What makes a fun Fortress/wily machine fight?
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What makes a fun Fortress/wily machine fight?
I've recently had a change of mindset in an effort to actually come up with designs for fortress bosses/wily machines and trying to work from fun mechanics first rather than the visual designs... when it occurred to me... I don't actually know what makes the ones that exist fun or not fun, or whcih ones were close, but a flawed delivery of the concept just ruined them.
I have a few preferences on which ones I like personally, but I have odd taste.

So I was wondering what all of you thought on the matter?

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23-01-2017, 03:48 AM
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RE: What makes a fun Fortress/wily machine fight?
The two things that make Wily capsule fights unfun are

1. The inability to guess where he spawns before he spawns
2. Wily's ability to spawn out of buster range, which drags out the fight significantly

both of which are pretty easy to mitigate. SFR's Wily fight comes to mind
23-01-2017, 04:43 PM
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RE: What makes a fun Fortress/wily machine fight?
I prefer fortress bosses that offer something you can't get from normal Robot Master fights. So, something nonhumanoid and/or notably larger than Mega Man is usually a good start, unless it's a clone boss or a story-driven fight with a specific character (eg, Bass, Zero). Adding an extra platforming element helps, too: Robot Master fights are often just you versus the boss in a boring room, but a lot of good fortress bosses have spikes, bottomless pits, moving platforms, destructible floors, unusual architecture, automatic scrolling, and other elements to spice up the challenge.

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23-01-2017, 06:06 PM
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RE: What makes a fun Fortress/wily machine fight?
First thing: DO NOT MAKE THE BOSS ONLY BEATABLE BY LUCK. Remember that Christmas Carol bootleg we had recently? That was a textbook example of a Wily fight that you could only hope to outlast by sheer luck. Never, ever make a Wily boss spawn on the ground, where Mega Man could potentially be.

Second: Do not abuse millions of attacks! Of some of the shittier fan-games I've had the dishonor of playing, the Wily capsules shot tons of projectiles at the exact same time, or within short time-spans of each other. This is something you will want to avoid outright. Make dodging the projectiles manageable, not borderline un-doable.

Third: Mix things up a bit! You don't have to use just glowing spheres. SFR's Wily capsule is a prime example of mixing projectiles; fire, rolling metal blades, ice crystals, the whole nine yards. By following the aforementioned guidelines, you should be able to make a very enjoyable capsule battle.

Concerning regular Wily bosses in general, I've always been partial to full-screen ones with interesting executions. (My fan-game, FU, has one such boss planned out partially.) Something like big enemy tanks, ships, or even an enlarged enemy (like the Guts-Dozer or the three-headed Discord boss from Mega Pony are all examples of what one could do with such an idea. Of course, there are other ideas you could toy with too. For example, Mega Man Eternal's combined Mega Man Killer was an enjoyable boss fight. SFR also tried something new with the Pyro Core. There really aren't any bounds to what you could do; my personal preference, though, is a full-screen boss.

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