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Megaman X: Ark
I am changing the game engine MMX: Ark runs in from Game Maker Studio 2 to Duality. The reason for this is that I have been consistently set back in the code development by GMS2's stupid documentation (or lack there of), and it's bugs. Duality is a less known game engine, but it is 100% C#, and because C# is my most fluent programming language; my workflow speed has increased. It will however take a little while to rewrite all the code from Game Maker Language to C#. One other plus to changing game engines, is that Duality is free, GMS2 is not.
Also, here is a link to my youtube channel with a few videos of MMX: Ark. The videos are out of date because of the game engine change, and were made while it was still in very early alpha, so please don't judge too harshly.

Hello, my name is Caleb.

I am a skilled programmer, and I am currently making a Megaman X fan game called MMX: Ark.
It is being made in the style of Megaman X 1 through 3. This means that it has 16-bit pixel art graphics, and retro style music.
However, MMX: Ark will be a little different then the original Megaman X games, as it will be multiplayer (both local and online) and be set in a open world environment.

At this point in the project's development, a full team is becoming more and more needed.
I am the only programmer working on the project as of now. And although I have lots of free time to work on the game, there is a lot for one person to do alone.
I believe that for MMX: Ark to grow to it's full potential, more than one point of view is needed, so that ideas can flourish.

Because of the above, I am looking for some volunteer developers to help bring this game to life.
The kind of people I am looking for are:
* Digital Artists: Sprites, backgrounds, concept art, ect.
* Sound Designers: Sound effects, game music, charactor theme music, ect.
* Programmers (or softwere engineer, if you don't admit to being a programmer in daylight): Coding.

Each of those will require different skill sets.
*For Digital Artists, the ability to work with / make 16-bit graphics is a requirement, and having a good feel for Megaman X style art will help a lot.
*For Sound Designers, knowledge of how to make retro style music and sound will help a lot. We want to keep it as close to the classic games as we can.
*For Programmers (Softwere Engineers), you will need to know C#. Also, you will need to be able to write "clean" code. This means that you will need to be able to document, and write well structured code.

For all of the above, you will need to be able to work well with others, and be able to hear out different points of view. Also, a love and fondness of Megaman X games will help. After all, who wants to work on something they don't care for.

I understand that putting time, effort, and money into a project without a pay is a huge risk. So if you do help out on MMX: Ark I will make sure that your contribution is recognised and applauded. You will go down in the hall of epic awesomeness as a legendary hero!

If you are interested in helping out the project pm me with info on what "role" you want to take, who you are, how to contact you (email or pm), and some info on your experience / skill level in the role / field you want to help with.
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