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Megaman Discussion MaGMML2 Tier Challenge Race!
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MaGMML2 Tier Challenge Race!
This is an idea me and some other fellows came up whilst racing MaGMML2: since not much people have the stamina,practice and experience to race whole games,why not race by tiers?

But after looking at the idea,I felt like it lack a bit of....."pizaaz" to it,so I figured that throwing some other challenge in the mix will definitely be fun!

So I decides to hold this "contest": to see who can finish the set tier the quickest!The contest will be held every 3 weeks,the challenge will be revealed at 4:00 A.M.(EST +0) on Wednesday,and the submission time will be from 1:00 A.M.(EST +0) on Saturday to 11:59 P.M.(EST +0) on Sunday on the same week.

The way to participate in is to simply record the video of the run that fits the criteria, and submit it here!(the run starts when the player teleports in the tier,and end when you grab the tier boss element.(ANY RUN THAT DOESN'T CONTAIN THOSE TWO MOMENTS ARE INSTANTLY DISQUALIFIED.)

All submitted runs will be retimed by StopWatch.

The current challenge is:
Tier 6:rolling and slashing (ONLY Slash Claw and Wheel Cutter are allowed(yes,Mega Buster is actually disabled),cheat mode and super mode MUST be disabled,E/M tanks are allowed)
Run Requirement: 6 elements,2 nickels and tier boss

Good luck to all the runners!you'll need it

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Me: Ha look I got a new record on this stage!!

two minutes later

Someone else: beat ya by 50 seconds

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