MaGMML2 - Bug Reporting Thread
As we fast approach the release of the Devkit to public testing, it occurs to me, we might want somewhere for people to post bugs they find, and not everyone uses Discord... so here it is!

Any bugs and/or inaccuracies you encounter in the engine, post here!... or in the Discord chat.
SuzyG is borked in the current build. She was originally using a workaround to.. workaround a bugged Gravity script. Now that's been fixed, the workaround now breaks her. To fix her, replace this:

if myGrav=1
if myGrav=-1

With the following:

if myGrav=1
if myGrav=-1
- Fixed in one of the devkit updates.
Using Au Au and dying results in this crash:
for object objAuAuShot:

Error in code at line 27:
           direction = point_direction(x, y, objMegaman.x, objMegaman.y);

Fixed - pyro
Haven't been on Discord so I think you may already be aware of some of these bugs. Nevertheless:

-The Snake Man cloud platforms seem to suffer from the same problem as they did in the original Mega Man 3. If you're standing on the platform as they rise from underneath you, the platform shunts you off.
-The screen transition is broken between the last and second-to-last rooms of the Mega Man 8 gimmick showcase (speaking of Mega Man 8, will the Rush Jet gimmick from Tengu Man's stage be implemented as well?).
-I had this happen with one of the Pooker enemies in the Mega Man 6 gimmick showcase.
-With the MM8 sledding gimmick, you're able to pass through the blocks you're meant to shoot at, without taking damage.
-Mega Man shouldn't use the jumping sprite when he's on the sled either.

-Less a bug, more a complaint: The Galaxy Man teleporters should have better indication as to whether they'll drop you right-side up or upside down.
-You can't slide while upside down, or die by falling up into a bottomless pit (or ceiling if you prefer) with the Gravity Man gimmick.
-The MM2 platforms that fall out from underneath you seem like they do so a bit too quickly.
-The Air Tikis generate Petit Gobins even when you're no longer standing on them.
-Somehow I glitched through Big Snakey's platforms when I got hit. (Pyro: this should be fixed but I'm not entirely sure)

I'll need to play through some more of the test stages, but I'll continue to report back any new bugs I notice.

Crossed out stuff is fixed -Pyro
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In the MM5 gimmick testing room, if you miss the jump from the first spinning platform back to the second one and die you get this error:

action number 1
of Begin Step Event
for object objMM5SpinningPlatform:

Error in code at line 8:
and objMegaman.ground == true
at position 21: Unknown variable ground


Fixed -Pyro
In version 12. 22., I found a bug, where hitting a Sniper Joe Mech will spawn a Sniper Joe with each hit.

Also, when New Shotmen are onscreen, pausing the game or in any way freezing it, results in this:
action number 2
of Begin Step Event
for object objGlobalControl:

Error in code at line 7:
if !frozen { //Start Freeze
at position 18: Unknown variable frozen

All of this has been fixed now -Pyro
Any time I shoot an enemy my game crashes. It doesn't give me an error message or anything.
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While in anti-gravity, trying to clim a ladder from a standing position results in running in place.

Also,for some odd reason, Rush Jet seems to just stop while flying. This happens quite frequently on very specific parts of the level, so I'm not sure if it's just my level or that's a general issue.
When going up on Rush Jet, Mega Man just falls off. And hitting the edge of a Splash Woman platform kills you.
Also Crash Man platforms seem to respawn when offscreen, often slowly moving to the right.
EDIT2(1.8. '17):
Rushjet seems to shake while standing on him.
Also Crash Man platforms are still broken and I have no idea what to replace them with.

It doesn't seem to happen anymore-BBLIR
If you set the Arrow to be locked, then at the pause screen, the whole game will completely lock up if you try scrolling down past it from the Rush and Wire items to the Exit button.

Fixed -Pyro
-The teleporters from the MM2 & MM3 Enemy sections don't work, which means you'll have to exit the level to get out of those sections.

-Also one of the mini Snakies (near the end of the MM3 enemy section) shot me off screen throwing me to a bottomless pit and instead of dying it cause the game to crash.

-There was also one glitch with Cutman whare i used Flash Stopper on him and the sprite kept moving forward until it left the screen, fortunately it came back after the effects of the Flash Stopper ended.

-Then there's the fact that Wheel Cutter completely ignores Plant Man, i mean that it passes right through him without hitting him (kinda like a ghost). Intentional (?) -Pyro

-Also this not a bug but a complain: who thought using Slash Claw as the weakness for Volt Man was a good idea? i mean, using a short ranged melee weapon against a shield user is NOT a good idea.

-Also the game crashed when i finished Centaur Man with the Triple Blade. Fixed - ACE

-Also i don't know if this happened to anyone else but when i played it the first time Megaman kept charging his buster and he coudn't fire any of the special weapons. I fixed it when i changed the control settings but i don't know how it happened in the first place and i don't know how to replicate it.

I'll post more bugs when i find them.
Not sure if this was reported yet, but the climbing offsets for the Proto Man, Bass, and Roll costumes are off.

