[Fan Game] Cut Man's Bad Scissors Day: The Return of Oats [demo state]
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Cut Man's Bad Scissors Day: The Return of Oats [demo state]
NOTICE: This game has an amount of strange things like crudely drawn sprites, bizarre plotlines, intentional english inaccuracy and mild content. This is a parody game and any real life person involved in this game is NOT harmed at all, just so the villain's depictions are made solely for fun.

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[Image: J50Ksu7.png]

This game is based off one of the worst Mega Man 2 ROM hacks to ever date, Cut Man's Bad Scizzors Day, It follows the story of a sort-of a "retired from fighting" robot master, Cut Man (from Mega Man 1), whose role of "king of the world" has been defamated by a oatmeal company known as the Mr. Quaker Oats. This game is a follow up to said ROM hack, and it starts right after the ending of the ROM hack (Cut Man has defeated Wilford Brimley, the tv advertiser for Mr. Quaker Oats, who has summoned 8 pop culture characters (the "evals") including Pikachu, Jackie Chan, Kangaroo Jack, the Lucky Charms Man, Aquaman, George W. Washington, Britney Spears and Carrot Top), where Cut Man has become king again, until Wilford apparently rises up again (a reference to the Mega Man games' plot where Dr. Wily returns after every loss) and swears for revenge on Cut Man by sending him few of his old evals aswell his new ones.
It is time for Cut Man to get back on his job, along with his new friend Elec Man, to defeat the evil company.

For an interesting take on this fan-made sequel (that nobody asked for), this game makes use of WreckingPrograms' Mega Engine, a more recent Mega Man-styled engine for GameMaker: Studio, along with Game Boy-based spirit, alluding to the Mega Man game boy series (from Mega Man I to V). Some interesting stuff to encounter such as:
  • Over 20+ bosses and a dozen amount of levels.
  • Classic Game Boy styled game play borrowed from the Mega Man series.
  • Strange enemies to face off.
  • A bizarre plot involving some Mega Man characters facing off a... food company.
  • Pop culture from all the world.
  • Randomly borrowed Game Boy game music, including covered ones by me.

[Image: Twp136H.png]
[Image: GnkY4pA.png]
[Image: MOxZPA3.png]
[Image: 3Kp0cPU.png]

Currently, the game's on a one-stage demo state, found on this game's Game Jolt page. https://gamejolt.com/games/cut-man-bsd-roo/331624
If you want to get down into recieving news of this game, make sure you get in contact with my Discord server (I don't update my GameJolt devlog too much, but my Discord server has a bigger updating rate): https://discord.gg/bh5NTxd

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