Make a Good Mega man Level 2 - Tutorial Series
Tutorial 1:
Getting Started:
  • Getting started with Game Maker
  • Importing tilesets.
  • Placing tiles.
  • MaGMML's Automated Collision System (Watch this one!!)
  • Layers
  • Setting up scrolling boundaries.

The next video will have to do with Music setup and tile animation. ... because the one with enemies is taking longer to record than intended... oh well. I'm in the process of uploading the music one and editing together the enemy one.
Tutorial 2:
Music and Animated Tilesets:
  • Setting up Stage Music
  • What's required of OGG/Music modifcation.
  • Animated Tilesets

The next video will be up later today, and contains enemies and gimmick basics... as well as a few other things. Be sure to catch that one as he contains a few useful tips at the very least.
Tutorial 3:
Populating your Stages:
  • Checkpoints, Vertical Scrolling, Pits
  • Enemies & Creation Code
  • Gimmick Placement
  • The Effects of Using the Wrong Tileset (this was by accident.)
  • Using Additional Tilesets in Stages
  • The Advantages of Playtesting


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