Zero Engine(2013 and Current)
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Zero Engine(2013 and Current)
So, do we show the old or the new first?
Let's go with the newest stuff! Keep in mind, the new current version of Zero Engine is 100% rewritten. No existing code was taken from the 2013 version. Some stuff is still missing such as player death and a pause menu. I also decided to give Zero his X2 combo instead of X4 as was in the 2013 version.

The first iteration was meant to be a 1:1 SNES with X4 controls type engine.
This new 2017 version is being built with the entire end game goal of being open-sourced once I decide to being integrating more original IP/ideas and removing all Capcom copyrights,images, etc.

Anyway, enough jabber - here's where Zero Engine stands now:

Last 2013 Version

These last two videos show how flexible the 2013 version was:

Hopefully, the new version will be as flexible. So far, it really seems to work well with SNES and Xtreme sprites. Might end up tossing an offshoot together using X4 sprites and changing the combo.

Some things I know are different:
-Zero doesn't really kick off the wall. For now, it is intentional. This is a design decision I made for when I move forward with my own IP.
-smoke missing from wall sliding(just being lazy there)
-air attacking(still deciding how I want to handle it)

The coolest feature , in my opinion, is the "animated" background in the current version. That is actually done in real-time with a simple shader. My first time really digging into shaders other than a pixelator shader. I like the outcome. Not 100% like MMX2 Crystal Snail stage, but I like it.

Just looking for some feedback. I know I am not giving an exe out so it would be hard to critique based on visuals.

Not shown:
-a complete working title screen with options, password, continue
-a complete dialogue system
-While Black Zero may not be able to be destroyed, there is most definitely a working debug room where I can spawn an exploding boss that is pretty close to the X-X3 style

Thanks for your time!(been lurking here for a decade)
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RE: Zero Engine(2013 and Current)
I remember seeing the old version of this back in 2014. Thought it was dead. Nice to see this with life in it.
14-11-2017, 11:33 PM
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