Updated version of SMB3 among other things
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Updated version of SMB3 among other things
After the contest was over and the results had been tallied, I decided to go back and fix some of the major things that had plagued my map, namely the enemy spam. I reduced the enemy count pretty significantly and I got rid of any enemies that were unchanged Mega Man enemies. I also added in two new enemies, the Para-Goomba and Zaku Troopa are exclusive to the airship section and tank battalion section respectively. I also made some more minor tweaks to enemy health so they died faster, which did make the game a little more faster paced and more Metal Slug-like, as per my original intention. Part of the intro area was changed: A short new area was added after the pipe.

You can also play a brand new, unfinished level that was originally a sequel to SMB3 but it was more like an experiment to see if a non-scrolling airship section would be any fun. There's also my two pit levels and my very first level to play. There's also an unedited (aside from enemy stats) version of SMB3 to play.

Commentary is included in the textfile.

08-11-2017, 01:29 AM
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