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Site Update/Massive Backlog
I'm working on uploading stuff to site. If there is anything I'm missing, feel free to post.

~Done so far~
-Fixed the Rockboard Famicon issue to Famicom.
-Fixed Miscellaneouseous in Anniversary Collection to Miscellaneous.

Classic > Power Fighters > Protoman Shield Attack (Fusion) |Replaced incomplete sheet there|
Classic > Rockboard > Unused > Drillman, Quickman (Me/VenomRush1997) |Finished|
X > X3 > Ride Armor Platform (Lamda) |Added|
Classic > 9 > Miscellaneous > Stage Select (MollyChan) |added|
Classic > World 4 > Unused > Stage Select, Password (Mollychan) |fixed|
Classic > World 5 > Unused > Numbers (MollyChan) |fixed|
Cameo > Breath of Fire 6 > Costumes, Portraits (Clownman) |fixed|
Classic > 9 > DLC > Fakeman (MollyChan) |Palette seems to be more correct|
Classic > 9 > Masters rerip (MollyChan) |Accurate colors, some sprites have overlays applied|
X > X6 > Cutscenes, Miscellaneous rerip (DarkSamus993) |done|

2. X > Zero > X2 > Slash (Qarabe)

Work in Progress:
Classic > Powered Up > 2D assets (YukiHerz) |need to upload and figure how to organize|

1. Classic > Megaman > Climb shoot (TheSkipper1995) |need to edit into sheet|
- Might need to check the games to see if any other sprites unique to each NES game is missing too.

3. X > X > Xtreme 1 > breathing (Qarabe), wall jump (BBLIR) |need to check if not on sheet|
- This could just be reripped as the armor might also be missing sprites.

Need to figure this out
this too
copy x attacks zero 1
zx advent enemies
classic stuff
not sure if to bother
x effects
gemini bg tileset
cd cover sprites
x7 stuff
more metalman stuff:
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