Mega Man X's Camera/View System
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Mega Man X's Camera/View System
I've reverse-engineered Mega Man X's camera system, here are the details. Hopefully someone finds it useful.

View - A rectangle that defines the camera bounds (camera can't go outside of this rectangle, if it's the active view)

Trigger - A 16x16 object (often a lot of them are placed right next to eachother for the same view id) that sets the active view number.

When X's position is inside of a trigger, the active view is set to the view id defined in the trigger itself. Each trigger has a "time" value, this tells the game how long the camera should take to get from it's last position (the old view) to the correct position (centered on X, or at least not out of bounds). So if time is 40, it the camera will always reach it's desired position (usually just X's position) in 40 frames. So if X speeds up, the camera will speed up to compensate. No matter what, the camera will reach it's destination in EXACTLY the amount of frames specified by the time value.

And that's it. That's the camera system for Mega Man X. It's quite easy to implement with this information.

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06-08-2017, 10:02 PM
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