Crystal Shader - 2D shader/recolor tool for GameMaker Studio 1.4
The Crystal Shader is a 2D shader for GameMaker: Studio 1.4 developed by Team Circadia, the team currently developing Mega Man Shattered Diamond.

This palette shader allows you to recolor graphics in your projects using user-defined palette images. The main application of this shader in the context of Mega Man fangames is obviously to handle weapon palettes, but there are countless different applications for the shader.
The shader is being released by us at Team Circadia, as an open-source project licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0. You can find the shader at the GitLab repository, where you can clone the repository or download it from the main page.

The shader is fully documented at the repository wiki, which also includes a 4-stage tutorial for getting started on using the shader. For further reference beyond this OP, check out the wiki. We'll field more nuanced questions at our dev blog, on our Discord server, or in this thread. Make sure to read the documentation before asking a question, it is likely that your question is answered within.

Important links:
(For more about the history of the shader, check out the extended version of this blog post.)

(This is not explicitly a fan game, so if staff deem it necessary this thread should be moved. I placed it here since it is related to fan games and it would receive the most visibility here.)
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