Mega Man Mobile Announced
The old MM2 port on IOS was better than this. That one was actually relatively playable, I beat it on both difficulties on an iPod Touch.

These appear to be utter garbage. Why are these worse than the ancient previous IOS version?
It amazes me how much Capcom doesn't seem to care about their poster boy anymore. I mean, was this even playtested? Or did they just try to kick this out the door as soon as possible? Everyone's pretty much said anything I could've said already.
More images right here: (these are from the MM4 mobile port) (DISCLAIMER: big images)

[Image: C1-ZHcKXUAAzWHd.jpg][Image: C1-ZIQMXAAEB2Fb.jpg]

[spoiler]PLOT TWIST OF THE CENTURY: In this version of MM4 we find out that Kalinka is actually Dr. Wily's DAUGHTER, and it turns out that Wily planned this whole kidnapping plot to fight Mega Man once again, except this time MM HAS TO FIGHT KALINKA!!
I have some theories for all of this: Maybe Capcom found some rough drafts and scripts of MM4 made by Inafune himself in their storage basement and decided to use them to bring a new, dramatic, edgy twist to everyone's favorite classic MM game (said no one ever). Or maybe they had originally planned a to use Kalinka in a robotic suit as the 2nd phase for Cossack's boss fight, but they've decided to scrap that because of NES limitations, and then they had planned to revive that idea in the mobile port, but they scrapped it again because it would've been a very controversial change.

[spoiler]Or maybe Crapcom just fucked up the dialogue. I think it's probably the latter.
It's painfully obvious that at this point, this is nothing more than a re-furbishing of the 2007 ports made for the Japanese market. I don't even feel that I need to decompile them to prove it. Just looking at all this garbage pop up is enough.
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Jesus, capcom. I'm glad I have MM anniversary for gamecube. This shit looks bad. Like early fan games bad.
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Hey, people have wanted mobile Mega Man for ages. In the end, it's better than nothing.
Sounds like some Comcept thinking right there.

The issue isn't that people have been "wanting it for ages" as there have been numerous ports to mobile going as far back as the turn of the century. The issue is this is a cheap money grab by Capcom to introduce a terrible, unpolished re-release of a port from a decade ago. Nothing would've been better than these. The franchise has become a joke to Capcom and a punchline outside of it. Considering the release of Legacy Collection last year, Virtual Console which has all 6 of the same games...what was the point?
[Image: 67617b7e1d6Ur.png]
Another fuckup right here: (this time it's from the MM3 mobile port)

[Image: C2DIO_gXEAA3IBB.jpg]
So how much does each game cost? If it's anything more expensive than free then that's unacceptable. Though to be honest even if it's free it's still unacceptable.
$1.99 each or $9.99 for the lot I think?
Yeah. The obvious money grab is obvious. It's a sad day when fans and independent developers are pushing out better content on smaller budgets. For once I'd like to see a project with as much heart as 20XX get the attention and budget of something like Mighty Number 9.

It's clear that Capcom has the assets to make a good Mega Man game, but they're unwilling to make the investment, and at this point I can't really blame them. Megaman as a franchise is on very shaky ground given their previous failings, and fans of the serious are going to be wary no matter what. While these absolutely poor quality ports, from Capcom's perspective they are cost negligible and will generate revenue from people who don't know better - while creating a "Megaman 11" generates cost and isn't guaranteed to generate revenue - look at their previous two or three attempts, Legends 3, Megaman Powered Up 2 (I forget the proper name), Rockman Online - Legends 3 and MMPU2 never reached release, and online was shut down very early. From Capcom's perspective, spending money to develop new games is a sink and not a revenue generating endeavor, while releasing poor ports is essentially costless and still generates revenue.

It's the unfortunate business side of game development that's really holding our favourite franchises back.

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[Image: gTOJH0E.jpg]

WTF Capcom.
I just checked out the video for Mega Man Mobile's Turbo Mode. All I can say is... with that sort of speed, they may as well call it "Faster-Than-Quick-Man-After-He-Snorted-10-Lines-Of-Cocaine-In-One-Go Mode".
Did they seriously just increase the emulation speed and call it "high speed" and "turbo"? I swear turbo is just playing on an emulator while pressing the fast forward button.
Yea they don't actually care about these games. All they want is the money by throwing garbage DLC for garbage games at us.
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