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Full Fragtion
Welcome everyone who clicked here, I could've made a genuinely good decision or an ashaming mistake, so let's find out which one was more likely.

In this world where real places clash with unexplored lands, where patrons, the guardians often appearing as anthropomorphic mice (with few exceptions) take care and protect their respective video game genres. Frag Fuser, patron of shooters coming from a family of experienced sharpshooters, gets involved into the confict with an unpredictable man known as Rockwell, who exiled his family. He challenges frag to a duel and almost loses, but uses Deus Ex Machina and let’s Frag retreat, before he sends his two mercenaries, Mark, the one who absorbed all the hatred targetted towards him and aimed it towards the so called „furries”, and Cirrus, one who seeks vengeance after his girlfriend vanished. When Frag loses hope, he meets his own Deus Ex Machina, known as Cecil Zmrok, who then swears to guide Frag through this world. Frag is ready to go on a journey to not only save his family and their honor, but also the patrons themselves, all while being ashamed of taking place of „the chosen one” cliche. On this journey he will meet old friends, like crazed Simmon and his forced humour, as well as new faces like his unexpected fangirl or pangolin animatronic, the overuser of jumpscares.

But that only what we were told, we don’t know why and if it really began, we just know that Frag become the most wanted and loosely start here.
Page 1: https://crimson-camisole.deviantart.com/...-677201169
Page 2: https://crimson-camisole.deviantart.com/...-681621700
Page 3: https://crimson-camisole.deviantart.com/...-685418116
Page 4: https://crimson-camisole.deviantart.com/...-698128798
Page 5: https://crimson-camisole.deviantart.com/...-698576155
If anyone holds a grudge against the site, I apologize in advance that I picked the DA out of all things.

- Frag is named and loosely based on a character from my childhood game (I can’t really name it, since this game doesn’t have an english title and many of you wouldn’t understand). While they both have brown fur and shooters are the domain of them both, this is where the similiarities end.
-The same game shown the concept of video game patrons. Besides Frag there were seven other specialists and his best friend who was just normal. All of them however have name that differs from their original counterpart.
- The reason why most of the patrons are mice is because it's a play on computer mouse.

You know, now that I'm so far into writing this, this seems pretty silly and probably has a lot of plot holes, but I just wanted to say that this project is my dream and goal and I’m glad I could’ve spread it to places other than my head, even if it’s only in comic from at this point. Gotta say, the first three panels were experimental in sense of technique so those might come out as hard to read. And I know, these could be done better, but again, I’m just happy to share it, even if I had to wait for fifth page to get enough confidence.

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