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Took a little break from Engine 7 to work on making stage select screens. Made this little example today. It's not perfect, nor is it meant to be.

Anyone is free to use, however, I didn't really comment the code. Was really coded for myself but since I have no plans on a Mega Man 8 style game at all, I figured I'd just give out the source.

Feel free to optimize it, expand it, etc. Just don't claim the original code as your own. That's all I ask.

Also, some stuff isn't exact because the sprites are actually missing from Sprites Inc(Tengu's second idle fram for stage select isnt there, so I made him "float"). Also couldn't find Frostman's smoke/breath/etc that comes off of him during stage select, but it doesn't matter.

Proof of concept. Enjoy. Zip has both an exe and gmz(which can be imported into Game Maker Studio). Uses events that only use Code.
Nice work. I'm one the supposedly few fans that like MM8 so I really like this.
Nice Work! It looks similar to the original game and is very good.
Nice work. Too bad no one's working on a MM8-styled fangame.

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