EDIT: Also, using Flash Stopper on Pharaoh Man only lets you hit him once, unlike in Mega Man 4 whereas you could hit him multiple times when he's frozen.

Fixed -Pyro
To add to what The Mega Fan 19XX posted above, this is the error you get upon killing Centaur Man:

action number 1
of Step Event
for object objCentaurDetector:

Error in code at line 6:
if instance_exists(objMegaman) && objCentaurMan.randomSpawn == false
at position 50: Unknown variable randomSpawn

Fixed -Pyro
"You have to understand that people aren't just people -- they're a collection of the choices they have made."
- Peckinpah, House of Gold & Bones Part 3: The Answers
Update to the latest devkit build, Centaur Man was fixed a while back.
Can't remember if this has been reported or not, but Cut Man does this:
[Image: s73H6mY.gif]

If Mega Man is next to a wall and he turns around.
I don't know enough about the collision system to fix it myself. This might be an issue with other enemies too but it's easiest to test with Cut Man.

Fixed - ACE
I've been testing gimmicks for my level and some of them seem to interact strangely or could be improved. If it's not asking too much, I would like to make a few suggestions:
I made several puzzles with these, but they have a great potential of frustration to both players and level makers.

When Mega Man stands above two of them at the same time, this is what happens:
[Image: xblock1_by_irregularsaturn-dauldra.gif]
If you don't realize in time Mega is sinking, you'll probably lose a life.

They don't reset positions if the screen is scrolled.
[Image: xblock2_by_irregularsaturn-dauldse.gif]
In that puzzle, you need to bring down the left X Platform to slide the passage and move on. However, if the right X Platform meets a solid tile, there's no way to bring it back again, so the only option is suicide.

Aside from that, there is no clear way to know which platform will be lifted when placing them in the level editor, so you have to learn by trial and error, and that makes some puzzle designs impossible to do unless you are lucky. Added an option for manual partner setting so this shouldn't be an issue -Pyro

Now for the gravity gimmicks:
objChangeGravity 0.5/1/2x: Please put an option to make them invisible ingame so there won't be an awkward tile barrier everytime the gravity needs to be changed.

Some objects don't interact properly with Mega Man when his gravity has been flipped.
[Image: upsidedown_by_irregularsaturn-daulhmj.gif]

And the last one is objSign:
I don't know if there's a way to force the words to appear in the next line (like <br> in html), but so far I had a lot of trouble trying to make letters not appear out of the screen. Also, there could be a text scroll to prevent this from happening with long messages:
[Image: textproblem_by_irregularsaturn-dauljp3.png]

Crossed out stuff is fixed -Pyro
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The upgraded Mega Buster charged shot doesn't affect Pooker unlike the regular charged shot.

If you shoot just as you're going through a boss door (and the door in question doesn't lead to a boss fight), Mega Man stays in his shooting pose until you shoot again or get hit.

The giant Metool mini-boss in the Mega Man 3 enemy showcase doesn't seem to be set up properly, making it impossible to get passed him.

Blocky shouldn't be able throw his body a second time.

The moving water and floor room at the end of the Mega Man 6 showcase is completely screwed up.

Projectiles don't "move with the screen" with the Mega Man 8 snowboard, unlike the Mega Man 5 Wave Bikes.

And finally, the locked door partially respawns if you scroll off the screen and scroll it back again, and prevents you from going through again.

Crossed out stuff is fixed -Pyro
Uh. So I did the whole automated tile collision thing, is there something I missed?

So I assigned blocks in the tileset then placed the object setter. And Megaman still falls through the floor.
Yes, they're on the same layer.

Can I provide screenshots?
Tile setup:

Stage Start:

Then, Megaman falls through:
(10-01-2017, 04:15 PM)dracmeister Wrote: Uh. So I did the whole automated tile collision thing, is there something I missed?
The automated tileset thing is a known complete asshole that only decides to work half the time and I have no idea how it works because it's literal magic. Try...

* moving the tileset image somewhere else (top left corner of the room seems to work the most consistently for me)
* reorganizing your tileset so that the first row has solids in it
* making sure that the tileset is on the default layer
* making sure you didn't accidentally select more than the exact size of the background
* maybe try creating another room?

If none of this works, you'll probably just have to place stuff manually. I'm really sorry if it comes to that but the autotiler is actual magic that most of us don't understand and all of us are very frustrated at it suddenly not working.
More possible fixes for objObjectSetter:

* Make sure the object is indeed on the topleft of your tileset in your room.
* Make sure the image size of your tileset is divisible by 16
* Make sure to shift-drag select the entire tileset and place the entire tileset all at once. It wont work if you place each tile down individually. Also make sure your tileset doesn't have "separation", aka empty space between your tiles, or else you really can't shift-drag it.
* Make sure the tileset and object are snapped to the 16x16 grid.
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Oh yeah. There is a rather funny bug when landing on a slope that leads to vertical wall. If you press against the wall then land on a slope, Megaman gets stuck on his jumping/falling animation until the button is released.

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