32-bit (X1) Zero and Axl Requests
Can someone please give me Robert Oakes/Hypershell's old X4-X6 Custom Sprites, particularly for the Front-Facing Rising Slash for Zero?

Also, a sprite sheet of X1 Zero in 32-bit, particularly using the Z-Saber, X4-X5-style?

And finally, can someone please make ladder sprites of this rendition of Axl. If done, this will be the absolute greatest Axl sprite sheet in history:


Thank you God bless
here all x1-Zeroes Avalible:
[Image: rockman_x1_zero_sprite_by_fxfreitas-d92ob4v.png]
[Image: __original_zero___sprite_sheet__ps1_styl...4llll8.gif]
[Image: ozpdvv2_by_fxfreitas-d7pzcbs.png]
[Image: customx1zerosheetvd6_by_fxfreitas-dc7hp1s.gif]

About Axl, you can ask brongaa12 on his DA, he is a active spriter.
Excellent, thank you. This is almost everything I need.

Shot in the dark, but would you be able to make the missing sprites for the regular 3-hit Slash combo in the style of the bottom-most sprite sheet? I can make the "Echo" sprites just fine, but not the ones with the different poses. Also, is there a version of your mega sprite sheet in the style of the bottom-most one?

I'll be sure to ask brongaa when I can, though. Once again, thanks.
I don't know if that helps, but Omega32Able made a 3hit combo for his Omega Zero, you just need to change the pallete:
[Image: omega32ablecombo_by_fxfreitas-dc7zkay.png]
okok sorry for that double post, but I've managed to make the 2 first slashes:
[Image: unknown.png]
Now just recolour the third one from omega, and you get your sprites xD
Excellent, there's just one last thing I need:

Could you please create some more Slash sprites in your Second style of X1 Zero, specifically Kuuenzan? If I can at least get Kuuenzan, I'll have everything I need 32-bit X1 Zero-wise.
Kuuenzan is on the lastest Zero Sheet (the original dakie&erid sheet)
It only need to recolor the eyes, to fit my Sprites

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