Thank you ACESpark!
ACE has done some awesome work on MaGMML2, MaGMML3, Quint's Revenge, and other fangames. He's also paying out of pocket for server time. CSketch and I commissioned this Davwin for him as a token of appreciation.

[Image: davwin.png?width=541&height=666]

Thank you ACE for all your work, and for being an awesome person in general!
is this just an excuse to commission a furry without people thinking you are one
Pictured: Ace brutally murders a member of the Overused Devkit Boss Royal Flush and carries his head as a trophy
[Image: 1WyygO9.png]

"I feel like there could've been much more done here, such as racial segregation" --Enjl, 2017
This is very kind and all, but I think that probably would have been better saved for after his break and backlog are complete.
Besides, it would have been cool to see an Evil Energy canister on top of the trophy.
good dog

I love this. Thank you. This made my day receiving this!

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