Fan Game BBLIR's scrapped MM game ideas
The reason for cancelling these fan games is not just my shift of focus onto Mission 9000, the main reason for all of these is I have trouble mimmicking the Mega Man style.
Some of these i've tried programing (are marked //), but it didn't come out well.
Here's the list:

Mega Man X: Y
A Mega Man X game.
Sprites: weak
Music: I have made some no
Story: mnghmnmhgnmhgnmngh...
Design//: Bosses, enemies, levels, characters
I was sad to cancel this game, I was working on it foryears and I went nowhere.
Current progress:
Warning: These files are huge!
Bass' Adventure
A game starring Bass, duh.
Sprites: Bass, a few enemies and Torch Man
Music: no
Design/: Bosses, enemies, levels, characters
Mega Man Neo
[spoiler=thread on these forums]I've always wanted to make a Mega Man fangame, so I thought I'd come up with something.
Mega Man Neo
I haven't thought about the story much, but here's the general idea: Wily upgraded some Robot Masters which cannot be beaten in Mega Man's current state, so Light creates a powerup for Mega Man.
I know it's a bit fan fiction-y and very similar to Mega Man V's story, but I can't think of anything better. For now. I also planed to have it end by Wily kindnapping Rock and travelling back in time, staring MMII.
Here is the new Mega Man:
[Image: mmn_megaman.png]
The main mechanic of the game is the new ring projectile;
[Image: mmn_demo.png]
[Image: mmn_weapon_demo_mockup.png]
When two or more of them are onscreen and have stopped, a line of electricity is created. This hurts enemies, but not Mega Man and can be used to create new gimmicks in stages. They stop when they come in contact with the special blocks.
Here are the upgraded Robot Masters:
[Image: mmn_robot_masters.png]
Along with the cosmetic changes they also get new attacks to keep the bossfights more interesting (not decided upon yet).
If it isn't good enough, it will be moved to my scrapped ideas thread.[/spoiler]
Other ideas I never started working on, just random ideas in my head:
An Elf Wars game
A 3D remake of MM1, 2 and 3
A game in the style of MM7
A re-do of MM Rush Marine //(engine.gm81)

There are a few more, but they are either terrible, trivial, or I forgot about them.
Tell me if you want more info.

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