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Mega Man Neo (MMZX AU Fan-Fiction)
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Mega Man Neo (MMZX AU Fan-Fiction)
Given the limited number of topics in the Writing category, I don't know if this will get a lot of views or not. Whelp, worth a shot.

Mega Man Neo

Artwork done by KamiraExp-Commission

What is Mega Man Neo?

Mega Man Neo is a fan-fiction project of mine that I've technically been working on since 2014. It's an AU (Alternate Universe) of the Mega Man ZX timeline, a series that takes place 200 years after the end of the Mega Man Zero series, where main characters Vent, Aile, Grey and Ashe coexist and a few plot details established (or vague) are altered or removed. The most important thing to note is that Vent and Aile, with the help of the peacekeeping force, the Guardians, defeated Serpent (the main antagonist of ZX1 and president of a company known as Slither Inc.). That means that they together beat Serpent, not Vent alone and vice versa. Details like that.

In Mega Man Neo, it stars a new character named Rokku Akihiro (my ZX fan-character/OC) who eventually meets and befriends Mega Man, hero of the 21st Century/200X-20XX.

What started this?

Back in 2014, I read a bunch of Mega Man ZX fan-fictions and it inspired me to do my own. My first fan-fic was called Mega Man ZX: The Original Mega Man. As the title would imply, it would focus on the "original Mega Man"; AKA, Classic Mega Man. The basic premise of the ZX series was main characters (Vent, Aile, Grey, or Ashe) utilizing Biometal, a device that houses the soul and data of an ancient being from the past, i.e. Mega Man X, Zero, or Axl.

At the time, Mega Man was a Biometal known as Model M (much like X as Model X, Zero as Model Z, and so on). Rokku was referred to as Rokku and he knew what and who Mega Man was regarding his past.

As time went on, I grew a bit dissatisfied with how I portrayed Rokku there. He was your typical fan-fic OC, being extremely cocky, strong, etc. I decided I should take a step back to give Rokku more of an identity and a proper beginning story. Instead of being a "bad OC", I decided to give him more personality that's likable and perhaps relatable. He has a more energetic and childish personality and can be very kind to his elders or those of superiority. However, he can also be oblivious and naive, especially towards anything involving "romance". In a sense, he's socially awkward because of being at home for so long.

After reworking my character, I finally grew satisfied and knew what I wanted to do, hence the creation of Mega Man Neo. Once Rokku met Mega Man, he would even be called "Mega Man Neo", a name inspired from Rockman DASH's/Mega Man Legends prototype names. Unintentionally, the name is also "affiliated" with a 2000 flash animation (that has long been reworked into something more original).

At the time, I didn't have a set character design for Rokku and his megamerged form, but as of now, I do.

    (Artwork done by SaitoKun-EXE)
Rokku's character design reflects on his young appearance and his clothes reflect on his sense of adventure.

    (Artwork done by UltimateMaverickX)
Rokku's "alter ego", Mega Man Neo, was a fun one to design. I took obvious inspirations from Classic Mega Man, specifically his appearance in the manga, Mega Man Megamix/Gigamix by Hitoshi Ariga. I also took inspiration from Star Force Mega Man/Geo Stelar (specifically in his appearance in Mega Man Star Force 3), MegaMan.EXE, and...strangely, the Variant; the foot soldiers of Mega Man Zero 4. With the hair sticking out of the back of the helmet, you can see it's obvious inspiration for MegaMan.EXE, and the earplates are similar to Star Force Mega Man. Stuff like that, but I made sure it's dominantly Classic Mega Man's design. I even designed the boots to be a blend between the boots of Zero/ZX to the ones in Classic/X; leaning more on the latter. I didn't exactly want Mega Man Neo to have boots similar to Model X and co., so I decided to do something different.

Neo's overall appearance is a little different than the likes of Model X, but story-wise, there's a reason behind that.

I also added in a new character who will be Rokku's partner and friend. A kunoichi calling herself Shade.

