[Fan Game] Mega Spartan-X Man
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Mega Spartan-X Man
A.K.A. Mega Kung Fu Man - A Kung Fu/Spartan-X crossover game.

* May contain spoilers*

Basically a sprite/character swap of Kung Fu/Spartan-X with Mega Man characters, and slightly different game play. Climb to the top to save Roll from Dr. Wily.

Start with Rock (Powerless Mega Man). Player would have fist attacks & combos. Secret technique unlocks such as Hadoken and Shoryuken.

* Minor Enemies - Most likely Joes, or Mets. Some flying enemies most likely Telly, or shield attackers.
* Bosses - 1 robot master from each MM1-6 game:
1F -> GutsMan
2F -> Crash Man
3F -> Top Man
Mid Boss -> Proto Man. Happens after defeating the 3rd boss.
4F -> Ring Man (Or Toad Man, but this could be too similar to a Guts Man fight)
5F -> Gravity Man
6F -> Knight Man (or Plant Man).
7F -> Castle guardian boss.
8F -> Final Boss - Dr. Wily
* Secret Boss (Would unlock by clearing without losing any lives, or take no damage) - Roll. -> She exams Rock's fighting abilities after being rescued. Otherwise if requirements aren't met, Roll rescue mission only.

Each time the game is cleared, new costume/outfit is unlocked. First time being Mega Man helmetless, 3rd time cleared unlocks full Mega Man suit + Mega Buster. Perhaps unlock new game difficulty settings.

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