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Mega Man Paragon - A Classic Series RPG
Hello everybody! I'm StupidStudiosN, and I come to you all today to propose a concept I've had in the works for a while now: "Mega Man Paragon", a JRPG taking place in the Classic Mega Man series, with new characters and a story that would fit within the pre-established setting.

Progression-wise, the plot would progress in a non-linear chapter-based system, with new missions/chapters unlocking in a way similar to Mega Man & Bass (Start out with 2 missions that branch out to more, as you clear them). The curve-ball to this formula is that you aren't explicitly told what Robot Master is going to be the chapter boss, with the player needing to go off of the mission description to piece together the theming of the boss. As for the areas and locations themselves, they'll be populated with various NPCs that can give you hints on where to go, provide sidequests, or even own shops for you to buy items from. Once you visit an area for plot reasons, you can revisit it at any time, much like the Mega Man Battle Network and/or Paper Mario series of games.

In terms of gameplay, combat would be handled using something referred to as the "Linear Motion Battle System" (LMBS, for short). The LMBS is a system of battling popularized by the "Tales of" series, where fighting takes place on a 2D Plane in real time. Your active character can perform a standard attack, various special moves that can be mapped to hotkeys, and guard oncoming attacks from enemies (or just dodge them outright). Dangers wouldn't end at the enemy encounters, though, as some of the Robot Masters would have stages to travel through with their own hazards and puzzles to navigate in order to get to them.

Plot-wise, it would take place in an undisclosed time after Mega Man 10 (...and probably Mega Man 11) where, after a long time of silence with Wily's most recent defeat, a time of peace is enjoyed from the Light Bots. Unfortunately, Dr. Light is made aware of a strange radio signal coming from the condemned remains of Wily Castle 10. Mega Man, naturally, is sent out to investigate the disturbance, only to find that Mets and various other robots are guarding the place. Assuming that Wily is up to no good once more, Mega Man presses onward into the castle to stop Wily before his new plans can go through.

And... That's it for the basic idea pitch. I could go into detail about how I want "X" mechanic in the game and such, but I'm not about to beat around the bush like that... Classic Mega Man has had an astonishing lack of quality fangames that aren't traditional platformers, and it's something I hope to change with Paragon.

Now, while I would end it there, I've actually prepared a small proof-of-concept demo made in RPG Maker MV to show off the gameplay idea a bit better. That said, I'm fully aware this isn't as polished as it should be, and I would like to stress that this is not by any means what I would want the final game to end up being. This is just something I cobbled together in my spare time over the course of about a month or so.


So, that was my fangame concept for "Mega Man Paragon". If any of the following things mentioned here interest you, I would be more than glad to discuss things 1-to-1 over on Discord (My contact over there is @StupidStudiosN#1447). Anyways, I hope that with enough support this idea can go through, and I appreciate you all for your time in reading this.
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