MaGMML3 Judge Applications - First Stage
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Information  MaGMML3 Judge Applications - First Stage
Hello folks! This is ACESpark, one of the two co-hosts for the Make A Good Mega Man Level 3 contest alongside Mick Galbani. As you can tell, we've been laying the groundwork for this contest for a good while now, we believe this is an excellent time to start the first step of MaGMML3's full development.

We've seen the results of MaGMML1 and MaGMML2. We've cheered when a personal favorite of ours does well with the judges, and we've gnashed our teeth in frustration when we didn't agree with a level's scoring. But now, in MaGMML3, you have a solid opportunity to join the judging panel yourself, and become one of the people who decides how this contest's results will play out.

Of course, there's some things you need to know before getting into this.

1. Only one application per person
2. You will be required to provide a Discord account and an email address for us to contact you with.
3. You will be required to use a draft of the MaGMML3 rubric, any other rubric will not be accepted.
4. There will be no collab applications of any kind, Collab Judging is a logistical nightmare.
5. If you’re applying, do not discuss or otherwise look for information on the sample levels. Try to go into these applications blind.
6. There is a specific channel on the MaGMML3 Discord server for sample level discussion.

1. Download the Sample Level EXE linked below
2. Once you've downloaded the levels, you must use the draft rubric posted below to review all seven levels
3. Once you've reviewed all seven levels, you must decide a Most and Least Favorite among the sample levels
4. Gather all of your review information together, and submit it through the Google Form linked below
5. There will be a spot on the form to submit additional comments unrelated to the levels
5. Once you've submitted your review, wait to hear back from us through one of your contact avenues regarding the second stage
6. If you wish, you can start planning your sample level now. Read the sample level pointers below for more information

Design - X/35
Fun - X/25
Creativity - X/15
Aesthetics - X/15
Functionality - X/10
Total - X/100 (You will not be required to calculate this)

Difficulty Rating: 1-5 (This will not affect the total score of the levels)
Skippable: Yes/No (If you say Yes, remember to include a reason why)

-Your level can be made in any engine
-This does not have to be a brand new level, it can be something you've made already
-We must be able to access the level relatively easily
-The sample must be playable from start to finish, having just a concept will not cut it
-The sample must play like a Mega Man level.

-Prioritize your reviews over your judge sample level. Your sample level doesn't mean a thing if you don't pull off the review stage.
-It's likely that MaGMML3 will have a very large number of entries. If you don't think you have the time to judge 100+ entries and create a high quality Wily level, don't apply.
-Remember to play the sample levels more than once before solidifying your opinion, you're not likely to catch everything your first time through.
-Try to be specific in your commentary, it doesn't help anyone if your commentary is too vague.
-If you can find something positive about the levels, tell people the positives along with the negatives.
-Don't take things too seriously, we're here to have fun as well as help people learn.




You will have until November 21st, 11:59 PM EST to complete your reviews and submit them through the form above. Applicants, we wish you the best of luck.

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RE: MaGMML3 Judge Applications - First Stage
So... am I able to apply here?

Oh wait, I see the application link. Thanks for that.
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