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best video recorder to capture this with?
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best video recorder to capture this with?
i want to record (not stream) gameplay of this in completely lossless quality, because i want to show myself playing it, and then go back and rip the graphics- every sprite i come across while playing- based on still frames of the video.

i don't want to record it to a GIF, because i'm pretty sure this game doesn't follow the 256 color limit. and i need some recording software that's free, because communism is making a return i don't have a lot of money to shell out.

things i've tried so far:
  • OBS Studio. fiddled around with recording to mp4 but all i got was a black screen.
  • LICEcap. records to its own lossless format, but that format can only be played back through a paid app.
  • FFmpeg. i have no idea how to use this or if it actually supports Windows.

though i'm naturally assuming any lossless recording i make won't have a large filesize since the game window is so small (set to 1x), feel free to inform me if i'm being a dumbass.

i'm on Windows 10, if that helps.
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