The Dreams of Annabelle Sunray
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The Dreams of Annabelle Sunray
Yesterday i finished playing all the games of this short horror RPG Maker game series called The Dreams of Annabelle Sunray, which centre about a girl known as Annabelle, who has psychological problems with her father. Along with her friend Melody, she has to find the truth through her dreams. It's main focus is inspired from Yume Nikki, but the story for the games are linear. Beware as these games do have a cheap amount of scary content, but they're not scary as Amnesia: The Dark Descent. These games have a decent pixel art style but keep in mind that you'll get annoyed in the games' chase sequences, which are really choppy and difficult to beat due to VX Ace's pretty uncomfortable collision system, but other than that, the story is fine.

Currently, there's two entries of this series, The Dreams of Annabelle Sunray and The Dreams of Melody Moonlight. I'd give a go to play these games, as they're short, and i absolutely recommend to play them in order (Annabelle Sunray -> Melody Moonlight), they're not separate stories.

21-01-2018, 01:13 PM
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