Megaman Discussion Lets make a Mega man Online Game!
Hey there, Im Dantenero or u can call me Dante, im here to discuss a simple think. Can we make a Mega Man Online Game?? Like a MMO.
Give me your answers, thank youuuu!!!!!!!
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Capcom made a game for this, Megaman online. YET it was cancelled
Yeah, about that. At most, makers here can do local co-op games since online co-op is a rather tricky thing to pull off, so that kind of feature won't happen for a while still.

Also, all the big names here are busy resting or attempting to start/complete their own plate of projects as it is, so it would have been better to ask later.
netcode is hard

like real hard

what would online megaman play like? would it use delta-synchronization or lock step or something else?
It's theoretically possible but it's unlikely to happen any time soon. It's way too much work for a small team, let alone a single person.

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