    (Artwork by SaitoKun-EXE)
She is a little like Zero to Neo's X. She was originally going to be an antagonist of Mega Man Neo, but I decided against that. Her creation was to have more female "human" characters in Mega Man ZX (officially we have Aile, Prairie, Pandora, Atlas, and technically Ciel). Besides, I feel a female lead would be cool and with her influence in the story, was a good idea on my part. Since my revised version of Rokku is young and also new to the whole "hero" scene, Shade will be the "big sister" type or mentor type towards him. However, she also has her own problems and will be revealed as the story goes on.

I looked at few other characters for inspiration when designing her. Most prominently, I thought of Akame from Akame ga Kill and Shiina from Angel Beats (I even made a "joke" about it in a art piece I commissioned here:
    Artwork done by KamiraExp-Commission))

Then there is the main villain of the story, Wraith.
    (Artwork done by SaitoKun-EXE)
I was inspired by Nova from Azure Striker Gunvolt to have a young villain. Other inspirations include Dio Brando/DIO from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, M. Bison from Street Fighter, Sigma from Mega Man X (ironic), and Jedah Dohma from Darkstalkers/Vampire. Although young in appearance, his intellect is preposterous.

Important Details of the AU

Since this is an AU, I feel the need to explain some important details about the Mega Man mythos (the main one, not the "Network" one with Battle Network and Star Force) that are established by this point:

- I am including some elements of the Archie Mega Man comics into the AU mythos. Archie has done a very good job of making the Classic stories more engaging with new characters and such. That means characters like Xander Payne existed in my AU. However, this doesn't reflect too much on the story of Mega Man Neo, but rather Mega Man's past.

- Mega Man X: Command Mission happened in the year 22XX. It's canon in my AU.
- The events of Mega Man Zero happened in the year 23XX.

- Vent and Aile coexist and are twin siblings. When they first megamerged with Model X, they were both using Model X armor. The same went for when they eventually double megamerged to become Model ZX. As time went on, it's revealed that the both of them utilizing the same Biometal at the same time puts a strain on their bodies and an solution is made later on (more details at a later point).

- This means that Grey and Ashe also coexist in an eventually ZX Advent adaptation.

- Same with the Archie Mega Man comics, some elements of the ZX Manga also occur here with characters like Sho existing. He doesn't have a very important role here, however. He'll just be taking over Giro Express.

With that out of the way, let me explain the story of Mega Man Neo.

The Story

On May 22, 25XX, Serpent was defeated/killed by Vent and Aile in North America, where the Slither Inc. building also came crumbling down. However, after his defeat, the Model W Core he used to transform has split into multiple different fragments, spreading across the world...

On June 25, 25XX, in Europe, a 13-year-old human named Rokku Akihiro begins his journey around the world. While traveling around the world, he comes across a robot that was broken and battered. Before he could think of what to do, he is greeted by two people calling themselves "Faucon" and "Menart". They decide to take Rokku and the robot back to their home; a place hidden from society known as "The Sanctuary".

It is there where Rokku meets Dr. Ciel, a woman from 23XX who led The Resitance against Neo Arcadia. She was no longer a 13-14-year-old teenager but a 20-year-old who is using Biometal to prolong her life*. The Sanctuary is where ex-Resistance members and others take refuge to relax and live a life of peace. However, it is a place of hiding from the coaliation government known as Legion, the leaders of the world since the end of the Neo Arcadia Wars.

*The concept of Ciel using Biometal to prolong her life and her living with ex-resistance members takes elements of UltimateMaverickX's Mega Man ZX3 concept (https://ultimatemaverickx.deviantart.com...-444265993). Special Thanks to him for allowing me to use part of his concept for my own!

