[Fan Game] [April Fools] Megaman Amazing Adventure
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[April Fools] Megaman Amazing Adventure
[Image: vonJVrT.png]
Happy Easter, everybody! As a special present from me, have a surprise Mega Man®™ fangame release.

Mega Man and Roll have discovered an Unknown Island™, which could house the long fabled Mother Lode™. Of course, the island is sealed away and can only be opened by recovering the Four Keys™ that are scattered across the world.

However, these Four Keys™ are being guarded by Reaverbots™ and hoarded by Pirates™ alike. Can Mega Man face off against them and unlock the secret of the Unknown Island™...?

Arrow Keys™: Move and or jump
Ctrl™: Shoot your Mega Man Buster™
P™: This will Pause™ the game
Enter™: Confirm Dialogue Boxes™, enter level whilst hovering over it on the Map Screen™
Esc™: Return to the Map Screen™ whilst in a level, or return to the Title Screen™ whilst on the map, or quit the game entirely while on the Title Screen™
F4™: Toggle Full Screen™ on or off
F9™: Take a pretty Screenshot™ of your travels

  • Fight through four levels and their bosses, then face off against the Diabolical Final Boss™!
  • Over five different types of Evil Enemies™ for you to destroy!
  • Majestic Cutscenes™ made with State-of-the-Art Technology™!
  • Amazing High Quality Soundtrack™ for you to enjoy!
  • Absolutely no Bouncy Worlds™ of any kind. Serious note: I am actually being sincere on that front. There's no bouncy or wobbly levels in this game at all.
  • Maybe a few Easter Eggs™ hidden here or there. It is Easter after all!

[Image: Lhoat5X.png]

[Image: TFhSVdI.png]

[Image: K0OFugt.png]

[Image: b6Va8IK.png]


Enjoy! Big Grin
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01-04-2018, 01:13 AM
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RE: Megaman Amazing Adventure
Oh, a Legends-esque fangame but on 2D? Seems interesting.

Also, why not some 3D grounds (like on MegaMan 8, or MegaMan & Bass)? They seem like they could fit those sprites better.
01-04-2018, 01:30 PM
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RE: Megaman Amazing Adventure
Ehh, it's definitely a little lacking, but honestly, we've yet to see Capcom do any better in years (see Mega Man 11 for a prime example). Truly it's the fans that keep Mega Man alive.

9.5/10 most likely the best game in existence.

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01-04-2018, 07:44 PM
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RE: Megaman Amazing Adventure
This looks like it was built in 1 hour, IMO.There are plenty of 2D Mega Man Legends games that were in development (including one I had worked on with a friend once months ago) than just this one.

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Wanna go for a ride?
01-04-2018, 08:37 PM
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RE: Megaman Amazing Adventure
i thought this was a jojo crossover with megaman

02-04-2018, 11:00 AM
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RE: [April Fools] Megaman Amazing Adventure
I guess it's been a while now. Yes, this was meant to be a joke game for April Fools, as a parody of those old shovelware Game Maker games that use the default dialogue boxes, MIDI music, particle effects, and more. As a extra bonus; the entire game was also designed with drag and drop commands instead of actual coding.

By the way, there's several Easter Egg cheat codes you can type in on the keyboard on the title screen for extra goodies, although due to how it's... ahem... "programmed", you can kinda mash random keys in until one activates or another.

(game spoilers follow!)

Cheat Codes:
  • BOSS: Fight all five bosses in a boss rush, obviously, on one life. You'll get a single health drop in-between each fight. The order in which you fight them in is fixed, with the Sharukurusu, the Servbot, Tron Bonne, Mega Man Juno, and the final boss being fought in that order.
  • REVENGE: Starts up a pointless minigame in which you endlessly blast the bouncing Servbot boss, except he explodes into smaller Servbots ala Asteroids, and more spawn in as their numbers dwindle. Also, you can't die or lose. This was meant to serve as a "revenge" against the notoriously unfair Servbot boss from the main game, hence the name.
  • XBUSTER: Replaces your buster with the Shining Laser, which is overpowered as always (and can hit enemies from offscreen(!)). The code was named after the X-Buster, which was one of the items used to craft the Shining Laser in the first Legends game. Can also be used in the aforementioned Boss Rush and Revenge minigames.
  • IDCLEV#: Starts with one of the levels already cleared, with the # being replaced with a number ranging from 1-4. This does not affect the Boss Rush mode. IDCLEV1 clears the ruins, IDCLEV2 clears the Town, IDCLEV3 clears the Desert and IDCLEV4 clears the Pirate Fortress. All four can stack, and typing all four allows you to skip to the final boss right away. This cheat was named after the IDCLEV## cheat from Doom, which skips to any map desired.
The XBUSTER and IDCLEV# cheats reset each time you go to the title screen, so you'll have to type them in again if you want to keep using them.

Other fun stuff/commentary:
  • Near the end of the Ruins, there's a set of floating blocks arranged to reference the infamous Loss meme from the webcomic Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  • Mega Man Juno's name was perfect for that knock-knock joke.
  • Tron Bonne's dialogue before her boss fight references the Gru Presentation meme, in which the third step is unexpected vandalism/a spanner in which the character in question has a double take reaction to it.
  • The Sharukurusu's opening dialogue is a reference to Bionic Commando, specifically that flying robot drone boss. Additionally, his death sequence is a reference to a famous Simpsons episode in which Poochie, a new character Homer Simpson had voiced for the Itchy & Scratchy cartoon, was unceremoniously killed off.
  • The Pirate Fortress level was kinda rushed; only made on the night before Easter Sunday April Fools, so that's why it's kinda bad and stuff (Hint: Look closely at the EXIT text on the doors. If the drop-shadow is reversed, it's a bad door).
  • And yeah, the Servbot is meant to be the That One Boss of this game. Since I have no plans of updating the game, don't expect a nerf anytime soon.
  • Speaking of the Servbot, the hidden "Revenge" minigame involving blasting him endlessly was also thrown in at the last moment too, similar to the Pirate Fortress itself.
  • Sigma has that fakeout death so I could use his "Are you ready for round two?!" voice clip from Mega Man X4. It was just too good to pass.
  • The ending text misspells Sigma's name as "Cigma" instead. This was a reference to the Mega Man X crossover episode in the Mega Man cartoon in which his name was erroneously spelt that way.
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05-04-2018, 01:40 AM
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RE: [April Fools] Megaman Amazing Adventure
"i see you've died to the servbot for the third time in a row. would you like more information?"

Excellent use of the X4 voice files by the way

05-04-2018, 03:58 AM
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