Original Game (BETA)Sprite Blocks
To put it briefly, it's a game where you build stuff with coloured blocks.
The beta build is out!

as broken as it is...
Discord server: https://discord.gg/WfE4BAX
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 - Colour selection
Left Click on top blocks - Create block
Right Click on top blocks - Erase Column
S - Save
L - Load
N - New
Middle Click on already placed block - Change colour
Right Click on already placed block - Change block into an Empty Block
Left Click on Empty Block - Delete Block
Enter - Finish
Backspace after enter - Reset
Page Up and Down - Switch between sizes
C key when highlighting a column - Erase column
(Also explained in the tutorial.)
Also, the soundtrack is placeholder right now. That is because I don't think my music is good enough for the final product. Musitians welcome.

---Everything in this thread is subject to change---
Neat game.

oh yeah and i get the pun thingy
The main thing I added is an attempt at real gameplay. This includes conveyor belts (select black or white and click on the rotaty things), buttons, gates, a tileset, etc. If anyone has any ideas on new additions, gameplay styles or level design, please tell me.
InfinitiZero Wrote:oh yeah and i get the pun thingy
Huh? I don't get it.
I need some help with the levels, I'm not good at making puzzles.
More info in the main post.
Here's the list of required songs:
  • Logo (might try making this one myself),
  • Title Screen - not much to say here, a title theme,
  • Tutorial - for the tutorial,
  • 2 tracks for Creative - these two tracks should be as long as possible to not make Creative boring,
  • A 'finshed product' theme - this theme plays when you're finished in Creative and you press Enter,
  • A song for Architect, a level creator,
  • A song for each set of levels - 5 sets, 5 songs. Should also be longer;
  • A boss theme - for level 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 bosses. Should be more energetic than the others, where the others are calm and long;
  • Credits,
  • the game could use a new victory theme (1-2 seconds) and a warning sound (optional).
PM me for further instructions.

The game currently uses placeholder tracks, all but one are composed by me. They can serve as a guide as to how the song should feel.
Since no-one has responded yet of course, I tried to make some levels:
Feedback wanted

Also updated soundtrack info.
The version of Sprite Blocks currently released has a flaw where you can't export to .gmres due to name conflictions. I am working to rename everything so they have a prefix (Ex. objName, sprName, sfxName). Don't make any new levels until this is fixed.

Have a nice day!
Ok, I'll keep that in mind next time I work in GM. Thank you.
[Image: screenshot104.png]
I'm almost finished with the beta build (as far as I can go with my inferior coding skills). It will be vastly superior to the previous build I posted.
The new game mode, Architect, will be unfinished. It will be accesible, but the save system will be crap or non-existent. I might get it working like Creative's, but that probably won't happen.
I'll say this in advance; I can't finish this on my own (even if I could, it wouldn't be very good), and since my previous programmer left (at an akward time), I... could use one.
Another thing that is not as necessary, but is also quite needed is concerning the music. The build has a full soundtrack, but all (but one) are made by me and I don't think they're really good enough for the full game, thus are placeholders. Same goes for the sound effects.
Those two, programming and sound, are two of my weakest skills in game design (as in, I can do them, but they're meh at best). That's why I'm asking for help in those areas.

I'll probably release the beta next week (which is wednesday, Aug16th).
Okay, last double post. For a while, at least.
The beta is out: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3o314q2n6o...Public.zip
And there exists a Discord for this now: https://discord.gg/WfE4BAX

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