With Dr. Ciel's intellect and all-nighter working, she has managed to fix up the robot who turned out to be a reploid. During her work, she realized that this reploid was previously being worked on by someone else. Nonetheless, this robot turned out to be Rock Light; AKA Mega Man, a robot from the 21st Century who has been updated into a reploid. Rokku and Mega Man quickly become friends and the latter learns more about the world he's living in now that it is the 26th Century. Rokku and Mega Man unintentionally megamerge when they meet Mavericks. Upon seeing the two in a megamerged form, Ciel sees potential in the both of them. According to Ciel, this megamerge form is incomplete and unstable. With that in mind, Ciel is inspired to stabilize and complete their form.

Spending an extra week, Ciel develops a device that can stabilize Rokku and Mega Man's fusion; The Combination-Carrier, or Combi-Carrier, was a device attached to Rokku's wrist that allows him to megamerge with Mega Man**. Mega Man's body becomes digital data and it immediately transfers into the device, performing the megamerge (the sequence is instantaneous via bright light, but this is how it works in "slow-motion"). With this new form, Rokku dubs himself as Mega Man Neo, feeling that he is in some way a successor to Mega Man.

**The device was inspired by the Transer, a wrist-device in Mega Man Star Force that allowed Geo to EM-Wave Change with Omega-Xis.

Although the two have successfully megamerged, Rokku and Mega Man aren't "in-synch" with each other. In other words, Rokku does not have the same consciousness as Mega Man, and are weaker than the likes of Model X as a result. They will have to fight effectively until they eventually achieve "full-syncrhonization" and have the power of a Chosen One (or Mega Men, but the term "Chosen One" is used instead in my AU).

Rokku and Mega Man eventually leave The Sanctuary behind and are caught up in a new crisis involving Mavericks and a new form of Model Ws known as a False Model W. The two also team up with a kunoichi named Shade, who has been looking for them (specifically Mega Man Neo) for help against the new crisis. The three befriend each other and team up against the main antagonist Wraith, a man who appears rather young (17-19) but is a dangerous scientist and terrorist...

The trio go all over Europe and will eventually travel to another continent to continue their ongoing battle....

Where To Read This Fan-Fiction

There is something that should be said immediately: Part of this fic is undergoing some "revisions". As of 11/17/2017, I have 16 Chapters completed and a few of them are going to have updates with grammar and plot alterations (i.e. Chapter 2 is having a major rewrite to include an introduction for Shade, the third protagonist).

I bet you're wondering, "Why didn't you write all this AFTER you completed your "revisions"?". Simple answer to that: I wanted to show off my fic to a Mega Man community to get some attention and feedback. Mega Man ZX is not a very well known series due to the fact that it only has two games, and my project is to expand on the Mega Man ZX mythos with my AU.

Nonetheless, you have two places to read my fan-fiction, and I will provide links to these websites down below:

DeviantART (recommend since that's my "Base of Operations"): https://metalsonic30.deviantart.com/gall...eo-Fan-Fic
Fanfiction.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12065378/1/Mega-Man-Neo

You can also check out the art gallery for Mega Man Neo. Inside is more character artwork and some fun images.

So far, I have Chapter 1 "revised" with some grammar fixes and some new plot pieces that are a little minor. Chapters 1-10 are the ones getting some revisions, and maybe Chapters 11-15 will get some spelling fixes and such.

In addition to writing Mega Man Neo, I write little "one-shots" of my Mega Man Neo cast (Rokku, Mega Man, Shade) "crossing over" with a series called Hyperdimension Neptunia... It can be a weird franchise if you don't know what it's about. XD (These one-shots are called "HDNxMMN", short for Hyperdimension Neptunia X Mega Man Neo). They are also found on my DeviantART in case you're interested for some reason. Also on that site are "ZX One-Shots", typically featuring Rokku, Mega Man and Shade hanging out with other ZX OCs such as SaitoKun-EXE's ZX OC, Quincy, a 18-year-old female hunter.

Despite the current process of "revisions", I hope I have piqued your interest in some way or fashion and hope to hear some feedback!
Artwork by linyuenj

Thanks for taking the time to read this~
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