some of my old RMs and even weeding out those who don't fit the bill ("Otaku Man"? SERIOUSLY?), I just thought I'd toss in the ones I've done before (some of 'em may share the same name as the other RMs on here), if that's fine with you folks.


- Hail Man
- Banana Man
- Blast Man (Fire-themed to fit with his EXE counterpart)
- Hydro Man (I wanted to go for a "trap" feel for his design)
- Totem Man
- Plague Man
- Whirl Man
- Tinker Man
- Glitch Man
- Slime Man
- Paper Man
- Punish Man (Executioner-themed RM)
- Thunder Man
- Gas Man
- Desert Man
- Phase Man


- Scythe Woman
- Tilt Woman
- Meteor Woman
- Tesla Woman
- Poison Woman
- Spook Girl
- Chemical Woman
- Gust Woman
- Snow Woman (based on the Yuki-Onna of Japanese folklore)
- Murk Woman
- Grime Woman
- Harpy Woman
- Steel Woman
- Algid Woman
- Crush Woman
- Pumpkin Woman
- Apple Woman (I has Sir Issac Newton in mind)
- Flurry Woman
I see my 9-boss is there. Yes, I'm teamxkproductions.
And I have been working on a Megaman-clone called Cream's Adventure.
Due to me writing the story, it really didn't really fit in with the MM universe, so I ditched the RM naming convention.

JoltWoman -> Joltomaton
SoldierMan -> Autosoldat
AimMan -> Sniperoid
HeavyMan -> Scwerbot
CureWoman -> Cureton
FixMan -> Fixotron
DemolitionMan -> Destructroid
IncinerateMan -> Incinertron
StealthWoman -> Stealthroid
I wrote wayyyyyy too many robot masters

Seriously, I felt like I went a bit overboard^^;

Just for the sake of not having you guys read through a long wall of text,I'm just gonna post the very first line I made: The DCN(Dr Craft Numbers)

DCN-01 Cross Man
DCN-02 Rookie
(one named Beta was going to be here,but I removed him out of the equation)
DCN-04 Kawaii Woman
DCN-05 Smoke Man
DCN-06 Comet Man
DCN-07 Stegosaurus Man
DCN-08 Fridge Man
DCN-09 Harpoon Man
DCN-10 Coil Woman
DCN-11:Whirlwind Woman

And the extra ones:
DCN-12: Kitsune Woman
DCN-13: Combat Man
Licensed Game=Cash In

Well, most of the time anywho

(15-03-2017, 02:56 PM)Linzodakatz Wrote: DCN-11:Whirldwind Woman

Is she supposed to be "Whirlwind"?
[Image: 67617b7e1d6Ur.png]
(16-03-2017, 01:02 PM)Rhythm Wrote:
(15-03-2017, 02:56 PM)Linzodakatz Wrote: DCN-11:Whirldwind Woman

Is she supposed to be "Whirlwind"?



Better fix that
Licensed Game=Cash In

Well, most of the time anywho

The classic list needs a column of creator/designer too...
Not much of a point to this post since all my RM's are already on that list, but screw it, here goes. I made these up about two years ago, complete with theoretical weapons and weaknesses.

Spirit Man: Gives you Spirit Raid
Vortex Man: Gives you Wind Wrecker
Furnace Man: Gives you Furnace Flame
Tidal Man: Gives you Flood Sweeper
Glass Man: Gives you Glass Cannon
Nova Man: Gives you Nova Catastrophe
Sludge Man: Gives you Sludge Stream
Spike Man: Gives you Spike Seeker
You were expecting something witty down here? Scroll your eyes back up there!

Bloody amateurs...
I don't see any of the RMs from Mega Man DONGS by Robot Goat and Dectilion, so here they are:

-Spike Man
-Hack Man
-Punch Donkey
-Oyster Man
-Iceburn Man
-Speedrun Man
-Mega Manatee

The game also reused Bright Man from MM4.
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- Peckinpah, House of Gold & Bones Part 3: The Answers
Alright, I got some more robot masters for the list.

There was that one romhack, Break Man 3, that I played one time that technically had original robot masters.
They were -first man
-Hydro Man
-Killer Man
-Steel Man
-Blade Man
-Wizard Man
-Mirror Man
and -Cherry Man.
There was also Satan Man but he was literally exactly like Proto Man in every way so I don't know if he's worthy to be included. They game says something like "done by pixelboy" when starting so I'm pretty sure it's safe to assume he can be credited.

There was also those two robot masters from MsPaint Masterpieces, Spike Man and Reset Man, by DisgruntledFerret…

Sugar Man from megamanspritecomic by the dude who made megamanspritecomic… I think his name was Brotoad or Splendidland.

Air Man and Yoshino Man from Rockman CX by Zenkaku Himajin…

And from the comic Jailhouse Blues by Ramnesis, there is

-Bean Man
-Bubba Man
-Camera Man
-Nasty Toilet Man
-Obviouslycompensatingforsomething Man / Artillery Man
-Rancid Chef Man
-Unstable Man
and - Yo Momma Man / Jazz Man

edit: Also I totally forgot about Cheat Man from Rockman CX but him to.
Dumb stuff I did, it's about time this was updated, however if this is considered necroposting I'll delete it for the time being.

Phlog Man: Robot Master with limbs detached, the central body includes a Changekey-like head and fireballs as hands. Meant to be a robot to control fire and manipulate it, and was used for several jobs such as cooking, burning trash, and helping out firefighters.

Boomerang Man: Bounty Hunting Robot Master with a detachable head shaped like a, MM - Sighwell what do you think. Originally built for combat, now serves as a bounty hunter for his creator. His body is much more bulky than he is, and has been changed several times (in fact it's likely to change as I speak).

Both of these are stray robot masters, not affiliated with any fangames, comics, or rom hacks, yet.

(Boomerang Man is currently a wip sprite as of now so here's Phlog Man for the time being.)
I bet mine don't exist from there
-Rain Woman
-Baywatch Man
-Danger Woman
-Stratus Woman
-Spartan Man
-Furry man (LMAO)
Well, I've thought about creating a little fangame, so, why not leave some Robot Masters ideas that I had.
- Shovel Man
- Hammer Man
- Gimmick Man
- Lithium Man
- Chimera Man
- Rose Woman
- Blaze Woman
- Racoon Man
- Crown Man

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